10 delicious recipes to enjoy maca

With a mestizo gastronomy, Peru has offered the world important dishes loaded with its nutritional essence. In addition, it is an Andean country that seeks to fuse countless flavors and use native ingredients, such as maca, in order to provide diners with natural and invigorating recipes.

Maca is an ingredient that has allowed chefs to create unique recipes that make Peru proud. Well, it has been introduced in their desserts, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, nutritionally enhancing the typical foods of the region. And although drinks with maca are the best known and most famous recipes in this country, the culinary potential of this tuber goes further.

Strengthen your mornings

With maca you can prepare some nutritious breakfasts, since just by adding a touch of this tuber to other recipes you can enjoy its benefits and its slight sweetness. Thus, it could be a good companion for a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

1. Maca pancakes

Pancakes are a very characteristic breakfast dish due to their quick preparation and the satisfaction they provide to the palate. Although it is unusual, you could easily include maca flour in your recipe. You just have to beat eggs, milk, a pinch of salt and oil in a bowl. Then add the sugar and maca flour. Later, in a previously heated frying pan, pour the mixture until it forms the characteristic shape and provide the appropriate cooking time to enjoy them accompanied by any sweet or savory filling of your choice.

2. Cereals

If at the beginning of your day, you lean towards a practical cereal, in order to get to work on time, add an invigorating touch to improve your diet. Once the cereal bowl is prepared, add ¼ tablespoon of maca powder to it and you will be able to enjoy its properties. In the same way, you could complete it with some pieces of fruit.

3. Papaya and maca smoothie

To obtain a powerful smoothie you can use the combination of maca and papaya (a great source of vitamin C). To prepare it you must place the fruit in a blender along with a glass of milk and the sweetener of your choice; later you add 2 teaspoons of maca powder and a little yogurt to improve the taste. You pour it into a pitcher, refrigerate and enjoy it with breakfast.

4. Smoothie with Black Maca

If you still think you lack more power, exchange this super smoothie for your cup of coffee in one of your mornings. To do this, use spinach, some fruits and a tablespoon of black maca. Beforehand you must have these ingredients frozen, blend them together with natural water and serve it to your liking, because by adding a few pinches of black maca to the green smoothie, you could obtain the necessary strength to face your day.

Enjoy an invigorating snack

Snacks, like the three main meals, are dishes that have an unwavering importance when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. They lend themselves to maintaining energy and alleviating desire without binge eating.

5. Maca smoothie

With a good source of potassium such as bananas and a special touch of chocolate, you can accompany the maca and obtain a delicious smoothie. When preparing it you must incorporate all the ingredients including the maca powder in a blender. Then refrigerate it and enjoy it very cold.

6. Dressings

The maca in dressing is conducive to accompany some breads and even asparagus with ham. This sauce is very simple to prepare, all you need is a few teaspoons of plain yogurt, a tablespoon of mustard, a little garlic powder, a touch of fresh or dried parsley, olive oil and maca powder. Mix everything well and serve.

7. Maca Banana Muffins

For the little ones at home, this recipe is a good option if you are looking to provide them with a healthy snack. To prepare the muffins you must mix almond flour, rice flour and oatmeal. Apart, you must blend some bananas together with eggs, vanilla, oil and a pinch of salt. Add this preparation to the previous mixture. Then add cinnamon, maca and baking powder. Once everything is united, pour it into the molds previously greased with coconut oil and leave it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

8. Maca Cake

This rich exponent of Peruvian confectionery could please your palate. To prepare it you must beat eggs, sugar and cold water in a bowl. Then add wheat flour, maca powder, baking soda, cocoa, salt and baking powder. Finally, add butter and vanilla. Mix everything until no lumps are visible, pour the mixture into a mold previously prepared with butter and bake at 180° centigrade for 60 minutes.

Accompany your main dishes with maca

Maca is a very easy ingredient to find commercially and to include in prescribed recipes. So, you just have to experiment and combine ingredients that allow you to discover new flavors that are not only pleasant but also difficult to forget.

9. Maca pizza

With easy-to-find ingredients and a little maca powder, you can prepare a delicious pizza dough. To do this, mash a little cauliflower and pour it into a pot with warm water, drain it and cook in a microwave for about four minutes, remove the liquid and add Parmesan cheese, egg and maca powder, stir until the dough forms. In a ready tray with a little oil, place the mixture, spread it out and bake for about 10 minutes until golden brown. Then you add tomato paste, mozzarella cheese and toppings to your liking, gratin and enjoy.

10. Vegetable cream

If you are looking to prepare a vegetable cream that has a spicy touch, you will have to have a few tablespoons of gelatinized maca, fresh tomato juice, cucumber, cayenne pepper, yellow pepper and seasoning to taste. Start by mixing all the ingredients, except for the pepper, which should be included when the preparation is smooth and ready to eat.

As has been seen, due to its practical presentation, this product is integrated as one more ingredient to any type of recipe. For this reason, many food lovers look for the best maca of the moment to make creations that not only satisfy the palate, but also provide the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy diet.

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