Climb to the peak of Aneto

The route to reach the summit of Aneto may not be the longest, however, it is one of the most demanding high mountain trails. The altitude, the cold and the dangerous steps make many enthusiasts give up, but also make many other brave people decide to venture to the top.

Being able to climb Aneto, one of the highest mountains in the world, represents a challenge that requires excellent physical condition. Perhaps it is the challenge that Aneto represents that makes many people train hard, to be able to say that they managed to conquer the highest peak in the Pyrenees , at more than 3000 meters high.

Due to the difficulty of the route and the time in Aneto due to its altitude, it is not possible to appear without practicing to make the ascent. You have to know how to go up and down, in addition to other things, for that reason, here you can find out what you should take into account when wanting to climb Aneto. That way, you can plan your route correctly.

Where is Aneto?

In order to conquer Aneto Peak , you must first know where it is and how to get there.

This mountain is located within the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park in the community of Aragón, Spain. If you are in another country, the closest airport to Aragón is Zaragoza, but you may have to arrive at Madrid airport and then go to Benasque Valley.

What to take into account to climb Mount Aneto?

Before making the climb to Aneto, you have to know which route you will travel on the mountain . You should know that, although reaching the glacial part of Aneto is your greatest motivation, it cannot always be achieved, since climbing Aneto without experience can be risky.

Do not demand more than you can and, if you really want to reach the peak of Aneto, prepare very well beforehand. Climbing to the top of Aneto is not the time to practice, it is only for trained people. Your safety will always depend on how responsible you are.

Possible routes:

Getting to the top can be achieved in two ways. The first route is the southern route, which will begin at the Puente de Corones in Ballibierna. From there you will have to ascend the Corones lakes, to go to the glacier and then complete the Aneto climb .

On the other hand, the northern route begins in the Besurta and, to go up, you must go through the Renclusa Refuge, the Upper Portillón, El Collado de Corones, the glacier and finally reach the most desired section of Aneto: the peak.

What will change from one route to another will be the landscapes, since the demands of both paths are difficult. Both routes have slopes and are at a high altitude. Additionally, when you get to the high mountains, there are no more roads and you will have to follow stone milestones.

For this reason, and due to the use of the different equipment, many decide to hire guides, since these people are professionals in mountain risk management and, in addition, they know Aneto in depth.

The risks:

As said before, the climb to the summit of Aneto is not a simple hiking step like in other smaller mountains. This ascent will be full of technical situations, in which you will have to know what to do to be able to pass obstacles, without compromising your safety. All this while dealing with the altitude of Aneto and what that entails.

The crucial moments that you will have to face will be: the passage through the glacier, for which you will necessarily need to use an ice ax and crampons ; and the Mahoma del Aneto pass, which consists of almost vertical climbs, where your greatest safety will be to hold on correctly to the rocks. If it’s snowing, it’s much riskier.

The time of rise:

The best thing to do to minimize the risks when making trips to Aneto is to choose a time when there is not so much snow, as this will make the walk safer. However, in addition to choosing the season to have the best time at Aneto Peak, you should also choose a good time.

Try to arrive as early as possible so that your ascent is not rushed and there is no risk that it will get dark while you continue up.

In case you want to start a little later, then it is recommended to sleep in the refuge to continue the next day.

The equipment:

Choosing to wear or not equipment is not a matter of discussion, this is necessary. There are people who risk going without what is required, and some manage to reach the summit, but you should not risk it too. In order to pass the Aneto glacier correctly, snow equipment is required and you also need to be trained in its use or to be accompanied by a professional to help you.

You should buy good hiking boots, winter clothing, goggles, and other tools to deal with the snow. Also, do not forget important personal items such as your mobile phone, compass and drink, first aid kit and a thermal blanket as a precaution. Finally, what will help you reach the top without losing all your energy on the difficult climb to Aneto, the food.


It is always important that you communicate your adventure to someone you trust, in case you do not go with a guide. Let someone know what time you plan to get on and off, and which route you’ll be traveling. That way, if something happens, it will be easier to locate you to help you with whatever you might need.

Another important aspect of security and that it is necessary to remember again is to be extremely careful with the passage of Mahoma del Aneto. If you don’t feel safe crossing it, then stop and be proud of reaching the top.

However, if you decide to walk through this strait, make sure you are fully vigilant. Do not feel pressured by other hikers and take your time to pass. Try to avoid the high density of people on the road, if possible, and have confidence in yourself not to block yourself.

Having all these considerations, you will be able to climb the Aneto without many risks. Preparation is key, and feeling ready and training is what you need to conquer the summit.

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