adidas Essentials Track Suit Reviews

Main advantage: 

This adidas model has been made of polyester fabric, so it is durable and highly resistant, with the possibility of stretching, with low incidence of wrinkles and has a quick drying to keep the body fresh and free of sweat. 

Main disadvantage:

Although it does not limit its function, it is necessary to be aware that it is a regular fit model, so that it is not attached to the body, but rather remains loose.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Due to its manufacturing characteristics, as well as its modern design, which is available in various sizes and in an elegant black color, this model is positioned as one of the best tracksuits in its category. 

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Main Features Explained

Construction and materials

Tracksuits are sports elements that are made up of several pieces and serve to cover the body when other short garments are worn. They can also be used to go shopping, for when you go to train or when you leave the gym. 

Among all the alternatives that can be found on the market, this adidas model is one of the most recommended, since, according to user opinions, it is a proposal that has been made with high standards and reinforcements, so which is resistant.

In addition, the tracksuit has been made from a polyester fabric, so its properties are strong and it fits this type of sportswear to provide greater comfort to the user. This is because polyester does not warp, giving you greater freedom of movement without wrinkling. 

In addition, since this adidas model is made of polyester, it is light, but at the same time durable and resistant to tears, it does not generate heat and allows sweat to dry quickly, which provides greater freshness in case you decide train with the garment, because it absorbs moisture. 

Pieces and size

The price of this adidas tracksuit is attractive and competitive because, in addition to being made with quality materials, as well as reinforced seams, it is made up of a total of two pieces. So for one cost you get the pants and the jacket, so it’s complete and convenient for different activities.

In addition, this model is available in several sizes to select the one that best fits the body according to the texture of each person. In this way, you can select between sizes XS, S, M, XL, and even 2XL, for those who require larger garments. Likewise, the manufacturer provides a table that allows the user to have an estimate of the appropriate size according to their dimensions. 

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that, with these two pieces of clothing, adidas seeks to offer comfort for day to day. Therefore, unlike other models from other lines of the same manufacturer, the fit of the Essentials Track Suit model is regular fit, which means that it will not be very close to the body, but, on the contrary, it is loose, even if smaller size is requested. This quality, together with its applied textile technologies, make it a comfortable and convenient tracksuit for different sports activities. 


Currently, there are many manufacturers that incorporate favorable models to the market due to their technologies, sizes and other attributes that provide greater benefits to the user during the use of the textile garment. Among all of them, this model is a strong contender to become the best tracksuit on the market, a title that it can hold because it is among the favorites of users. 

Among the advantages provided by this model is its modern, sporty and classic design for men, which is available in two dark colors. In this way, it is possible to select between both garments completely in black or black with white details. 

As with the rest of its products from the extensive adidas catalogue, it has the three stripes that represent its manufacturer, on the sleeves of the jacket and along the legs of the pants, as well as the name of the brand. embroidered on both pieces.

On the other hand, each of the garments that make up the set have their own style. In the case of the pants, it has been designed with a conical boot, as well as with an open fold. In this way, it not only looks current, but also provides greater freedom of movement. In the case of the jacket, it is long-sleeved with a full zip and a standard collar. Both pieces have front pockets to store small items.

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