9 Tips to Prevent Aches and Chafing When Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is a recreational activity that brings health benefits, but saddles can cause chafing that hurts the skin. To reduce these types of problems and ride the bike pleasantly, it is best to use anti-friction cream and shorts without underwear, among other measures.

Why does the bicycle saddle cause pain or irritation on the skin?

Having the best bicycle saddle does not mean that you will be free from skin problems due to chafing, since, if it is very large, it may bother your thighs or genitals, especially if you train several hours a day or take very long routes.

If you train during a hot day, your skin is quite exposed to moisture, due to sweat. This could be one of the causes of skin irritation. Also, when you spend several hours sitting in the saddle of the bicycle, pain may appear in your thighs or genitals, since most of the weight falls on them.

Therefore, we will give you 9 tips with which you can avoid or reduce pain in the thighs and skin problems when training cycling.

1) Adjust the bicycle saddle properly

The bicycle saddle should be adjusted to the proper height, which will greatly reduce chafing or pain in the thighs and crotch. In addition, it will prevent you from suffering from cervical pain, back problems and muscular overloads, which can seriously affect your health if they are not detected in time.

Likewise, the correct adjustment of the saddle will improve pedaling performance, since this is the main point of support that you have as a cyclist. That is why it is advisable to measure the crotch in centimeters. To do this, stand up straight with your legs closed in front of the wall and measure the distance from the floor to your crotch, multiply the result you get in centimeters by 0.885. This is how you can determine the proper height of the saddle.

2) Use anti-friction cream on the vulnerable area

Using an anti-friction cream in the vulnerable area is vitally important, as it will help relieve irritation, which is why we recommend, for example, VeloChampion Chamois Cream, which is available on Amazon. It is a viscous and antibacterial cream that when applied will give a comfortable and fresh sensation, in addition, it helps your skin to remain flexible.

Also, this cream contains a menthol aroma, which is pleasant for the cyclist. Apply a little on the skin, as well as inside the pants; This cream is non-staining and non-greasy. It comes in a 150ml bottle so it will last you through multiple workouts.

3) Put on a suitable cycling shorts to reduce friction and pain

Normally, there are three types of shorts, pirates, long and short. It is recommended to use long shorts in winter and shorts in summer, however, many cyclists wear shorts at both times of the year. Also, one aspect that you must take into account is the fabric used in the manufacture of the shorts, which varies according to the brand and model.

When purchasing a pair of shorts, keep in mind the chamois, as this is one of the most fundamental parts of this clothing. If you are a professional or amateur cyclist who trains for more than two hours during the day, use a short with a gel chamois. Likewise, there are chamois with breathable fabrics, to avoid sweating a lot. In addition to this, it is important to mention that the shorts with a good chamois will reduce the risk of suffering friction pain.

4) Wash the shorts before using them again

Washing the shorts correctly will help keep them in good condition for longer. If you are one of those people who comes home after training and throws your shorts in the laundry basket, change that habit. You must remove it from there and submerge it in water, since sweat can deteriorate it. It can even accumulate fungus and stains.

Now, every time you go to wash the shorts, do not use fabric softeners, as this reduces the foam of the chamois. Also do not use bleach or bleach, as you could damage the fibers of the fabrics. Likewise, it is not recommended to use the dryer, but to let the shorts dry in the open air.

Wash the shorts in the washing machine separately inside out, that is, so that the seams are visible. Use liquid or neutral soap and water. Also, you can wash it by hand, but without squeezing it hard, so as not to damage it.

Avoid using the iron as much as possible, since the heat could damage this type of clothing.

5) Maintain proper hygiene before and after training

Washing your genitals or thighs very well before and after training is one of the hygiene measures that you should do whenever you go to train or ride your bike.

6) Change the saddle for a more ergonomic one

If your saddle is causing discomfort, it is best to change it for one that has a finer, softer, shorter tip, etc. At Amazon you will find a wide variety of brands and models, you will surely find the saddle that best suits your needs and budget.

7) Rest for a few days if the pain is very strong

It may be difficult for you to rest for a few days, since you are used to doing your workouts, but if you have very strong pain, it is best to do so. That way you will prevent the pain from increasing if you have it and, if your skin is irritated, it will heal faster.

8) Bring baby wipes in case you can’t shower at the moment

We recommend that you carry clothes in a backpack to change into after training, as well as soap and a towel to shower in. In the case of not being able to take a bath at the moment, use baby wipes. These will momentarily give you a feeling of freshness; however, for reasons of personal hygiene it is important that you shower as soon as possible, to avoid bad odours, itching and skin irritation.

9) See a doctor if pain or irritation persists

Finally, it is important to go to the doctor to check the skin in the affected area and for nothing in the world do you self-medicate. The evaluation of a specialist is very important, since this way you will avoid complications that can even lead to mandatory surgery in the worst case. Your health is essential to continue practicing this sport.

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