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Fleece – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Polar fleeces are garments that are used during winter climates and cold nights to keep the body warm and protected from low temperatures. If you cannot decide due to the variety of models, then we present some of the most outstanding on the market. The Aurique FL W03 sweatshirt is made of polyester fabric that offers lightness, elasticity and resistance to friction, and is also available in different colors to match your outfits. The Kombat UK Recon Tactical, on the other hand, comes in a thick hooded design to keep your body warm. In addition, it has multiple pockets for you to store your belongings.

Opinions on the best fleeces

In the following section you will find some recommended products, in which we will mainly analyze their pros and cons so that you can choose a model that can meet all your expectations.

fleece for women

Aurique FL W03

It is a women’s fleece made of polyester, a fabric especially used in sportswear due to its advantageous characteristics. In this sense, the lining can be machine washed, allows moisture to circulate, has good elasticity and resists the friction caused by wear and tear, making it comfortable.

It has a classic sweatshirt style design, with simple lines that can fit comfortably to your body to protect you from the cold. In addition, it does not have printed or embroidered logos, so you can wear it on more formal occasions. Also, she is available in navy blue and red colors to combine it with different outfits.

It is made up of long sleeves that protect the arms and incorporates two side pockets, suitable for storing some accessories. As if that were not enough, it has a fitted front closure and a high neck, which help prevent the wind from sneaking into the lining.

If you want to protect yourself from the cold with a simple but efficient sweatshirt, we recommend you evaluate the characteristics of this model in detail before selecting one.


Materials: It is made of polyester, which offers elasticity and weighs little, making it a comfortable material.

Design: It has simple lines that include side pockets and a high neck, to provide greater protection against the cold.

Closure: It has a tight zipper closure system, which prevents the cold from sneaking inside.


Size: Sizes may be smaller than expected. However, it is important to consider that it is a fitted design sweatshirt.

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Amazon Essentials black polyester

If you are looking for a high-quality fleece, this model from Amazon Essential is one of the best fleeces of 2022, so we advise you to take it into account. It comes in a classic black design with the possibility of acquiring it in other colors so that you can combine it with different clothes. In addition, it has 2 zippered pockets that will allow you to put your hands in to warm them or to store your objects and keep them safe.

In addition to this, this women’s fleece is made of 100% polyester, which will help your body stay warm during cold climates, while giving it a low weight so you can wear it anywhere and wear it with any type. of clothes. Additionally, it has cuts on the sides that will enhance the feminine silhouette, which will provide a better fit to the body to prevent heat leaks.

If you’re still wondering which fleece to buy, this Amazon Basics option has an attractive design and good materials to help keep you warm.


Materials: Polyester helps prevent your body from being affected by low temperatures.

Weight: You can wear it, in a backpack or in your hands without it becoming a burden.

Colors: You can buy this model in different colors to combine it with other clothing.


Size: The sizes of this model are larger than expected, so it is recommended to choose a smaller size.

Adjustment: It does not have rubber to adjust it to the contour of the body.

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fleece for men

Kombat UK Recon Tactical

If you want to buy a fleece that is made with quality materials that can adequately protect you from winter climates, this model may be of interest to you.

This men’s fleece jacket brought to you by Kombat UK comes in black and is made from high quality thermal fabric that helps keep you warm and will prevent you from being affected by low temperatures.

In addition, it has a hood that will help protect your neck, shoulders and head from snow and cold weather. It has 2 pockets on the front, 2 on the left arm and 1 on the right side so you can comfortably store your personal belongings.

On the other hand, this option has a zipper in the middle that, by making use of it, you can put on or take off the fleece in a very easy and practical way and thus avoid wrinkling the clothes you are wearing.

If you want to buy a high-quality men’s fleece, we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of the model presented by Kombat UK.


Pockets: It has multiple pockets for you to introduce your personal items.

Thermal: The manufacturing materials provide high thermal levels that will protect you from low temperatures.

Design: Includes hood to protect your head and neck from cold weather.


Measurements: The measurements of this model are large, so you may have to choose a smaller size.

Rubber: It does not include elastic rubber, so it cannot be adjusted to the contour of the body.

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North Face fleece

The North Face M 100 Glacier

If you still have doubts about which is the best fleece to buy, the characteristics of this The North Face model may meet your expectations.

This North Face fleece is presented in a black design with the possibility of also acquiring it in grey, red and blue. Additionally, on the sleeves, the neck and the bottom part it has an elastic band that will help the fleece lining to fit the contour of your body very comfortably. In addition to this, it is made of high quality polyester, which will provide a high degree of protection against winter climates, while preventing heat loss.

In addition, its high neck will help keep the upper part of the shoulders protected from the cold. It has a long zipper that reaches the chest that will make it easier to put on or take off the fleece in a practical way.

The North Face is considered by many to be the best brand of fleece, so we recommend that you consider this option.


Design: Its design is elegant so you can combine it with different clothing.

Insulated: It has rubber on the neck, wrists and lower part, which will allow it to adjust to the contours of the body and prevent heat loss.

Practical: Its zipper will help you not waste time putting on your fleece.


Pockets: This model does not have pockets for you to store your objects.

Thickness: According to some buyers, the fabric is a bit thin, but this detail does not affect its thermal capacity.

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Columbia fleece

Columbia Fast Trek II

If you want to select a high-quality Columbia fleece, we recommend that you evaluate the features that this option presents.

This fleece comes in a classic black turtleneck design, providing elegance and good protection from the cold in the torso, shoulders and neck areas. In addition to this, it has 2 pockets on each side and one in the chest area so you can warm your hands or store your personal items very comfortably.

Additionally, it is made of polyester microfiber, so its interior will keep you warm, prevent heat loss and protect you from low temperatures. Therefore, it is ideal for you to use for trekking or hiking or other outdoor activities. In addition, it has a zipper in the middle that will allow you to open the fleece lining and you can easily put it on or take it off.

If you want to buy a fleece with an elegant design and a high quality standard, this option from Columbia may be the most suitable for you.


Heat: The polyester microfiber acts as a thermal agent to prevent low temperatures from affecting your body.

Neck: It has a long neck that provides greater protection against the cold.

Design: It has an elegant black design so you can use it with different clothing.


Sizes: The measurements of this product are a bit large, so we advise you to request a size larger than the one you normally wear.

Perspiration: The polyester of this model concentrates a lot of heat and limits the perspiration of the body.

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fleece for boy

CMP 3G28134

If you want to buy an inexpensive white fleece jacket for children made with good manufacturing materials, this model presented by CMP may be of interest to you.

This boys’ fleece comes in a classic design so you can match any outfit. In addition, it has rubber on the sleeves, which will allow a comfortable fit on the child’s wrists and thus the cold does not sneak in.

The CMP 3G28134 is a cheap fleece that comes in white, but you have the possibility to select other colors, such as: blue, yellow, green, black, orange, red and other shades of blue, yellow and green to combine them with different colors. clothing.

In addition, it has a long neck that will help protect the shoulder and neck areas from low temperatures and, because it has a zipper that reaches the chest, the child will be able to put on and take off the fleece easily.

If you want to buy a good quality and cheap product, this is one of the cheapest options on this list, so you may be interested.


Ergonomic: It is made of ergonomic thermal fabric that will protect the child from cold climates.

Variety: It comes in white with the possibility of choosing other types of different shades.

Practical: The long collar will protect your neck and shoulders from cold weather.


Color: White gets dirty very easily and this color is not highly recommended for children’s clothing.

Rubber: It does not include rubber, so perhaps the cold can sneak in easily.

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white fleece lining

Black Crevice BCR218531

If you are looking for the best value for money fleece, this model made by Black Crevice could be the one for you.

This option is made of polyester with microfleece thermal fabric, which will help protect the body against low temperatures and extreme cold. In addition, this white fleece model can also be purchased in different colors, such as red, green, blue, brown and black so that you can combine it with your clothing.

Additionally, it has a high neck that will help protect the shoulder and neck areas from the cold and the zipper provides elegance, while also making it easy to use when you want to put it on or take it off.

On the other hand, this fleece has a weight of 170 grams, so you can take it anywhere to protect yourself from the cold without it becoming a burden.

If you want to buy an elegant product that is versatile enough to be used in different types of activities, this option might interest you.


Thermal: It is made of polyester with micropolar fabric that provides thermal insulation to protect from low temperatures.

Elegant: It has an elegant design so you can wear it with different clothes.

Weight: Its light weight will allow you to take it anywhere without being a burden.


Pockets: It does not include pockets, so you will not be able to store your belongings.

Color: White fabrics get dirty easily, so it is a little more delicate to take care of.

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Girl’s fleece jacket

Columbia 1556943

If you are looking for a fleece for girls that can protect against water and low temperatures, this option may be the most suitable for your little one.

This girl’s fleece jacket is made of polyester and has a synthetic coating that will protect against low temperatures. An ideal product to be used in different outdoor activities, such as running, hiking or trekking. In addition, it is pink so that girls can wear it and combine it with different clothes. Its high neck with zipper will protect the shoulder and neck areas against the cold weather at night or during winter seasons. In addition to this, this model is waterproof so that your girl can use it even in rainy weather.

On the other hand, the sleeves of this option are raglan style, which will make it easier to move your arms without any problem.

If you are looking for a fleece that can protect against cold and rainy weather, we invite you to review the pros and cons of this Columbia option.


Resistance: It is waterproof, so it can be used in both cold and rainy climates.

Thermal: Polyester provides keep the body warm during low temperatures.

Comfortable: It has raglan-type sleeves that give greater freedom to make movements.


Fabric: The fabric is a bit thin, so maybe the cold can sneak in sometimes.

Washing: Avoid washing this product with detergents to prevent loss of color and deterioration of the structure.

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Guide to buying a fleece

In the following section you will find a guide to buying the best fleece, where we will evaluate some of the most important characteristics to take into account so that you choose a model with a high quality standard.

Shopping guide


The manufacturing materials is one of the most important characteristics that we will evaluate below, since these are the ones in charge of providing resistance, durability and heat to face low temperatures.

In addition, it should be noted that polyester is a high-quality material that is used in most of the products present in this polar fleece comparison, which has thermal properties that keep the heat concentrated inside the fleece to protect the body from the low temperatures of winter climates.

However, there are other models on the market that use cotton instead of polyester and you may wonder, what would be the best option to select a quality fleece? The answer is easy, since cotton, although it is capable of maintaining a high level of heat concentration, could perhaps lose its properties if it gets wet.

In other words, rain and excessive sweat are not compatible with cotton and this is because, when it comes into contact with liquids, it will absorb it, the fleece will begin to weigh more and more and the structure may perhaps deform. The opposite is the case with polar fleeces made with polyester, since these products, even if they get wet, will not lose their thermal properties and will keep protecting the heat to prevent the body from being affected by low temperatures.


The pockets in fleece linings are important elements that you should not overlook, since they allow you to put your hands in to warm them while you walk down the street or to store your personal belongings.

In addition, this factor does not affect how much the fleece costs at all, since just as you can find cheap models with multiple pockets, there are also similar options with fewer pockets, but with a much higher price.

In addition to this, those fleece jackets with zippered pockets are practical so you can store your personal items and prevent them from falling. Ideal for people who usually go for a walk or do physical activities that require constant movement, such as: trekking and hiking. Therefore, if you practice any of these outdoor sports or others in which you need to run, we recommend that you take into account those options that have zippered pockets.

However, some models present in this comparison do not have pockets, but they are very elegant. This will allow you to combine them with different clothes to use them on any occasion, as long as you keep in mind that you will have to carry an additional backpack or bag to avoid carrying your objects in your hands and they can be affected by low temperatures.

Therefore, before you purchase any product, it is vitally important that you assess whether you will be using the fleece just to protect yourself from the cold or to go on adventures.


The zipper on fleece liners is important so you can easily put it on or take it off. In addition, this also helps you prevent garments from wrinkling, being a practical and useful aspect.

On the other hand, we also invite you to evaluate the length of the neck, since, if you take this into account, you will avoid wearing scarves and keep that area protected from low temperatures.


Another detail that you should not overlook is to check the design of the fleece lining. We refer especially if the fleece you want to purchase is for men, women or children, since the models for women are especially for them to use. That is, these have special cuts that help enhance the silhouette and give them greater comfort.

On the other hand, men’s fleece models have straight cuts and are wider at the top so that they fit snugly against the wearers back.

You also have to take into account the colors that the fleeces have, since, depending on the tonality, you can combine them with almost any garment. Always keeping in mind that light colors tend to get dirty more easily than dark tones.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove screen printing from fleece?

The process is very easy and for this you must have an iron and a piece of waxed paper at hand. Also, the size of the paper will depend on the size of the screen print.

First you must connect the iron to a power outlet and put it to heat to a suitable temperature according to the type of fabric. Then, lay the garment with the screen print on a flat surface and put the wax paper on top. Take the iron, place it on the paper and the garment for 3 seconds and then pass it over as if you were ironing.

You should repeat this process until you see that the serigraphy is peeling off and with the tips of your fingers you can remove it very easily.

Q2: Does the fleece have a zipper or not?

Not necessarily, since, depending on the model of fleece you choose, it could have a zipper, which makes it easier to use. Since, with a single movement you can open or close the fleece to put it on or take it off.

On the other hand, there are also models that have velcro closures and buttons. Where the first option is easy to use, but the velcro can wear out over time, something that does not happen with zippers or buttons.

Lastly, button down fleece styles have the ability to look presentable, but could take a long time to put on or take off.

Q3: How to wash a fleece?

So that you can wash your fleece and avoid damaging it, the most recommended thing is to send it directly to the laundry, since they have qualified personnel to wash the garments properly. However, you can also choose to do it at home, as long as you take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The fleece linings can be easily washed in the washing machine with warm water not exceeding 30 degrees, powdered detergent and in a gentle wash and dry cycle. When finished, spread it out to prevent it from wrinkling.

Q4: How to make a fleece collar?

This is a very easy process that you can do at home and you will only need to use the back of a fleece that you no longer use, cut it and sew it to the dimensions of your neck. Get buttons or hook-and-loop fasteners and glue them on each end so you can close it easily.

Q5: What is the extreme cold fleece used for?

These polar fleece models have the peculiarity of preventing heat loss so that low temperatures do not affect the body. Also, extreme cold is mostly known for having a temperature close to or equal to zero degrees. However, you have to take into account the type of fabric with which they are made, since cotton, wool or polyester are the most used, but you also have to evaluate that the model you intend to select is not so expensive for that you can make a good investment and save a few euros.

Q6: What is the warmest fleece?

The fleece lining that warms the most will depend on the manufacturer and the manufacturing materials used for its manufacture. However, polyester fleece linings can prevent heat loss to provide warmth against low temperatures and winter climates, and you can also find these models on the market at an affordable price.

Q7: How to shrink a fleece?

Regardless of the manufacturing material with which the fleece is made, whether it is wool, cotton or polyester; You can shrink them to fit the contours of your body and keep you warm more effectively. To do this, you must turn the garment over and put it in the washing machine with warm water, which does not exceed 30 degrees. Complete the cycle and dry it on the heat. If it hasn’t shrunk enough, repeat the process 2 or 3 times until it has the dimensions you want.

Q8: Which is better, fleece or feathers?

Both options are of very good quality to provide heat. However, fleece fabric has the particularity of preventing heat loss so you can stay warm during winter climates and you can find them on the market at a good price. The opposite is the case with those with feathers, since this material is a bit more expensive and maintenance is a bit more complicated.

How to use a fleece

Polar fleeces are garments that provide heat and prevent your body from being affected by low temperatures, so if you came to acquire a polar fleece. In the following guide we will mention some steps to follow so that you can use your product and get the most out of it.

Find the right time to use the fleece

Although fleece linings will keep you protected against low temperatures, using them during hot climates may not be a good option, since these products concentrate heat inside them and if you use them during a sunny day, your body would sweat excessively. and even the tension would be affected.

Therefore, it is best to use the fleece at night, in cold climates and in winter seasons.

Put on your fleece

In order for the fleece lining to keep you warm during winter climates, you have to keep in mind that if you use an additional layer of clothing, the fleece lining will provide a higher level of warmth, which will help you to stay protected and avoid diseases. of the body that are related to low temperatures.

Fit fleece lining for added protection

After you have completed the steps above, the next thing you will need to adjust the fleece so that it can protect you properly. In addition, you have to keep the neck and shoulders warm, since some models may not include protection for those areas and those parts of the body are the ones that are most affected in cold seasons. Therefore, if the model you purchased does not have a turtleneck, we recommend that you use a scarf or make a turtleneck with some old fleece, but that is in good condition.

Additionally, we also advise you to adjust the rubber bands at the waist and wrists to prevent the cold from sneaking through those areas.

General recommendations

The hygiene of fleece linings is an important aspect that you should not overlook, since these products store heat and make you sweat if the fabric of the model does not have a perspiration system, so you will have to wash them every 15 days after continuously wearing them, when they get dirty and sweaty. In addition to this, washing the fleece will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria caused by the accumulation of sweat and heat.

Additionally, when you go to wash it, avoid using bleach, ammonia and other harsh cleaning chemicals to give your fleece a longer lifespan.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available


Este modelo presentado por LAPASA es considerado por muchos como el mejor forro polar de esta comparativa, ya que entre sus materiales de fabricación se encuentra el poliéster, lo que proporciona la suavidad y calor para que mantengas tu cuerpo a una temperatura adecuada.

Este forro polar para mujer que viene presentado en un diseño deportivo de color azul que permitirá que lo puedas combinar con diferentes prendas de vestir. Además, tiene dos bolsillos profundos con cremalleras para que almacenes cómodamente tus pertenencias y evites que se caigan.

Por otro lado, posee una cinta elástica en el borde inferior para que la ajustes al contorno de tu cuerpo y se concentre el calor con mayor eficacia.

Aunado a ello, cuenta con propiedades antibacterianas que ayudará a evitar la propagación de microorganismos que pudiesen aparecer por la concentración excesiva de sudor y calor y causar algún tipo de enfermedad de la piel.

Debido a sus buenas características y la popularidad en el mercado, muchos usuarios consideran que, posiblemente, pueda ser el mejor forro polar del momento.


Materiales: Está elaborado en poliéster de alta calidad que ayuda a mantener el cuerpo lo suficientemente caliente.

Práctico: Posee bajo peso para que lo lleves contigo a cualquier parte sin que llegue a ser una carga.

Higiene: El poliéster tiene propiedades antibacterianas que ayuda a mantener alejadas las bacterias.

Bolsillos: Incluye 2 bolsillos con cremalleras para que introduzcas tus objetos personales y evites que se caigan.


Tallas: El largo de las mangas quizás no sea suficiente para proteger los brazos contra el frío.

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