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Downhill Bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Cycling is a popular sport with many disciplines, each of which requires a bike with specific properties to provide better performance on the road. So if your modality is downhill, you will need a team that allows you to get the most out of your skills. Currently, there are many models and brands of downhill bikes on the market. Of the number of prototypes, few options are positively recognized by the user community and two are frequently recommended. First of all, there is the Bikestar BI-27-MF-CC-PLLE model, which has a double suspension system to absorb impacts during descent. Plus, it comes 90% assembled for added convenience. For its part, the Vivi FoldableIt incorporates a 350 W motor, so it offers 3 modes of use: normal, assisted and electric. It also has a professional transmission of 21 positions.

Opinions on the best downhill bikes

If you have decided to buy a downhill bike to have a better and safer experience on the pavement, we recommend you read the following section in which we present the characteristics of the five alternatives that lead the current market.

Bikestar BI-27-MF-CC-PLLE

This mountain bike has a 16.5-inch frame, which corresponds to the universal size “S”, which means that it is suitable for people between 1.65 and 1.75 m tall. In addition, it only weighs 16 kg, so it can be used by children and young people without any inconvenience. 

It has 27.5-inch wheels, which provides greater absorption and traction capacity. It also includes a double suspension system, a fork with 55 mm of travel at the front and another in the frame, which allows better cushioning of impacts during mountain descent. 

On the other hand, it offers a professional Shimano brand transmission system, which has 21 speeds so you can adapt it to the training needs. In addition, it incorporates very safe and long-lasting front and rear disc brakes.

If you are looking for the best downhill bike of the moment, this model may be of interest to you, so we invite you to review its most relevant features in more detail.


Assembly: It comes 90% pre-assembled, so installation is simple so you can get up and running quickly. In addition, it includes a practical instruction manual.

Suspension: It incorporates a double suspension system, one in the front part and the other in the frame, so it cushions impacts well on uneven terrain.

Safety: It has mechanical disc brakes on both wheels, so you can stop safely when you need to. Also, it has hollow chamber tires for greater stability.


Levers: Gear and brake levers are made of plastic, so they can be more delicate than metal. However, with proper use they can have a long service life.

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Live Folding

It is a bicycle with an electric system, which incorporates a 350 W motor, enough power to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. In this sense, it brings a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 36 V and 8 Ah, which offers a range of approximately 70 to 80 km in assisted mode, as well as 35 to 40 km in electric mode. Plus, it fully charges in just 6 hours.

On the other hand, it is possible to turn off the power supply to make a tour with the bicycle in its normal version. In the same way, it includes an intelligent meter to select the speeds and serves to turn on and off the front LED light, which you can use to drive at night.

It has a collapsible frame, so it offers easier storage if you don’t have a lot of space at home. As if that were not enough, it has been made of aluminum alloy, which provides lightness and resistance.

It is among the best downhill bikes of 2022 according to the opinions of some users, but it is good to review in more detail the pros and cons of the product before making a decision.


Foldable: It has an aluminum alloy frame that can be easily folded for storage without taking up too much space at home, giving you more convenience.

Electric: It offers a 350 W motor, which works with a 36 V lithium battery, to provide a speed of 25 km/h. In addition, it includes a smart meter to select the desired level. 

Modes: The bike can work in three modes: assisted, electric and normal. In this way, you can adapt it to your tastes and the conditions of the terrain or the road.


Weight: It is necessary to point out that, due to its multiple functions, this bicycle has a weight of 27 kg, which is considered high for a mountain model.

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Moma Bikes EQX 29″

It is an all-terrain bike, since it offers two shock absorbers, a Zoom front fork and an adjustable rear suspension, to overcome potholes and other obstacles that cause impacts during the descent in a controlled and stable way.

For added safety, it incorporates disc brakes on both wheels, which provide good performance even in difficult weather conditions. In addition, it comes with a Shimano TX-55 gearbox with 24 speed levels, to adapt the pedaling rhythm according to the slope of the terrain. As if that weren’t enough, it comes with ST-EF51 actuators, which have the brakes and gears in one piece and are very durable.

It is made up of a 7005 aluminum frame, a hard, resistant and at the same time light material. For this reason, it only weighs 13.4 kg. In this way, it is possible to face with greater efficiency the challenges of training in the mountains.

If you are wondering which is the best downhill bike on the market, we recommend you thoroughly analyze some of the main features of this model before making a decision.


Wheels: It has 29-inch wheels, which corresponds to the most used international standard in professional mountain biking. In addition, they are double-walled, so they do not deform easily. 

Suspension: It has a front fork and adjustable rear KS suspension, to soften the impacts of obstacles and potholes during the descent on mountain routes.

Derailleurs: It comes with a 24-speed Shimano TX-55 derailleur system. As if that were not enough, it includes ST-EF51 actuators from the same brand, to offer high quality and long life. 


Adjustments: This bike is not completely adjusted from the factory, so it is necessary to correct some faults to avoid annoying sounds when riding on uneven terrain.

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Bikesport Parallax

Probably, within your search engines you want to get the best value for money downhill bike. If so, you should know the specifications of this option marketed by Bikesport. The bike is one of the cheapest on the market, being the lowest cost of our recommended products.

The model is 24 inches and has a modern design in black with neon green. It is recommended for children and young people with a height between 1.30 and 1.60 meters, incorporating an adjustable saddle to adjust the height and be more comfortable.

Its technical properties are integrated by a double suspension with high-end damping, to reduce impacts due to irregularities in the terrain.

It has a 3.8 cm steel frame, in addition to aluminum wheels, with wear-resistant tires and a Shimano manufacturer’s 18-speed gearbox, to adapt to different reliefs and provide consistent and agile pedaling.

Bikesport Parallax is a modern bike that provides high quality standards and a good price, is practical for different terrains and is built with solid and resistant materials. It is also one of the cheapest downhill bikes on the market.


Damping: This bicycle has a double suspension, both in the front and rear, which minimizes the sensation of bumps and cushions impacts.

Design: It is available in black with neon green, with a modern and striking design that can be used on natural or urban spaces.

Box: The model is equipped with a gear system made up of 18 speeds, which are used to improve pedaling on various surfaces.

Size: The bicycle is suitable for children and young people of different heights, since it has a height-adjustable saddle and is comfortable.


Assembly: For its use, the bicycle must be previously assembled. This takes some time and requires paying attention to the instructions.

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Helliot Bikes Fat Extreme Terrain

The manufacturer Helliot Bikes presents one of the models that is frequently recommended, due to its versatile properties on different reliefs and surfaces. The bike is recommended for downhill mountain biking, because it is equipped with a Shimano TZ Tourney gearbox, integrated with 21 speeds, allowing better pedaling conditions.

Therefore, it is considered as a design for off-road properties. In addition, this alternative has 26-inch high-density wheels, with wide tires that adapt to different surfaces, both wet and dry, smooth or bumpy, for training, fun or competition.

To reduce impacts and bumps, the manufacturer has incorporated into its design a shock absorber at the rear, which can be adjusted as needed, and a front suspension with an 80 cm fork. To ensure braking, this bike has a mechanical disc system that improves precision.

Before buying, you should look for a model that integrates multiple features that improve the sports experience on two wheels. Helliot Bikes Fat Extreme Terrain is a bike recommended for its off-road properties. Here its pros and cons.


Suspension: The model is equipped with a shock absorption and reduction system, which is made up of a front and rear suspension, the latter being adjustable.

Brakes: It’s not just about pedaling, because at some point you have to slow down. Therefore, the bike has mechanical disc brakes, these being precise.

Versatility: Its structure is composed of attributes that adapt to various surfaces and reliefs, being considered as off-road.

Speeds: The bicycle has a Shimano gearbox with 21 speeds, which are used to reduce or maximize force during pedaling.


Price: Compared to other models with similar properties, the Fat Extreme design can be expensive.

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