All about the visit and climb to Teide

The Canary Islands not only offer paradisiacal beaches, because in them you will also find a great mountain that is visited by millions of people every year. Its imposing structure and the views it offers from the top make it one of the most impressive natural landscapes that Spain has to offer.

We all love to enjoy a beautiful landscape from time to time, however, few are those who can frequently rejoice in views as spectacular as those offered by Teide. Perhaps it is for this reason that the Teide National Park is usually the most visited place in Spain and those who cannot enjoy it, settle for a virtual visit.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have the opportunity to go and want to know everything about this adventure, then take a pencil and paper, because this is what you should keep in mind.

Required permissions

It is not possible to climb Mount Teide without permission, because to keep the place in good condition it is necessary to limit and control tourism, for which some 200 authorizations are granted daily. In case you want to climb the peak of Teide, it is mandatory that you process the necessary papers through the national parks website as far in advance as possible.

As you already have permission to climb Mount Teide, you only need your mountain boots and prepare for the adventure.

How to get to Teide in Tenerife?

Tenerife airport works with many airlines, including several low-cost companies, so getting to this region is usually not difficult, whether you are inside Spain or outside the country. If you are an international traveler, you may have to stop in Madrid and then continue, but this is not that complicated.

When you arrive at the airport, any bus or car in Tenerife will know where to take you if you tell the driver that you want to visit Mount Teide, as this mountain is in the very center of the island. If you want to go alone, then you simply have to follow any of the 4 great routes in Tenerife that lead to Mount Teide: Santa Cruz, Los Cristianos, Puerto de la Cruz or Los Gigantes.

Options to upload

There are guided tours to different national parks in the Canary Islands, including Teide, however, if you want to visit the place by yourself you can also do it. To do the tour you can go up Teide by cable car or do it on foot.

If you want to walk, you must go to Montaña Blanca and this will take approximately 10 hours. But, in case you want to reduce this time, then you can use the Teide cable car and see the landscape from above.

There is also the option of doing a combined trip, going up by cable car and walking down to appreciate nature. In this case, the tour will take about 5 hours, plus the time you spend taking photos.

  • Mount Teide by cable car

What will take the most time on your climb to Teide if you decide to use the cable car will be waiting for a position to start the ascent, because in peak hours it can take up to 2 or 3 hours waiting.

It is recommended to arrive early to be able to climb quickly and reach the viewpoint of La Rambleta in a short time. In this place you can enjoy drinks and food, and you can also buy souvenirs so you never forget that you were at the highest point in Spain, at 3,555 meters high.

If you do not want to spend the night, remember to go down before 5 in the afternoon, because at this time the last cable car will leave.

  • walk challenge

Upon reaching kilometer 0 of Mount Teide, at 2,348 meters above sea level, your ascent will begin. You can get here by car, but then you will have to face the rest of the route on foot. From Montaña Blanca, your next conquest will take place 7 kilometers later, in the Altavista refuge. On the way you will see the huge rocks called “Los Huevos del Teide” , which reach up to 3 meters high.

Do not try to rush to get to the refuge, as it is located at 3,265 meters high and oxygen may start to run out. Take your time and enjoy the tour. Upon arrival at the refuge you can go to the bathroom, rest, explore the surroundings and, if you wish, spend the night to continue the path to the summit in the morning.

Many do this, not only because of fatigue, but to enjoy the sunrise at the top . This depends on you.

After making your decision, it’s time to continue to the summit, right at the crater of this Tenerife volcano. To avoid altitude sickness, walk calmly and drink plenty of water. Always remember to be warm to prevent blizzards from bothering you. If you do not take precautions you can be a victim of dizziness, nausea and migraines, therefore, be very careful when climbing.

After a bit of effort walking, you will soon be able to reach the top and from the top it will be possible to choose the views you want to appreciate, as you will be able to look inside the crater and marvel at the lava and glowing rocks, but you will also be able to stop and see the mighty sea.

If you decided to see the sunrise on Teide, then you will be able to enjoy a spectacular phenomenon: the shadow of Teide reflected in the clouds as if it were a second mountain. Something really worth photographing.

However, if you decided to arrive after dark, you will find yourself in a Starlight destination certified by UNESCO . That is, an excellent place to see the stars. For this moment, the temperature on Mount Teide will not matter, even if it is winter and it is -5°C, because seeing the starry night from the top will capture all your attention.

Climbing the Teide volcano is an unforgettable experience, therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit it, do it without thinking twice. The path can be difficult, but the rewards you will get when you reach the top really seem otherworldly.

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