Chicco First Bike Reviews

Main advantage:

Among the flattering aspects of this Chicco bicycle, the fact that it does not incorporate pedals stands out, since in this way the child can develop the ability to balance, to move on two wheels without tipping over. Likewise, the infant will strengthen his motor skills and self-confidence.

Main disadvantage:

It is important to be careful when assembling the handlebar and the base of the saddle, since due to the friction of the parts, when adjusting them, the paint could deteriorate.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a children’s bicycle made with high quality materials, resistant to impacts and light in weight, which allow comfortable maneuverability by children.

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Main Features Explained


We are used to seeing that children’s bicycles incorporate pedals, recreating the design of adult models. However, some brands have dispensed with such elements in their products. This is the case of the Chicco house that, on this occasion, presents a bicycle without pedals, aimed at a child target aged between two and five years.

Chicco First Bike is a transition bike with a competitive price, specially designed for children to acquire the necessary stability when moving on two wheels. In this way, when using equipment with pedals, the user experience will be more intuitive, as it will not have to use the usual safety wheels incorporated in the rear part, to prevent the child from tipping over, precisely due to lack of balance.

Therefore, it is a piece of equipment designed for children to learn to develop their motor skills, while having fun alone or with their friends outdoors. In addition, with the use of this bicycle, it is intended to stimulate the feeling of independence in the infant and, in turn, the feeling of self-confidence. All this, because the child has mastery of the bicycle to move alone and without the continuous intervention of an adult.

Strong and adjustable frame

The structure of a bicycle must have an adequate level of resistance, since it will not only support the weight of the person, but also, eventually, it will suffer some unexpected impact. This being especially a team aimed at a child target. There is also the issue of adjusting some of the parts of the bicycle, so that it is possible to adapt its height, according to the needs of the child. In this way, the little one will achieve a comfortable and safe posture when moving.

In this sense, Chicco’s First Bike meets the previously mentioned requirements, with the purpose of improving the child’s experience of using the bicycle. In fact, for many users on the web, this model could be the best bicycle, since it has an ultralight metal frame of 2.7 kilograms, with a height, width, and length of 54 x 45 x 71 centimeters, respectively. Such a structure is capable of withstanding a load of up to 25 kilograms.

On the other hand, there is the quick-adjust mechanism integrated into the handlebar and saddle area, which allows the height of these areas to be adjusted to adapt the equipment for children up to five years of age. In this way, parents will be acquiring a bicycle designed to grow with the infant.


Comfort is an aspect that, according to the opinions of many buyers, should be taken into consideration when selecting a bicycle, whether the model is aimed at the adult or child target. Let us remember that, whatever the case, the person will spend a long time on the structure, so the ideal is to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Chicco First Bike is a children’s bicycle designed to provide the little ones with long hours of fun without making them feel uncomfortable. This is due, first of all, to the grip system on the handlebar, made up of a pair of grips made of soft rubber with a textured surface. Thanks to this quality, the infant will be able to hold said piece without fear of his hands slipping unexpectedly, due to sweating. Likewise, he will enjoy a pleasant soft touch without carvings on the skin.

On the other hand, First Bike bicycles have been provided with an ergonomically shaped saddle, which adapts to the natural shape of the child’s body. In addition, thanks to the fact that it was made of a type of non-slip polymer and with a soft body, the young cyclist will achieve greater stability when sitting on said piece.

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