10 Crossfit routines at home

Crossfit is a sports discipline that has more followers every day, since thanks to its routines it is possible to burn fat and activate various muscle groups to tone and define them. All this, without having to leave home, since the exercises can be done with body weight and with simple tools.

Today people live against the clock, since they must study, work and attend to a series of daily activities in which they can spend most of their time. In this sense, going to a gym or doing any other sports activity could be a difficult task. For this reason, doing a training routine at home has become one of the best options for those who want to break with a sedentary lifestyle and get in shape.

The crossfit routine at home is highly recommended, because it incorporates a series of functional exercises, which can initially be performed using the body’s own weight. Of course, if you have some tools such as dumbbells, pull-up bars, ropes, elastic bands, among others, you can gradually incorporate them into routines and increase intensity. 

In the same way, if you are one of the people who for some reason cannot do cardio or run in open spaces, you do not have to be discouraged, since it is possible to use a treadmill to complement home crossfit workouts.

Whether the training plan at home is with added weight or with body weight, you will have to be careful with the posture acquired when executing each of the movements, which must be energetic and with speed. Thus, you will avoid the generation of injuries and achieve greater performance in your home crossfit.

10 crossfit routines you can do at home

Among the crossfit workouts we can find routines for beginners, running practices and cardio circuits, kettlebells, high intensity and other reference sessions. Below, we present 10 crossfit routines that you can do in your living room, in the garden, or anywhere in the home.

  1. Home Fran: This is a crossfit workout that you can do at home and is generally geared towards beginners. You just have to perform dumbbell thrusters, which is a front squat followed by barbell military presses. Then, pull ups with rubber, which are done with an elastic band on the feet and leaning on a bar. The routine consists of 21, 15 and 9 repetitions. All of them descending and as fast as possible.
  2. Death by burpees: You need to squat, direct your hands to the front and place them on the ground. Meanwhile, the head must maintain an upright posture, to proceed to propel the feet backwards in a single movement. In this way, the person will be in a plank position and will have to do a push-up, and return to the initial position. This at-home workout starts with a minute of burpees and active break for five squats or deep squats. You must complete three minutes.
  3. Hold it: This is another of the crossfit exercises that will help you tone up and burn fat quickly. It is an exercise routine at home in which you have to stay on the plank for one minute and immediately do 21 squats. Continue with another minute of plank and 15 squats, to finish with a minute of plank and seven squats.
  4. Running and squats: Another exercise routine for which you do not need crossfit material is this one of running combined with squats. The objective of the training is to complete four rounds in the shortest time possible. You will have to cover a distance of 400 meters at full speed and then do 50 squats; go back to running and perform the squats until completing the number of repetitions mentioned initially.
  5. 5K: This exercise routine is race-oriented, so the person must travel five kilometers at high speed , either outdoors or on a treadmill, therefore, it is also suitable for training at home.
  6. Upside down: Execute these exercise routines and you will gain resistance while activating all the muscles of the body. Start with a 200m sprint, do 10 burpees, and finish with 30 handstand holds. For this last exercise, you will have to stand on your hands , keeping your arms bent and your feet resting on a wall. Thus, you can perform 30 push-ups. Remember that there are a total of six rounds and they must be done as quickly as possible.
  7. Tabata high intensity: The exercise routine at home cannot be complete without the well-known tabata method. It is about performing a total of eight series of 20 seconds with recovery of 10 seconds. The exercises selected for this routine are squat jumps, beginner or advanced burpees, plank and lunge jumps. This last movement is similar to jump squats, but you have to bring one foot forward and swap it as you jump. Remember that there are many other tabata options at home.
  8. Murph remixed: For this home routine you must perform four exercises consecutively, that is, without rest. In total there are five repetitions. Start by doing 100 burpees, then 20 pull-ups, immediately do 40 elbow push-ups, then 60 squats, and finish the round with 100 burpees again.
  9. Barbara: Among the training routines at home that you can do to activate the whole body, this high-efficiency crossfit routine stands out. You must do a total of five rounds consisting of 20 pull-ups, 30 elbow push-ups, 40 sit-ups and 50 squats. You will be able to have a recovery of three minutes between each one of the rounds.
  10. Angie: This reference routine is similar to the one called Barbara, but the person will have to perform a greater number of repetitions. In the shortest possible time, 100 pull-ups should be performed, followed by 100 elbow push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats, these movements being a single series. In certain cases, some adaptations can be made and opt for the 50 pull-up program.

These are just some of the types of crossfit training at home. Remember that there are hundreds of routines , which you can consult with a trainer or through specialized portals on the subject.

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