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Bicycle Stands – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

For cyclists it is important to have a space to store their bicycles in an adequate and organized way. For this, it is necessary to have bicycle racks that allow equipment to be organized, saving space in the home and providing better parking. In the market there is a wide variety of options, in terms of brands and quality. However, there are two that appear frequently. First of all , Relaxdays 10014689 is a functional alternative, in which two bicycles of 25 kilos each can be added. In addition, it includes all the installation elements. Next, Cablematic Black is a support made with a steel structure, being convenient for parking and includes a rubber base.

Opinions on the best bike stands

The growing demand for bike racks has made many brands and models available on the market, but not all of them have quality attributes. Therefore, below we will review the characteristics of those that for many users are the best.

wall bike rack

Relaxdays 10014689

If you are looking for the best bicycle support on the market, it would be prudent for you to take a look at the attributes of this model marketed by Relaxdays, which stands out among those recommended.

It is a wall bicycle support, which is made up of two pieces, one for each bicycle, these being compact, with approximate dimensions of 10 cm, 26.5 cm, by 12 cm, making it a storage system practical to save space. Each of these brackets is made of sheet steel, a protective coating and are compatible with any model of bicycle.

Thanks to its resistance, this bicycle stand has a load capacity of up to 25 kilos, while the weight of each piece is only 460 grams. Plus, it’s easy to install and includes mounting screws and plugs. It can be placed on any wall, as long as it is resistant.

The models must be of quality and this Relaxdays alternative is considered the best bicycle support of the moment. Here its pros and cons.


Capacity: It has been manufactured with a load capacity of 25 kilos each for a total of 50 kilos.

Design: It has a practical wall-mounted design, which is small in size, suitable for saving space.

Manufacturing: It is made of sheet steel and a protective coating to prevent friction.

Weight: Although it has a high load capacity, the weight of each support is a light one of 460 grams.


Installation: Although its installation is simple, it has been said that the elements included to carry it out are of improvable quality.

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Floor bike stand

Cablematic Black

Considered by many users among the best bicycle stands of 2022, this model from the manufacturer Cablematic has attributes that stand out from the rest, for being made of resistant materials. This bicycle floor stand has been made with a high-quality black lacquered steel structure.

Its mode of use and installation is simple, including the respective accessories, so it is only necessary to join the pillar and the base. The bicycle wheel should then be inserted into the 6.2 cm space between the tubulars. With this action, the wheel is fixed and lifted off the ground.

Another of the most outstanding features of this model is that it has a light weight of less than 900 grams. In addition, it has an approximate height of 77 cm and the bases are equipped with rubber so that the floor is not damaged by friction, nor does it slide due to the weight.

Some manufacturers stand out for their quality and Cablematic is considered the best brand of bicycle mounts. Read the details about one of their models.


Design: It has a practical and functional design as a bicycle stand for the ground, made up of two parts.

Weight: Despite being made of lacquered steel, it has a light weight of less than 900 grams.

Base: To keep it attached to the ground, it has a rubber base that prevents rubbing and sliding.

Installation: Installation is simple, you just have to join the two parts, while its use is intuitive.


Compatibility: It is designed for bicycles with large wheels, since otherwise they will be loose.

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Bicycle workshop stand

Ibera IB-ST2

If you are looking for a bicycle workshop stand that is used to make repairs to the chain and other components, this Ibera model could be the convenient alternative. In addition, this is usually the recommended option for those who are wondering what is the best bike mount on the market.

Among its characteristics, it has folding properties, being easy to use and adjustable in height, which allows greater versatility, both for mechanics, and for storage and display. It has a compact size and light weight of 720 grams, as well as being portable.

On the other hand, it is compatible with most bicycle models, because the hinges are adjustable and the distance between the chain mounts is adjustable between 8.9 and 10.8 cm, for tires between 20 and 29 inches. Likewise, the width and height are also adjustable, as well as the bidirectional axis, suitable for different frames.

There are those who do not know which bike stand to buy. Therefore, it is conducive that they know more about this model.


Portability: It has folding properties, so it can be carried from one place to another, without taking up much space.

Weight: It has a relatively light weight of 720 grams, in addition to a high load capacity.

Operation: It is versatile, being a height-adjustable alternative that is used for display, mechanics or storage.

Compatibility: It is compatible with most models because its height and hinges are adjustable, according to the bicycle model.


Height: Although it is suitable for different bicycles, it has been said that in the 29-inch it is just right.

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Bicycle mobile support

Mobile Lixada

With a competitive price, this model is recognized as the best value for money bike rack, being one of the cheapest on the market. On this occasion, the Lixada brand presents this bicycle mobile support, to place the smartphone or GPS and have at hand all the possibilities of routes, as well as applications.

The alternative has non-slip properties and is adjustable according to the mobile model, between 0.5 cm and 10 cm, being suitable for devices between 3.6 and 6.2 inches. It has a four-arm design that holds the equipment firmly to prevent it from falling on difficult terrain.

The model is made of high quality materials, resistant plastic with nylon, with a solid and stable base in aluminum alloy. In addition, it has an adhesive glue interior that protects the surface of the phone and prevents it from being damaged.

Some options are competitively priced and this Lixada model is recognized as one of the cheapest. Know its pros and cons.


Design: It has a lightweight design that fits different handlebars. Also, it is available in classic black color for a better combination.

Adjustment: According to the model of the phone or GPS, the bracket can be adjusted, being compatible with different equipment.

Manufacturing: It is made of resistant materials, with a solid base in aluminum alloy.

Protection: The interior of the support has additional protection to prevent the phone from being scratched.


Rigidity: Some users have expressed that it can only be placed vertically or horizontally and cannot be moved to a midpoint.

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bike repair stand

Ultrasport Metal

If you are looking for a bicycle repair stand, you should know that this Ultrasport model is one of the best in this category, due to its light weight and high load capacity. This is a universal mounting stand made of powder-coated steel, so it is suitable for different models and types of bicycles, with a 360º swivel fixing.

In addition, it has a simple installation and to adjust the bicycle it is only necessary to place the tensioners. On the other hand, it has a weight of 7 kilos, but with a load capacity of 30 kilos.

If you are worried about space, this will not be a problem because it has a quick folding system that reduces its size. It is integrated by a structure with four individual bases and adjustable height according to the needs. In addition, it has a fast-closing grip system and includes a magnetic compartment and a telescopic arm to fix the handlebar.

There are many alternatives available, so it is necessary to know more about each model to make an efficient purchase. Read details about this Ultrasport alternative.


Design: It has a functional design, in the shape of an easel and is available in black.

Folding: To make it more portable or to reduce its size when storing, it can be quickly folded.

Capacity: Although its weight is 7 kilos, this model has a favorable load capacity of 30 kilos.

Adjustment: According to needs, it can be adjusted in height and has a 360º rotating fixation.


Instructions: Although easy to use, the model lacks detailed instructions to guide the user.

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roof bike rack

Silverline Tools 554289

With a relatively light weight of just over a kilo, this alternative from the manufacturer Silverline is one of the recommended models for those who are looking for a roof bike rack.

The model is designed to be fixed to the ceiling, like an elevator with pulleys, so it requires a space of at least four meters from the ground, but it occupies little volume. It is made of high-grade quality and resistance materials, with rubber-coated hooks to prevent the bicycle from suffering scratches on its structure and surface. In addition, it is equipped with a high load capacity of about 20 kilos.

On the other hand, it is easy to install. For greater security, it has a locking mechanism that, when activated, prevents it from being picked up. It has a modern and sporty electro-painted finish, which is fixed through 10 screws of 4 cm each.

Silverline Tools 554289 is a model that stands out from the rest for its quality and high-end. Therefore, it is convenient to know more about this alternative.


Design: It is a support for a pulley bicycle with a ceiling mount, which requires a space of 4 meters.

Weight: It has a robust and resistant structure, which weighs more than a kilo, so it is light.

Compatibility: Regardless of the bike model, this support is versatile and compatible with various prototypes.

Load: It is made of robust materials, with a load capacity of approximately 20 kilos.


Strings: Some people have expressed that the included strings are not resistant and recommend replacing them.

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bike hanger bracket

Unbekannt Mottez

This bicycle rack from the manufacturer Unbekannt is one of the most convenient on the market, because it has a high capacity, since it has been designed to hold up to five bicycles vertically, so it saves space.

This monoblock-style alternative can be installed on the garage wall or ceiling at different heights, depending on the location. In addition, it has an easy fastening system through screws. The support is made of high quality and resistant materials, incorporating steel tubes in its structure, with dimensions of 20 and 25 cm in diameter and zinc plates.

On the other hand, it incorporates a pair of hooks covered with soft material so as not to ruin the bike’s paint and each of these pieces has a diameter of 1.6 cm. In total, the support is capable of carrying a weight of about 75 kilos.

For efficient purchases it is prudent to know the positive and negative properties of each model, that is why we list those corresponding to this option.


Capacity: It has been built to house five bicycles, with an approximate load capacity of 75 kilos.

Space: The idea of ​​this support is to save space at home and organize bicycles in one place.

Design: It has a design with coated hooks, to be installed on the wall or ceiling, through fixing.

Materials: It is made of resistant materials, with a structure of steel tubes.


Accessories: Does not include the accessories for fastening the support to the wall or ceiling.

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bike mount for car

Thule FreeRide 532

Carrying your bikes from one place to another during a road trip is not a complex task, if you have a car bike rack. In this sense, the Thule brand presents one of the best models on the market, due to its versatility and ease of use.

This model has a fastening system through the frame, which is activated with a quick release function. To keep the bike safe, this rack has a clamp and protective straps, which hold the wheels firmly. In addition, it is compatible with different models and bicycle frames up to 8 cm in diameter.

On the other hand, it is collapsible so that while not in use, its size can be compacted for storage. Its weight is relatively light, just over three kilos, with a load capacity of about 17 kilos.

Thule FreeRide 532 is a quality model that you should know thoroughly. Therefore, below its positive and negative aspects.


Design: It has a design made in titanium color, which is convenient to carry bicycles in the car.

Compatibility: Due to its adjustable dimensions, it is compatible with different bicycle frames.

Folding: To store and facilitate portability, it has a folding system that reduces its size.

Capacity: Although it is not very heavy, it is capable of supporting a weight of about 17 kilos.


Manual: The model lacks a precise and explanatory instruction manual that details how it works.

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How to choose the best bike mount?

Bicycle stands are suitable pieces to facilitate the storage, organization and even portability of said equipment. Various alternatives can be found on the market, and it is necessary to select options with quality attributes. If you want to make an efficient purchase, we recommend you read the following guide to buy the best bicycle support on the market.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

If you want to know how much a bicycle stand costs, it is prudent that you analyze the materials that the manufacturer incorporated to make the product. These materials will give you an idea, not only of their cost, but also of the quality and durability of the support system. In this sense, there are different types and materials. Among them, the most popular and with better qualities, due to their resistance and robustness, are the metallic ones.

Also, in metals there are different types of structures, from some made of aluminum, as well as others in stainless steel, powdered steel or alloy of various metals. Similarly, there are some alternatives that incorporate ABS plastic, among other materials. In general, the higher quality the structure, the higher the cost.

In addition, within the materials it is important to analyze the lock, so that it is resistant and fits properly to secure the bicycle. On the other hand, there are many models that have a special coating that prevents the bikes paint from being damaged or scratched.


If you are planning to make a comparison of bicycle stands, it is convenient that you know the capacity of the product in relation to units and weight. According to this capacity, it will be possible to place one or more bicycles on the same support. In the market you can get from models that have been designed to support the weight and with space for a single bicycle. These alternatives are considered simple and individual.

On the other hand, there are some options that have specific dimensions and design for two or more bikes. Some of these models even have capacity for up to five bicycles, positioned vertically. In terms of weight, it is convenient to select alternatives that have a high load capacity. In the case of individual models, the load capacity should be about 25 kilos. Now, if they are multi-bike models, it is recommended that they have a capacity of about 17 kilos per bike.


When it comes to bicycle stands, there are many models and designs that are available on the market. So you can choose from a wide range of alternatives according to the needs of each user. In this sense, it is possible to obtain models for installation on the ceiling, others for installation on the wall, others that function as a kind of pulley with hooks, as well as many others that have a folding structure for the floor, which can be compacted to reduce its size. size, these alternatives being portable and easy to store.

On the other hand, within the designs there are some structures that are used to place the bicycles, many others are convenient as stands to repair the chain, brakes and other components, raising the equipment from the ground for greater maneuverability. In relation to the design, it is recommended that the structures be adjustable and multifunctional.


A bicycle support must be cheap, but beyond this property, it is convenient that it has a high degree of compatibility. In other words, a model considered good is one that will work for different types of bicycles and not only be functional for a specific size.

Therefore, it is convenient that they are alternatives that have adjustable properties so that they adapt to different sizes of the frame and wheel, according to the needs. In this way, it will not matter if it is a rim 20 or rim 29 bike, the support will be suitable for both options.


An important property to consider when making a purchase decision is the weight of the bike rack. What is indicated by the experts is that these pieces have a light weight, that does not exceed 10 kilos, since in this way their installation will be simple and their handling as well, which will facilitate their use and portability.

In this sense, you can get from some alternatives that weigh less than one kilo, to others that are heavier, but at the same time with more capacity, which can reach eight kilos. In addition, it is prudent to analyze the number of pieces included in the product, since some come in a set, with several units.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade bike stand?

With a bike rack you can save space at home and keep your home organized. If you can’t buy one, doing so is easy. First, it is necessary to acquire two brackets with approximate dimensions of 25 cm by 35 cm. It is also necessary to get 4 cm diameter PVC pipes. It is necessary to cut two tubes 45 cm long each. You must have a used bicycle tube, which will serve to line the tubes. Next, the tubes must be screwed to each of the brackets. These structures should be hung on the wall with the help of a drill at a distance of about 30 cm. Next, it only corresponds to place the bicycle.

Q2: How to make a bike car mount?

Building a bike car mount can be an easy project if you have the right materials. First of all, it is necessary to make the support with metal pipe. There are those who choose to take the tubes from a chair. In any case, it is necessary to cut two pieces of 60 cm each and an additional piece of 1.2 m, as well as two others of 15 cm.

Next, weld the center of one of the 60cm tubes to one end of the 1.2m tube to create a T. Then weld the end of the other part of the 60cm tube to the opposite end of the T. The ends and perpendiculars of the two sections of the 15 cm tubes must be welded in the transverse area of ​​the T. To continue, place the hitch in the rear of the car. Slide the bottom of the bracket into the hook and mark a hole for drilling with a drill. Next, you have to cover the support with rubber and it will be ready to use.

Q3: Which is better, wall mount or ceiling mount?

Both options are suitable, because both serve to save space in the home and keep bicycles organized. However, wall mounted bike racks are usually easier to install than ceiling mounted ones. In favor, ceiling mounts usually have simple systems and their weight is light. However, it will be the decision of each user, considering the space they have.

Q4: How to install a bike mount?

This will depend on the model of bicycle support and the type, since each model has its own way of installation. In most cases it is necessary to make a simple wall or ceiling installation. In other models, it is only necessary to unfold and it can be used, without further complexity.

Q5: Is it safe to use a wall mounted bike rack?

Bicycle stands of any style and model are usually safe because they have been designed for that purpose, so that by doing the installation correctly and if you have purchased a model manufactured with high quality standards, there should be no risk that it falls off It is important to remember that each support has a set load capacity. Therefore, to be safe, the capacity recommended by the manufacturer, nor the number of bicycles, should not be exceeded.

How to use a bike stand

There are those who have more than one bicycle in their home, or perhaps just one, but they keep it organized and save space by installing a bicycle rack. However, there are those who are ignorant of how to use one. For this reason, below we will give some indications and keys for its use, as well as recommendations to get the most out of this equipment.

Check and remove all the contents of the box

The first thing to do is review all the content that is included in the package. To do this, open the box and take out all the pieces one by one. After you have the pieces set aside, it is necessary to verify that they are complete.

Read the instruction manual

Some models include an instruction manual that should be read to know the recommendations given by the manufacturer on the use of the support. To do this, locate the manual, open it and read the most important points. In this section, the number of parts that are included is usually mentioned, as well as the way to make the gears. Also, it will likely specify what tools are needed to accomplish the installation properly.

Locate the tools

Most models include all the necessary accessories to achieve the installation, as well as the pieces that will be attached to the support to make it safe and stable. In case some parts and tools are not included, it is necessary to look for them because they will be necessary to achieve the installation. Similarly, there are those who choose to replace some pieces with others of higher quality and resistance, which also adapt to the structure. However, this will depend on each user and their budget.

Assemble the bike mount

Depending on the model and type of support, it will have a different assembly mechanism. Hence the importance of reading the instruction manual to know what the specific form of that particular one is. On floor models, it is usually only necessary to adjust two pieces to complete the structure. Meanwhile, in other floor models, it is necessary to unfold the support to be used. On the other hand, in the ceiling and wall bracket alternatives, an installation must be made that requires a little more work and selection of space. First of all, you must measure and mark where the holes will be made and then you must drill, to place the screws that will hold the support.

Place the bike on the stand

According to the type of structure of the support, the place where it will go must be selected, especially if it is on the floor, so that it does not hinder or interrupt the passage. Once the structure has been fixed, only the bicycles should be placed on it. In some alternatives it is only necessary to fit the front wheel, while in others the adjustment is made from the frame.

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