Bell Mtb Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a special integral helmet for cyclists made with quality materials, among which polycarbonate and EPS foam stand out. In this way, it is capable of offering resistance, quality and durability before each use, a quality that makes it efficient.

Main disadvantage:

Regarding its design, some users have mentioned that they miss the possibility of having a helmet whose rear part is a little lower and capable of covering and protecting most of the head, since this model usually remains a little Short on full coverage.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are a beginner cyclist and need to have the best accessories to start learning about this sport, being properly protected, this helmet could be the one for you.

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Main Features Explained


Not only do motorcyclists need a suitable helmet to be able to drive through the streets of the city, but cyclists must also be properly protected, in order to face any situation that arises on the road. That is why the presence of the helmet should never be lacking to take care of the head from any impact it could receive.

In this sense, the Bell brand has perhaps manufactured the best full-face helmet by designing a polycarbonate shell that provides resistance and quality to the model. But it is not just any shell, since it is attached to an EPS foam lining, which makes it special compared to other models available on the market.

On the other hand, the finish of this helmet is duly elaborated, according to the opinions of some users, since they comment positively about the quality that Bell supposes as a brand, when manufacturing safety accessories as special as this one. In this way, it can provide each cyclist with the opportunity to practice their favorite sport or travel on the street while being properly protected.

In conclusion, when looking at every detail that different models can offer you, you should never let their resistance go unnoticed, since it will depend on this that you can avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.


Full-face helmets have always been an essential method of protection among the belongings of people who want to protect their heads from a blow. These same ones, although they seem so simple, will always have some details that cannot be left aside when choosing, among so many models, the most appropriate one and that is capable of satisfying all the needs of a person.

In this sense, not only the resistance that the helmet can offer you is important, since without a good adjustment system it could never guarantee an appropriate level of safety. In this sense, the Bell brand Mtb model offers you a system called ergo fit, it is a special sphere that the helmet has, so that you can adjust it even with one hand.

For its part, this product is equipped with a quick-adjust closure, which will allow you to keep the straps flat and, of course, correctly placed for greater comfort. Best of all, according to its manufacturers, this helmet is supplied with an integrated visor that adds quality and practicality to it.


The design that a helmet can offer you is essential when buying the model that most attracts your attention, since it will depend on it whether you can enjoy a good level of ventilation, as well as protection and practicality for each use. That being the case, we could highlight the fact that this Bell brand helmet, in addition to having a good price, has an elegant design with extended coverage, which also includes a visor as mentioned above.

Also, its structure means a very comfortable use as it has a special ventilation system, that is, you should not worry about your head sweating and getting bad odours, thanks to the different openings that the helmet has strategically located to thus provide comfort before each use.

Additionally, the design has a sweat guide pad, which is intended to help the glasses always stay dry and giving you the level of visibility you need to not lose details regarding the route. Finally, if you are a beginner in the world of cycling and want to get started and learn the best tricks and live the best experiences, this model could be the right one for you.

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