CMP Rigel Mid Reviews

Main advantage:

These are boots that show the best of a design designed for women who see hiking as an important and frequent activity in their sports routines. An undeniably feminine model with all the necessary technology to dominate the terrain to be covered.

Main disadvantage: 

Although it is usual to buy one size more with hiking boots, doing so with these CMPs could cause them to be large, allowing the entry of stones that will make walking uncomfortable.

Verdict: 9.9/10 

They are very feminine hiking boots that, in addition to a good price, have all the necessary characteristics for excellent performance on the ground.

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Main Features Explained


Female athletes and fitness lovers have stepped up to show how much they can accomplish on rough terrain and mile-long adventures. Of course, knowing and seeing this performance, designers have not been slow to respond with special hiking boots for the female foot. 

These are mid-height boots that don’t neglect any of the features needed for the demanding force of trail climbing. Its external part coordinates a beautiful appearance in suede leather and synthetic material that combine neutral colors such as grey, brown, beige and black with fuchsia, purple and turquoise, among others. 

In the same way, its round ropes also use a dominant background color and another tone for small details that stand out. Their sizes are offered according to the European measurement from number 36 to 42 and, according to the opinions of many users, they fit the foot very well.

They are such comfortable, light and beautiful boots that they can be used with a sporty look for other casual occasions such as walks in which exercise is not the main activity. In short, big and heavy boots that were only conceived for men, this model breaks the scheme with a design that could be described as flirty.


Part of the reason why CMP is a brand that has stood out in sportswear, both in men’s and women’s clothing and shoes, is the innovation present in each of its models. In this case, the composition of each of its materials provides high technology from the tips of the fingers to the heel of the foot. 

Its internal insole complies with the Ortholite motto, which is to offer maximum comfort from the inside out. A foot that feels comfortable inside the boot is capable of safely taking each of the steps that the trail demands. This insole, together with the padded lining of the tongue and ankle, does not allow friction or blisters on long journeys, whether they are kilometers up or down. 

Additionally, one of the properties that seems to be a common requirement among hikers is the shoe’s ability to keep feet dry. Well, with its Waterproof property, clearly described on its external label, it guarantees its impermeability in the rain or if you find puddles to pass on the route. 

Undoubtedly, in addition to a very beautiful aesthetic, all these benefits are part of the reasons to consider them the best hiking, trekking and even mountaineering boots for women. 


Its cost is among the best on the market and, adding all the details and technology that these boots offer, it is difficult to find similar ones at such a good price. A part as important as the sole is also an additional element in peace of mind and confidence, and CMP knows this. He describes the soles of his shoes as the result of listening to the needs of hikers in a process of research to improve performance. 

The hiker has to take steps on terrain whose stability is doubted on more than one occasion and, if his confidence is broken, there may be falls or bad foot movements to regret. This will not happen with these boots, since just seeing their sole gives you an idea of ​​their traction force and the gripping power that they will have in each step. 

Its FullOn Grip rubber sole stands out to cover the lower part of the boot from end to end and reinforce the stability of the foot. Also, these soles base their gain on the ground thanks to a design of different shapes and densities of TPU inserts. It’s like seeing the best vehicle tire ready to not let you slip on wet or dry terrain.

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