Adidas Evil Eye Pro Reviews

Main advantage:

If you are tired of glasses breaking every few months of use, all you have to do is turn to this model, with which you will have a product of high quality and resistance, both in the frame area and in the lenses. that are included in it.

Main disadvantage:

In this case, we are talking about conventional polarized glasses, so we do not have the adjustment of photochromic models and they tend to have a rather dark finish.

Verdict: 9.7/10

An interesting surprise within the products offered by the manufacturer, which has a traditional, high-quality design for the toughest terrain.

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Main Features Explained

frame design

The design of the Adidas Evil Eye Pro cycling glasses is very traditional and conventional, so that we will not have any surprises in this regard. Specifically, these glasses have a full frame design, holding the glasses both at the top and at the bottom, with a complete circular format and that holds the lens on its entire surface.

A design where we also have good-sized temples and quality material, as well as the central support, traditionally cut. Aspects that make up high-resistance glasses, as required to travel the hard roads faced by MTB riders, who are the main recipients of these glasses. However, they can also be used for skiing or even for day to day.

The product is finished off with a high-resistance frame material, which gives the glasses greater durability and partially compensates for the somewhat high price of this specific model. An enveloping frame, which is responsible for completely protecting the eye area against possible projections of objects, dirt and cold.

Lens format

The main characteristic that defines the lenses is their polarized nature or, as the brand calls it, mirrored. That has the window of preventing the lenses from being affected by the sun’s reflections on nearby objects, which helps to see everything clearer in any terrain. In addition, this function is especially practical when driving or moving in other terrain such as snow, where reflections are often a serious problem.

These initial lenses have a technology called Red Mirror, with a mirror in a red tone that only affects aesthetics, without altering the perception of colors when shooting. On the other hand, this lens has a category of type 3 with a light transmission degree of 17%. In addition, it has the corresponding UV protection, to avoid damage to the eyes during the route.

To finish off this fundamental part of the glasses, we find a material with high protection, shatterproof and high resistance. A system that gives more peace of mind to users with a more aggressive profile, since no element can damage the glasses during the route. To top it off, a second category 1 lens with anti-fog capacity is included, so that it does not settle on the lenses during filming.

Other features of interest

Once the two main elements of this product, located among the best cycling glasses on the market, have been described, it is time to see some additional details of interest. Issues that add little extras and that are part of the positive opinions that we can read on the net regarding this product.

One of the advantages of these glasses is that they have high-quality protection against sweat, so we have a very efficient ventilation system and a hydrophobic system, which repels moisture from the structure of the glasses. glasses.

It should also be remembered that, despite its complete structure, we are talking about a light model, so it does not cause discomfort on the face when wearing glasses. Finally, if you are forced to wear prescription glasses, this is a model that is graduated by a professional and that also allows you to use extreme curvature lenses, for the most complex prescriptions.

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