Campingaz Xpert 200 LS Rocky Reviews

Main advantage:

If you are looking for a gas barbecue that provides versatile operation and has wheels to be able to move the equipment easily, we recommend this model, which has a grill with volcanic stone, in addition to having two main burners and two extra side burners to cook other types. food.

Main disadvantage:

Being a complex barbecue with various functions and components, it is a model that is not easy to clean, since the tray under the burner has small holes through which the oil drips.

Verdict: 9.5/10

This is a barbecue that provides excellent results, leaving the roast with a good flavor thanks to the volcanic stone of the grill.

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Main Features Explained


Type of barbecue and power

Among the most outstanding aspects that you should take into account when choosing the best barbecue for your home, and following the opinions of the majority of users who already have one, is to determine the type of barbecue you need, always taking into account the use that you are going to give it, the type of fuel that you prefer to use and the number of diners that will attend your meetings. Among the best known types are barbecues powered by gas, wood, coal or electric, each with its specific consumption and power characteristics. This is a very complete gas barbecue, with a consumption level of approximately 597 g/h + 153 g/h, depending on the mode of use.

Likewise, it is important to know the power generated by the heat emitted by the barbecue and its stove, if you have one, when in use, so that you can know if it is enough for the amount of food you usually prepare. In this case, this barbecue model includes two steel burners with 8.2 kW of power that are fully adjustable and generate constant heat, as well as an additional side burner for pan or pot with 2.1 kW of power, ideal for preparing side dishes. or sauces while you grill your meat. 

Materials of manufacture and ignition

Another aspect that is vital when choosing a new barbecue but that obviously affects the price of the model you want to choose is the material with which the product is made, since it must guarantee good resistance to the high level of heat. emitted by embers, in this case, heated volcanic stones. This model has two aluminized steel burners that perfectly withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for cooking several types of food simultaneously, in addition to having a matte enameled cast iron cooking surface. On the other hand, the structure of the cart and the lid are made of steel, which guarantees a long useful life.

It is very important to know how easy the barbecue is to turn on, so that you don’t waste too much time or patience trying to light up the embers. Some models are more complex than others, however, no matter how complicated lighting is, every lover of a good barbecue knows very well that, with practice, this is easily done. Luckily, you will not have any kind of problem with this model of barbecue, since it incorporates a piezoelectric ignition system that allows lighting to be done quickly and easily.

design and accessories

As for its design, rest assured that your friends will be fascinated by this model, since this practical and complete gas barbecue is an ideal choice for any enthusiast or beginner in the world of barbecues. Thanks to its design fully compatible with Campingaz volcanic stones, you will enjoy a uniform heat distribution throughout the grill. 

It has an integrated shelf-type panel ideal for placing spices and cooking utensils, as well as two side tables, one of which is completely foldable to save space. The dimensions of the cooking surface are 54 x 34 centimeters and the kitchen has a height of approximately 85 centimeters. The total dimensions, with the top up and the side tables extended, are 108 x 48 x 124 centimeters.

Normally, these types of products have a series of accessories that complement and facilitate the use of the barbecue. In this sense, this model incorporates two practical wheels of a good size that facilitate the transfer of the barbecue from one place in your house to another with ease. In addition, this model has a thermometer integrated into the lid that will allow you to know the internal temperature in case you lower it. 

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