Assault air bike: an intense alternative in cardio training

The Assault air bike is a bicycle out of the ordinary, in which a group of professional athletes and fitness trainers have poured all their creativity and needs to create the most powerful machine when it comes to wanting to burn large amounts of calories.

If you are a sports addict and feel like you are missing an exercise routine that allows you to perform effective cardio training or HIIT, you might consider including an intense session of the recently popular air bikes in your exercise routines.

These new intense training stationary bikes are known as the assault air bike and are ideal for metabolic conditioning. If in your training you feel that your aerobic capacity could improve, we tell you that with the air bike you can do special interval training with which you can fine-tune your aerobic capacity without losing muscle mass or strength. Also, you’ll realize that it’s a high-intensity workout, so don’t expect an easy workout.

Air bikes are exercise machines similar to elliptical bikes in that they are made up of a type of stationary bike with a pair of handles on the sides that you can use to apply a certain level of force. The resistance of this system is produced thanks to a wind turbine that causes greater resistance at higher speeds. Rowing handles work with this same mechanism, so they offer great resistance. This is why this exercise machine is considered one of the best elliptical bikes of the moment.

Exercising with the air bike also allows for active recovery, since keeping the body accustomed to performing an activity can benefit us, increasing blood flow to some parts, helping us to recover much faster. Therefore, people who tend to sit all day because of work tend to have a much longer recovery time than athletes when exercising. If you don’t usually do sports, just taking a walk or doing a little gentle rowing can get your body’s blood flowing, but if challenges are your thing and you want to start training more intensely, then you can choose a air bike. However, the idea is to start with an easy rhythm at first where your heart can pump more blood than usual for about 10 minutes.

This is a recommended machine for sports rehabilitation because with its use you will not receive any type of impact on the joints, helping to regenerate muscle mass without suffering damage. On the other hand, people who want to lose weight will find this machine a great alternative, since it offers an exercise that requires a large energy consumption, in addition to providing a good level of muscular and cardiovascular resistance.

Next, we will tell you about the direct benefits that you will obtain by using an air bike resistance bike, so you will be able to know if it is a machine that you are going to use the next time you go to the gym.

Benefits of the Air Bike

This is a cardio machine that offers a large number of important benefits for our body and mind, among which the promotion of your blood flow stands out, making it an ideal device for the recovery of damaged areas of your body, by increasing blood flow in the muscles. On the other hand, the movement you will make will be much more natural, so you will be safer and your posture correct, avoiding exhausting yourself before time or wasting energy looking for your comfort.

Thanks to its great adaptation, you will be able to execute different very effective training modes to keep your muscles strong, depending on the intensity you apply. In addition to the fact that you will not lose your muscle mass by performing this exercise, since it is an ideal option for metabolic conditioning and increasing the aerobic capacity of any user. You will also be able to burn a good amount of calories immediately with the use of this exercise bike and, when you stop training, you can continue burning calories thanks to its active recovery.

On the other hand, a benefit that is very remarkable is the psychological reinforcement for the athlete. Because thanks to the fact that the routine is full of explosive starts and a lot of intensity that can cause a lot of fatigue, it is possible to increase the athlete’s capacity for sacrifice, influencing his attitude directly, in a more positive way.

You will be able to mix training rhythms using this versatile machine, varying between light and intense exercises in an instant, according to your heart rate, in such a way that you avoid a sudden increase in pulsations. And if home training is your thing, no problem, since these machines incorporate small wheels, usually on the front, with which you can roll the exercise bike anywhere, and take it to your living room or to the room to watch TV while you train will not be a problem.

There are models that incorporate screens that allow you to see all the telemetry that athletes require when training professionally. You can easily see the measurements of time, distance, calories, speed and pulse. In addition, some models are compatible with POLAR brand Bluetooth connected cardiometric devices.

Finally, it is to be considered that this machine is the best elliptical bike , since, although it is not the cheapest alternative, it is one of the best training alternatives, being a machine that brings together a high level of resistance, comfort and strength in a single training product. Thanks to all its features and benefits, the air bike is an ideal tool to perform different types of exercises for time intervals, since we can easily increase or decrease the intensity.

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