Adidas Predator Tango Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a model equipped with a non-slip grooved sole made of rubber, which provides both a good grip and better performance on the playing surface. Such qualities can decrease the occurrence of accidents and improve performance.


Main disadvantage:

Although its size corresponds to the different measurement systems, it is advisable to previously measure the length of the foot, in order to prevent the last of the model from being adjusted.


Verdict: 9.9/10

These are suitable shoes for young people and children who want to train professionally, since they have quality, resistance and design.

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Main Features Explained



According to the opinions of the players, a quality that should characterize the best futsal shoes is that their construction is complete, to allow the player to practice freely, without compromising their performance and at the same time serve as a tool to improve performance. 

These aspects can be clearly seen in the structure of these shoes, since they are made of synthetic materials, specifically Primesh and Predator Element patented elastic fabric, a compound that provides them with an optimal fit, allowing the foot to execute blows with smoothly, and throw the ball in the desired direction. Hence, it could be said that they are functional, efficient and resistant shoes.


The material with which the soles of the Adidas Predator Tango shoes are made is rubber, since it is one of the most used materials in football, not only because of the resistance it offers, but also allows it to cushion blows and distribute evenly the force so that it does not cause injury. Hence, when playing, the user could be sure of having safe soles, which allow him to run freely and without risks.

On the other hand, they have a thin and distributed thickness, in such a way that it provides the player with a good grip and traction when stepping heavily. It is usual for futsal shoes to have this type of thickness, since it allows the wearer to move quickly on outdoor or indoor courts.


An important part of children’s shoes is that they must have a striking design. Another quality that this product offers, since its format is not only functional, but also modern and trendy, making it attractive to both children and young people. It is the classic Adidas style, with its usual line patterns on the sides and the brand’s logo on one side. 

In addition, you can choose between different colors such as black, white, pink or red; and because it is a unisex model, girls will also be able to take advantage of the product, since it has a competitive price in the market.

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