Celestron Astromaster 130 Reviews

Main advantage:

The Celestron brand offers you an effective telescope to observe the moon and some planets with comfort and ease, being able to have a clear image, since its aperture is 130 millimeters, its focal length is 650 millimeters and the focal ratio is F/5.

Main disadvantage:

You may miss the presence of a little more magnification to be able to enjoy greater details when observing the moon, as well as some planets. But it is a good alternative for amateurs.


Verdict: 9.9/10

This may be a good telescope to consider among your options, because it is a portable model that you could use to enjoy astronomy whenever you want, as its design is practical and functional.

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Main Features Explained


Enjoying astronomy is very easy, comfortable and simple as long as you can count on the accessories to carry out such an action. That being the case, the best telescope with which to discover galaxies, nebulae and have the opportunity to observe craters on the moon, Jupiter or Mars should not be missing from your belongings.

In this opportunity we present you the Astromaster 130 model of the Celestron brand, characterized by having a compact and above all portable design, ideal to be able to enter the world of astronomy being able to have good images of some celestial bodies at your fingertips.

In the market there are different types of telescopes, some small, others large and some of regular size, this one in particular has dimensions of 88.9 x 48.3 x 30.5 centimeters, while its total weight is 12 kilograms.

For its part, it is important to mention that during its elaboration quality materials have been used and capable of providing you with a long useful life. Its structure is available in a beautiful dark blue color accompanied by black and orange fragments that make it a little more striking, it also incorporates a series of details that allow you to make the necessary adjustments to enjoy a clear display.


According to the opinions of many experts, when buying a good telescope it is necessary to take into account the level of visualization that you will have to be able to see the planets as well as how beautiful the sky is in its total immensity.

It is for this reason that we have decided to tell you a little about the parameters present in this telescope that, in addition to being available on the market for a good price, is capable of allowing you to view and enjoy astronomy comfortably.

Thus, this model has an opening of 130 millimeters, this is undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics of a telescope, since it is about the ability to capture light that it offers, therefore, the more opening the more amount of light to easily capture your target.

For its part, the focal length of a telescope deals with the space between its objective and the focal plane and this product has a total of 650 millimeters in total.

Likewise, the focal ratio of the Astromaster 130 is F/5, which ensures good brightness as well as adequate contrast to be able to visualize the planets very well. This last parameter consists of a telescope brightness indicator that makes it more practical when using it.


A telescope is made up of different pieces that make it up in a practical and useful way to be able to observe the planets more easily. Among these details, the mount stands out, this being the mechanical part that joins the tripod to the telescope.

Some people often describe it as a simple and useless piece, but the truth is that it is as important as the parameters that a specific model may present. In this way, we are pleased to inform you that this telescope has a German equatorial mount, which is very stable and easy to use, adjustable to the celestial point you prefer.

Also, this mount is accompanied by a pre-assembled and robust tripod made of quality steel and accompanied by 31.8-millimeter round legs, which offers you a very rigid and stable platform.

It is also important to mention that this product has a Star Pointer finder which has an LED light pointer which will be very helpful so that you can find the celestial point you want more easily.

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