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Bicycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To acquire a bicycle that suits your needs, the best recommendation is to carry out a verification of the quality indicators present in several models before making the purchase official. Remember that the technical specifications of each one of them may vary according to the manufacturer, as well as the materials incorporated for the brakes, changes, among other parts. Within the endless number of products offered in the market, two are the ones that have obtained the greatest popularity. One of them is the NCM Prague Plus bicycle, a mountain model with an electric motor that offers you up to six levels of assistance when rolling. In addition, it has a lightweight frame, quality components and a range of up to 100 kilometers. The next option is the Sava Warwinds 5.0, a lightweight bike with a carbon fiber frame, saddle and suspension forks.

Opinions on the best bikes

If you are passionate about cycling, you will surely be interested in knowing the bicycles that today are number one on the purchase lists. That is why we have decided to present you the specifications of some models and accessories that have the support of buyers worldwide, due to the quality of their components and attractive designs. Be yourself who judges them, reading the following section.

Mountain bike

NCM Prague Plus

The NCM Prague Plus mountain bike is an interesting alternative to conventional models, with which it will be easier for you to get where you want to go. This bicycle has a 250-watt electric motor and a range of 40 to 100 kilometers, depending on the conditions of use. 

That help is distributed in six different levels of intensity, or without support, so you can roll with the comfort you need. The rest of the bicycle’s elements also help this comfortable ride, starting with a very light and high-strength aluminum frame. 

The bike also has 24 gears and Shimano components, which shows the quality of the package. An approach where details such as disc brakes or front suspension are not lacking, to give you more safety and comfort on your routes.

Enjoying a more comfortable ride is easy thanks to the good features of this mountain bike.


Power: The included motor has a power of 250 watts, enough to achieve speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

Frame: The aluminum alloy frame reduces the overall weight of the bike and gives it greater strength.

Levels: The level of assistance is adjustable in six different modes, including an unassisted mode.

Front suspension: The suspension has automatic locking and helps you better overcome bumps in the terrain.

Speeds: The bottom bracket offers an interesting combination of 3 chainrings and 8 sprockets, for a total of 24 speeds.


Center of gravity: The electric motor modifies the center of gravity of the bicycle, so it is advisable to adapt to this change before riding.

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road bike

Sava Warwinds 5.0

If you want to verify several purchase options and thus know which is the best bicycle, the recommendation is to consult this model patented by Sava. One of the greatest attributes to highlight is its lightness and resistance with only 9.6 kilograms, since both the frame and the base of the saddle and the suspension forks have been made with the well-known carbon fiber of Japanese origin TORAY T800, being recommended as a racing bike.

The manufacturer incorporated a small triangle into the design at the rear of the chassis, in charge of offering greater stability. The handlebar is made of chromed aluminum, the saddle is covered in soft leather and the cables were routed inside the tubes to prevent deterioration and improve aesthetics.

On the other hand, we have in this racing bike a WINZIP P400DG type “V” brake system with 49 millimeters derailleurs and a mechanism with 22 Shimano gears, as well as the incorporation of a warranty card.

For those who have not been able to decide on any model and have doubts about which bike to buy, here are the pros and cons of a road bike with great positioning.


Changes:  The Shimano gear system incorporated into the equipment has a total of 22 speeds, which you can select according to your driving needs.

Frame:  The bicycle frame offers great resistance, since it has been made of carbon fiber and incorporates a design with a rear triangle to improve stability.

Wiring:  The manufacturer decided to route the wiring of the bicycle inside the tubes, to offer a clean aesthetic and protect them from deterioration.

Warranty:  The warranty offered by the manufacturer lasts 24 months for the frame area and up to six months in case of component failure.


Brakes:  It is important that when assembling you check the brake system, because they are exchanged, as commented by those who have purchased the bicycle.

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bicycle without pedals

Chicco First Bike

Among the most common toys for the smallest of the house, the bicycle is one of the most classic. Among these products there are options for all ages, with the Chicco First Bike without pedals being the most suitable for those who ride their first meters. 

This bicycle has a very light structure, which leaves the total weight of the vehicle at just 2.7 kilos and has a more comfortable and pleasant ride where it is only necessary to propel yourself with your feet. A task that is made easier thanks to the adjustable handlebar and saddle, which can be adapted to the current height and future growth of our little rider. 

It is finished off with details that make it easier to use, such as the 10-inch wheels equipped with an anti-puncture system and that do not need inflation. A product recommended from 12 months and suitable up to 5 years, or until our little one exceeds 25 kilos in weight or 85 centimeters in height.

For your children to take their first steps on a bicycle safely, trust this complete bicycle without pedals.


Adjustable : It is possible to adjust the height of both the saddle and the handlebar, for greater comfort.

Wheels : The 10-inch wheels and anti-puncture technology make the use of the product safer.

Lightness : The bike weighs just 2.7 kilos, thanks to its light metal frame.


Finish : The paint finish is somewhat fragile, so it flakes off with use.

Height : The bicycle is recommended up to 85 centimeters high, something just right for larger children.

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Bike ride

Milord Bikes Black Brown

Faced with the more aggressive image of the mountain bike, there are also some more relaxed products on the market. Among them we have the Milord Bikes city bike, which not only offers us pleasant comfort on our trips, but also has a nice vintage touch. 

To do this, this product maintains the traditional frame of classic touring bikes, with 700C measurements on its urban-type wheels and a structure that includes neither the rear pannier rack nor the front basket, to carry everything you need. want. There are also mudguards on both wheels, the protection for the chain area or the front light, typical of the more traditional models. 

This approach is finished off with a very comfortable saddle equipped with cushioning, thanks to the springs located at the rear of it.

Enjoying the city in comfort is easy thanks to the features of this beautiful city bike.


Comfort: This model has all kinds of details to give you greater comfort when shooting.

Loading: The bike includes a rear pannier rack and a front basket, to carry what you need.

Finish: Its beautiful black and brown finish, as well as its frame, give it a nice vintage touch.


Assembly: Although the bicycle is almost assembled, it is necessary to make certain adjustments, which should be carried out by a professional.

Speeds: The bicycle does not have gears, which can affect the ride in areas with slopes.

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orbea bike


With a size of 20 inches, this model is usually the recommended alternative for young people and adults who enjoy driving versatility, with a high level of safety and dynamism on the ground.

This Orbea bicycle has been designed with quality materials and resistant components, which make it a high-end model. It has a precise V-brake system in aluminum alloy, as well as a 5.4 cm bar-shaped handlebar with an ergonomic grip. The saddle of this model is Velo 7087, soft and padded, in addition to being adjustable in height to adjust to the user’s height.

Among its technical characteristics, the bicycle has an aluminum frame and a Shimano seven-speed gearbox, as well as a chain from the same manufacturer and an integrated headset. Its structure is light and it is available in a striking apple green color.

A recommended model has versatile features, so we invite you to know the pros and cons of the ORBEA MX 20 MX.


Size: The bike is built with a 20-inch tire size, so it’s roomy and stable.

Design: It has a robust and sporty design in green with black details, being suitable for adults and children.

Properties: Among its properties, the V brakes, adjustable and soft saddle and seven-speed gearbox system stand out.

Frame: Its frame is made of light but resistant aluminum that provides speed.


Foot cleat: It is not equipped with support to adjust the feet to the pedals, with a greater risk of slipping.

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child bicycle

Bikestar BI-16-CM-02-BKGN

The Bikestar BI-16-CM-02-BKGN children’s bicycle is a good proposal for the little ones in the house to take their first pedal strokes. This bike has 16-inch wheels, so it is recommended for ages four and up. 

To fit properly, both the saddle and the handlebars are adjustable, to offer our little one the best comfort during those trips. This comfort is also helped by BMX-style wheels, as well as smooth and easy-to-control steering. All these elements are mounted on a high-resistance frame, so that the bicycle adequately withstands use without deteriorating over time. 

This frame is finished off with a beautiful black paint, accompanied by all kinds of green details on the saddle, handlebars or rims, to give it a very attractive look.

For your little ones to take their first pedal strokes safely, nothing better than a product designed especially for them.


Size: The 16-inch wheels and the adapted frame make this bike suitable from four years old and 110 centimeters tall.

Resistance: Both the frame and the rest of the elements of the bicycle have been designed to offer high resistance.

Protection: The entire area of ​​the chain is duly protected, in order to avoid snags.


Pedal brake: The bicycle does not include a rear brake, but that wheel is braked with the pedals.

Weight: The weight of the bicycle is about 10 kilos, quite high considering its size.

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urban bike

FabricBike Light Fixed

Among the most current urban bicycles we find the Fixie-type models, which could not be missing from our selection. The chosen one is the FabricBike Light Fixed model, coming from a first level brand and well recognized in the market. 

This model offers us a high-quality aluminum frame and fork with steel finishes, so that the product gains in resistance without hardly increasing its weight. In fact, the total weight of the bike is just 9.45 kilos. 

Mounted on this frame are 28-inch wheels with a flat design, reminiscent of road bike wheels. Something expected in an urban type model. 

The model is completed with brakes also manufactured by the brand, as well as nylon pedals with adjustment straps, to give you greater comfort.

Enjoy the Fixie style with this new bike that FabricBike offers us.


Frame: The aluminum frame is finished off with steel finishes, to give the product more resistance.

Wheels: The 28-inch wheels are mounted on aluminum rims, to give you greater comfort and reduce weight.

Weight: It is one of the lightest bikes in its segment, weighing just 9.45 kilos.


Changes: The bicycle does not have gears, but has a single chainring and a single pinion.

Assembly instructions: The information regarding the assembly of the bicycle is scarce.

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trekking bike

Coppi RZU28206C.AMZ

This Coppi trekking bike has 28-inch wheels, a quality that makes it very suitable for users looking for a light and green vehicle with which to move around the city. It is also suitable for trekking, i.e. going for a ride on the road or in the city, as this bike is not only comfortable, but also very safe, thanks to its high-strength alloy frame.

It has a rigid steel fork, which absorbs shocks well and, at the same time, improves performance and handling. In addition, it has a Shimano TZ50 gear change and Revo-Shift 6 controls from the same brand. On the other hand, it has rear V-brakes to improve driving safety.

On the other hand, the saddle is very comfortable, with a soft leather-like cover that fits well and is breathable.


Weight: The Coppi men’s trekking bike weighs only 15 kg, making it very comfortable and light, suitable for moving around the city.

Wheels: The 28-inch wheels offer great stability and controlled rolling, very suitable for trekking.

Parts: Many of the parts are of high quality, such as the Shimano gears or the V-Brakes.


Price: The price of this bike can be a bit high, which could be a problem for some users who are looking for cheaper products.

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hybrid bike

NCM Venice Plus

Hybrid bicycles have more and more prominence in the current market. These have both the traditional rolling system and the extra offered by the built-in electric motor, which gives us a little help when we need it. A task in which we find models like the NCM Venice Plus. 

This product is capable of reaching maximum speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour in its electric mode, with a range that can reach 150 kilometers, depending on the conditions of use. This assisted movement is handled by a 250-watt motor and a 16-amp battery. A thrust that you can comfortably manage through the screen and controls included on the handlebar, with which you can choose the thrust rhythm you want. 

For the rest, the model has 28-inch diameter wheels, eight speeds with Shimano gears and everything you need to move comfortably and safely.

Enjoying the new urban convenience is easy thanks to hybrid bikes like this one, which we discuss below.


Motor: The included motor has a power of 250 watts and a maximum speed of up to 25 kilometers.

Components: The components of the bicycle come from top-level brands such as Shimano or Suntour, among others.

Diameter: The 28-inch diagonal size is suitable for many user profiles.


Weight: The total weight of the bike is considerable, as is the case with other electric or hybrid bikes on the market.

Adjustment: It is recommended that before riding a general adjustment of all the parts and components of the bicycle is carried out.

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Other products

New Star 80AR002

Designed to move on all types of terrain, the New Star 80AR002 model is a complete bicycle with 26-inch tires and a men’s frame, although it is also available in a women’s frame. A model with a simple design and an economical price, which includes details such as a rigid fork or an 18-speed gear system, combining a total of three chainrings and six sprockets so that you can move comfortably on all types of terrain, even those with certain slope. 

It also incorporates quality details such as its V Brakes or steel hubs, with a quick release system for faster and more efficient disassembly. A system that also makes the initial assembly process simple, being able to adjust the different elements of the bicycle, such as handlebars and saddle, with good comfort, in order to achieve a more comfortable position when riding.

Moving comfortably on the road or in the field without overspending is easy, thanks to everything this product offers you.


Frame: The frame has a conventional design, in versions for women and men.

Gears : Its 18 gears make it easy to move on different terrains, with good comfort.

Value for money : This cheap bike has good quality, being a good option to equip yourself without spending more.


Manual: Some comments indicate that the product is not accompanied by an assembly manual, although it is quite simple.

Frame height: The frame height is adjusted, which can be uncomfortable for taller people.

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Bicycle accessories

bike lights

Unigear LED 

To increase safety on wheels, it is convenient that you have bicycle lights that can be installed on the structure of the equipment. Unigear offers a model that includes headlights and taillights with rechargeable LED lighting technology.

In addition, it is capable of providing about 10 hours of light thanks to its 630-amp lithium battery. The lights have four lighting modes ranging from full to moderate brightness, as well as fast and slow flashing.

They are waterproof and dustproof type, with IP65 certification, so they can be used in rainy days. Its installation is simple and compatible with many bicycle models.

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Guide to buying a bicycle

Buying a bicycle can be a complex task that involves the analysis of multiple factors and properties that must converge for a model to be suitable for your needs. To help you, we have prepared a guide to buying the best bicycle on the market, where we explain the essential properties that you must consider for your purchase to be successful.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

Knowing how much a bike costs can help you get an idea of ​​the quality and durability of the equipment. In turn, the cost is usually determined by the materials that the manufacturer incorporated in the production of the product. The vast majority of designs are usually made of metal or its alloy, which ensures a high level of resistance.

The most popular models have a frame with a frame made of aluminum or steel, metals that have been treated with the development of technologies, with high quality standards. In this way, although metals tend to be heavy, after the adaptation process they end up being relatively light and strong to guarantee better maneuverability.

Also, there are some alternatives that are gaining ground in the sporting world of cycling, which incorporate carbon fiber details to reduce the overall weight of the bike.


Currently, there are different types of bicycles and according to individual needs, a type should be selected. In principle, you must identify if you want an electric or classic model. The first works with a motor and a high-power battery that allows assisted pedaling, reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Meanwhile, the classic models are conventional bicycles that move through the force and intensity of the user’s pedaling.

Within the classic models, several subcategories can be found, so that it is possible to select between a touring bike, a mountain bike, an urban bike, a downhill bike, a trekking bike, without pedals, a racing bike, among many others. Each design has its specific properties, which suit different styles and disciplines of cycling. Therefore, before selecting a model in a hurry, you need to take into account what you will use the bicycle for.


Many users want to buy a good and cheap bicycle, but selecting a model is a task that can be complex and goes beyond these two characteristics. Before making a decision, you should consider the size, since it will depend on this if it fits your height.

Most manufacturers have a size standard recognized by the user community in inches to define the size and width of tires, while others use the measurement of length in centimeters. In this way, there are bicycles that start from 20 inches, to some larger ones that can reach 29 inches. The larger they are, the more suitable they are for people of greater height and weight.


Before buying, you may be interested in making a comparison of bicycles, including, among the elements to be compared, the gear system or box that the team has. There are classic and simple models that do not incorporate gears; These are usually the ones designed for children.

However, the more popular adult models tend to be equipped with a high-end gear system that offers different types of gears or speeds that allow for better performance and handling over varied terrain. Thus, some bicycles are equipped with a seven-speed gearbox, while other more versatile and dynamic models provide chains with a gearbox of between 18 and 21 speeds.

colors and designs

Year after year, brands and manufacturers bring to the market bicycle designs that adjust to the season and change in small details from the previous version. Each of these details are adjusted to the tastes and requirements of different targets, so that there is a wide range of designs and varied colors.

When making the selection, you can choose between classic, vintage, sporty, robust and children’s designs. Also, you can select between striking, bright, matte and metallic colors the one that best suits your style. Remember that, on the subject of color, you must select models that have had a careful, anti-corrosive and waterproof treatment.

Ergonomics and accessories

A bicycle must be comfortable and functional, whether you use it as a method of transportation, for sport or hobby. To do this, check that both the saddle and the handlebar are soft and padded so that they do not mistreat your body. Similarly, both parts of the structure should be adjustable in height.

In relation to accessories, there are models that have fenders, luggage racks, front basket, speakers, water bottle holder and even LED technology lights or reflective material, to be more easily noticed at night.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Who invented the bicycle?

Although today it is a commonly used piece of equipment that is usually in almost every home, the bicycle has gone through multiple transformations to become what it is today. Rudimentary artifacts with wheels existed in ancient Egypt, but it was not until 1817 when the German baron Karl Christian Ludwig Drais Von Sauerbronn invented the forerunner of bicycles and motorcycles, a two-wheeled vehicle called a walking machine.

However, it was in 1839 when the  Scotsman Kirkpatrick Macmillan created the bicycle with pedals, an invention that he did not get to patent, hence Gavin Dalzell from Lesmahagow is incorrectly recognized as the inventor, because he was the one who popularized it based on the plans of Macmillan.

Q2: Where should bicycles circulate?

This depends on the type of cycling. When it comes to traffic in the city, being a vehicle, it must comply with traffic regulations to preserve both the safety of the user and that of pedestrians and car drivers. Bicycles cannot circulate on sidewalks, nor on pedestrian crossings, but rather on cycle paths.

Most cities have these special lanes for bicycle traffic. In public places and cities that do not have bike lanes, it is important for cyclists to be more careful when sharing the lane and adjust their speed, taking care of their safety.

Q3: Why does my back hurt when I cycle?

This commonly occurs due to position and time on it. This causes the lumbar and cervical area to be affected. When pedaling on the bicycle, the curvature of the spine changes, in addition to raising the head. These are usually forced movements that break with normal body postures and lead to hyperextension of the muscles. However, continuous use and correct posture significantly reduce these discomforts.

Q4: Where to paint a bike?

There are specialized places where you can take your bike to change the original style and colors, these being suitable because they take care of the details and provide a high level of quality. These sites offer multiple possibilities of color, gradient and attractive combinations, only that they have a cost that varies according to what is requested. In addition, you can also customize or paint it yourself with the help of spray, but you may not get the same finishes.

Q5: Why doesn’t my bike shift properly?

This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being unreviewed usage time. Therefore, if you feel that your bicycle has begun to fail, it would be convenient for you to make sure that the chain is clean and with sufficient lubrication. If it is not dirt, you could clean and lubricate the entire transmission system. In addition, it is recommended to check the cap stops and the condition of the pin. If the problem persists, go to a professional.

Q6: How many kilometers do you have to cycle to lose weight?

There is no exact measurement. This will depend on the texture and condition of each person, since each body works differently and burns calories in its own way. In addition, it also depends on the intensity and interval of the workouts.

However, it is re

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