Adidas Nemeziz Messi 18.3 Reviews

Main advantage: 

For admirers of the great Argentine player Leo Messi comes this model of football boots with a very special design where the player’s logo is even embossed. Likewise, this product has special soles with eleven semi-cylindrical studs ideal for providing greater traction.

Main disadvantage:

To mention one drawback about these football boots, they are only available in neon green, therefore, if you like to go unnoticed on the field of play, you should look at another model.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

If you want to buy good football boots, this model could be the one for you, since it is made with materials that make it a resistant and durable product.

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Main Features Explained



If you are looking for the best football boots and you don’t know which model to choose, you should start by looking at various details that will help you decide on the ones that you think are most appropriate for you, such as their design.

The Adidas brand has always stood out in the market for the variety of products it has to offer, all designed for beginners and professional athletes who enjoy using quality accessories.

Likewise, these products have special designs and this is no exception, as it should be noted that the Nemeziz Messi 18.3 model is quite striking, starting mainly with the color that it has in its structure, being the same a neon green that makes these boots of soccer some very showy in any space where you are. Likewise, the way in which the laces are arranged does not generate much relief, therefore, you could kick the ball without them being marked on your instep, in addition, their elastic fit makes these boots very comfortable.

Among other details that these boots have, the logo of the Argentine star stands out on one of its sides in the lower part, which provides a very special decorative level also designed for those admirers of this Argentine player.

It is important to mention that this model is part of an exclusive edition of the Energy Mode Pack collection for Leo Messi that Adidas decided to launch in order to promote its commitment to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


According to the opinions of different users, many agree that there are parts of football boots that are essential to take into account before making the purchase, since in this way you could deduce what would be the level of practicality that they could offer you in the game. playing field.

In this way, do not hesitate to check what type of sole the model that most attracts your attention has, so that you can have better traction as well as development at the time of your practices and soccer games.

It should be noted that the Adidas brand on this occasion offers you soccer boots at a very good price and with different features that make them special, such as the soles they have. Well, they have eleven semi-cylindrical studs that provide a high level of development during the game.

These are soles that, due to their shape and design, are capable of favoring you when running after the ball, gaining greater agility to achieve your goal, such as different passes to score a goal. In a nutshell, this could be the pair of boots you’re looking for to meet your needs during every training session or game that comes your way.


The durability and resistance of a pair of football boots will depend largely on the material with which the model you like the most is made and, of course, the type of care you provide to keep them always like new.

In this sense, you should not neglect the fact of looking at each of the materials present in the composition of the football boots that are most attractive to you, since in this way you could corroborate what useful life they could provide, so you can play and practice with total comfort, confidence and security.

Thus, Adidas has manufactured the Nemeziz Messi 18.3 model with quality materials, among which the synthetic present on its exterior stands out, ideal to give you a longer durability time, as well as a good condition of its structure even when you kick the ball frequently.

For its part, the lining of the boots is completely made of fabric, so you can play comfortably without having to worry about your feet sweating excessively. Likewise, the soles are made of quality rubber, which means greater durability and resistance to wear.

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