Baofeng BF-888S Reviews

Main advantage: 

These walkie talkies have been crafted with a functional and portable design, so that they are light in weight and easy to carry while out in the wild, without causing extra inconvenience or inconvenience.

Main disadvantage: 

Despite the fact that they have an adequate level of quality and performance, this model does not incorporate a cover that allows the devices to be kept protected so that they can be carried comfortably and safely on trips.  

Verdict: 9.7/10

This equipment has a strong and durable construction, which is suitable for use in the wild. In addition, it has a range of between 2 and 6 kilometers, as well as advanced functions for wireless communication, which makes it one of the best alternatives on the market.

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Main Features Explained


The opinions of users and experts indicate that walkie talkies should be devices with practical designs, that stand out for being portable and comfortable. The Baofeng BF-888S model meets this requirement, being light in weight, but with a robust construction. These walkie talkies are available in an elegant black color, so they are aesthetically striking and suitable for adventures in the mountains, in activities such as hiking, survival, cycling, climbing, among others, or for professional situations, in security companies., the construction area and other industries, as they are capable of providing a high degree of wireless communication between partners. 

In addition, the BF-888S from the manufacturer Baofeng have a compact size, as each of the devices can be carried ergonomically in one hand, and have an elegant aesthetic design that is well camouflaged in nature. Although they do not have a screen, these walkie talkies have a defined structure with speakers and microphones, both to receive information clearly and to emit sounds without alterations or distortions. They have a long antenna and a grip system for a firm hold, by means of a surface area on the sides that is rough.

Its accessibility and use are intuitive through quick pressure keys and rotary buttons to select a frequency or channel and the rest of the settings that the user wishes. This configuration is facilitated thanks to the fact that it includes a voice that indicates the channel in which the device is located. Similarly, to facilitate its use, this model is equipped with a hook on its structure, so you can hang it on your pants and have your hands free while walking through difficult places or while it is out of use.  

frequency and power 

The best walkie talkie on the market is the one that has been equipped by its manufacturer with a higher frequency level, as well as with a high power that allows better wireless communication and device performance. 

For this reason, the Baofeng BF-888S model frequently appears as one of the best, since it is not a toy device, but a professional-style walkie talkie, which even requires a license to be used in Spain.. 

In fact, these Baofeng devices can provide an output power of 5 watts, a high amount that enhances the use and performance for stable communications between the parties. In addition, they have been equipped with an adequate range level, sound quality and a reduced degree of distortion. 

According to their manufacturer’s specifications, they have a single band UHF 400-470MHz single frequency range and 16 preset memory channels have been enabled, for a frequency stability of ±2.5 ppm and impedance of 50 Ω. 

Its range varies between 4 and 6 kilometers. However, this distance may be less depending on the environment, since the maximum distance range for wireless communication of six kilometers refers to open space without obstacles, so that, in the city, its effectiveness is reduced to two kilometers. or three kilometers.

Despite this, the Baofeng BF-888S are one of the most recommended models on the market, since they are pieces designed for continuous transmission without errors, since the audio distortion is ≤ 5%, and with speakers it emits a sound of about 65 decibels, while with headphones they have an audio output power of 1000 mW.

Functions and battery

Sometimes, the price of some walkie talkies can be estimated by the functions with which the manufacturer has provided the devices, as well as by the capacity of the battery and its type. In this sense, the Baofeng brand BF-888S model has high-end features, however, its cost is competitive. 

Within its technical aspects, this alternative has been created to be functional in different situations and environments. It includes a small LED flashlight that is turned on through an easily accessible button. Similarly, it has an alert mechanism to attract the attention of the partner through a buzz. While it is being broadcast, a red light turns on and stays on as an indication, while on the receiving walkie talkie the LED bulb will stay green for the duration of the communication.

For greater versatility of use, this model includes within its accessories an earpiece style earpiece for being discreet in size, which facilitates communication and allows hands-free mobility, since it is not necessary to hold down the button on the walkie talkie. to talk. Other functions include low battery alarm, emergency alarm, channel scan and monitor, power saving mode, smart charging, low voltage alert and timer, etc.

Unlike other models, this one has included a rechargeable Li-ion battery, with a capacity of 1500 mAh, with its wall charger. According to the impressions and opinions of buyers who have been able to use the devices, the battery has a range of about 8 hours of use. 

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