Adidas Terrex AX3 Reviews

Main advantage:

It is one of the most complete products on the market, with all of Adidas’s experience in its design, as well as the use of Gore-Tex in the sole area, in whose development Continental has also participated.

Main disadvantage:

You may need some time to get used to the shape of the sole, since it has a somewhat special heel and a format that is a bit out of the classic cut of these products.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A product that is among the best trekking shoes of the moment both for the quality of the materials used and for the interesting format that it offers us when walking.

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Main Features Explained

sole design

One of the strengths of this model compared to other trekking shoes that we have on the market is its sole. This sole is the result of Adidas’ experience in sports, but also of Continental’s knowledge in terms of materials. Something that justifies part of the price of the product.

This combination results in a highly resistant rubber sole with optimal cushioning when walking, which has no problems in terms of the hardness or aggressiveness of the terrain on which we move. Something to which its design contributes, which has a special groove that allows for better traction when walking and performing supports.

This support structure is distributed between the heel area and the front part of the foot, leaving an open line between both areas in order to allow better torsion when walking and making the necessary movements with each step you take. And of course, all these studs, like the sole itself, offer you greater durability than other lower quality models, thanks to that material specially developed by Continental.

comfort of use

One of the main characteristics of Adidas products is comfort. And in the case of trekking shoes, the truth is that you will not have to worry about this aspect when moving on any type of terrain.

This comfort begins with the characteristics of the sole, as we have already mentioned. The same goes for the upper material of the shoes, which combines synthetic support elements with a good distribution of mesh fabric, ideal for maintaining adequate breathability inside the shoes when walking. However, thanks to the presence of Gore-Tex, you won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside.

To top it off, these shoes include a midsole with a very comfortable design, as well as a shock-absorbing EVA rubber insole. This material is responsible for absorbing the hardest impacts when walking on complex terrain and protects both your muscles and your joints efficiently, as confirmed by different opinions on the matter.

Product fit and sizing

As a final aspect, it’s time to take a look at the fit options of the shoe on your feet. Something fundamental if we consider that not all users like to have the same fit when walking.

The adjustment system of these shoes is the usual one, by means of laces and four pins on each side, which allows us to obtain the tension that best suits us according to our preferences. If you want even more support, you have an additional eyelet, almost at the top of the shoe, so that the grip comes from an even higher part on the foot. 

Regarding the sizes, the offer offered by the manufacturer is wide, although starting from a size 40, up to a size 46. However, in this offer different types of sizes are mixed, so it is convenient to verify that the one that we are going to ask for the one that adjusts to our feet, even pulling the meter if necessary. However, the size adjustment is correct with respect to what is expected, as long as we are careful to choose that size adjusted to what we need.

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