Audi technology now in a bicycle

There are many brands that are making the leap towards the ecological and sustainable, contributing their grain of sand to contribute to less environmental pollution, providing the user with urban mobility mechanisms that allow them to exercise and respect the environment. One of these brands is the German car company Audi, which is recognized for introducing luxury vehicles to the market and being a benchmark of quality worldwide.

To join the environmental trend, Audi now brings to the market its best electric bicycle that has technological features, with low energy consumption, since, as specified, the brand seeks with it a “sustainable future” to face chaos and pollution.

With a futuristic style and design, the bike competes in the big leagues, positioning itself as one of the best in its range. So if you are a fan of this brand, you cannot fail to know the characteristics that it presents in this new ecological bet.

rain of attributes

One of the main advantages offered by this equipment is that it has been designed to provide a mechanism that allows the user to choose a means of transport for short distances that is less polluting, consumes less fuel and facilitates mobility in cities quickly, to reduce traffic during peak hours.

All this is offered by the Audi electric bicycle, through a compact, high-end structure and luxury components. As it has been known, the German firm has incorporated carbon fiber in a large part of its manufacture, making it a relatively light bicycle, weighing only 21 kilograms. Although the weight exceeds that of a conventional bicycle, it is low compared to other models that incorporate batteries, as well as being aerodynamic and ergonomic.

What else does it offer?

With regard to other technical characteristics, the bicycle has an Audi e-Tron frame, which has been made of carbon fiber, with a weight of 1,600 grams. While the wheels, also made of the same material, are 26 inches and are reinforced with plastic. Each of them has a weight of 600 grams, which improves pedaling conditions. The greatest weight in the structure of this ecological bicycle is given by the battery, which weighs about 5 kilograms.

The frame of this eco invention of Audi is made of carbon fiber . In relation to its mechanical operation, the electrical power is supplied by a lithium ion battery that charges in two and a half hours, a reduced time compared to other batteries, and has a wall cable, which works with a wall plug. 220 volts.

Autonomy instead of levity

Although for many it is possible to think that the weight of the battery can be high, they will change their minds when they know its properties and performance. With this battery, the cyclist will have a range between 50 and 70 kilometers at his disposal, being able to reach a maximum assisted speed of 80 kilometers per hour and 50 kilometers per hour unassisted.

Both speeds exceed the Spanish regulations for this type of bicycle, so despite the maximum speed, in the country you can only reach a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour, if you want to stay attached to the regulations.

On the other hand, the German manufacturer has indicated that the lithium battery can push the rear wheel of the bicycle to 250 Nm (Newton/Meter) of torque, being a high turning force for just one bicycle. In fact, it is comparable to or even higher than that of some cars, such as the Mazda 6 or a Volkswagen Jetta.

All Audi technology

Its benefits do not end there. Many experts have pointed out that it is the most advanced electric bicycle on the market and that is only a prototype. And it is that Audi has not skimped on incorporating technologies that improve the user experience.

As already explained, this E-bike is also recognized as futuristic. Within its minimalist design, the manufacturer has incorporated LED lights into the frame, as well as a computer-type device called an integrated touch computer, with which you can connect wirelessly with other devices and stay connected to the internet without getting off your bike..

It also has a program that allows direct connection with the mobile. On the other hand, it has an automatic locking system that is deactivated only by the owner, so it is theft-proof or, at least, it will make it difficult for them.

Each of these features are present in the high-end cars of the German brand and now they will also be part of this electric bicycle and can be enjoyed by cyclists who can access it as a means of transport.

A price to improve

After knowing all these details, you may be wondering how much does this electric bicycle cost? The answer is not very encouraging. Some websites suggest that its price is in the six digits and is around 15,000 euros, making it unaffordable for many. Even so, there will be a few who can and are encouraged to acquire this technological, luxurious and ecological commitment from Audi. The production of this model is not mass, so it is estimated that the company manufactures about 100 a year.

The fact that a motoring giant like Audi transfers its resources and developments to a bicycle indicates that this market is on the rise, which leads to invest and diversify its production to reach a new and promising target, which lives aware of the need to preserve nature, improve physical conditions, reduce the incidence and negative impact of polluting gases from conventional cars.

For an ecological society, there is now a production that tries to adapt to the new demands, without reducing the quality and functionality of its products, but based on a sustainable future.

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