Coleman Coastline Plus Reviews

Main advantage:

The most outstanding feature of this tent is that it has an impressive tunnel that can even hold a table and a couple of chairs. In this way, it becomes a practical porch to be sheltered.

Main disadvantage:

Care must be taken when handling the rods, as they could break and therefore complicate the assembly of the tent.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a model with enough space to accommodate three people. Due to its magnificent finishes, you will not have to worry about inclement weather. It is a resistant model and easy to assemble.

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Main Features Explained

Design and capacity

The first thing that strikes you about this Coleman brand tent is its tunnel design. It is a model divided into two fundamental parts. On the one hand, the cabin intended for sleeping and, on the other, a porch-type space reserved for leaving luggage or sitting quietly to enjoy the scenery. Not surprisingly, it is spacious enough to place a table and a couple of chairs in the latter.

Green in color, it is a tent suitable for accommodating three people. It has dimensions of 440 x 190 x 150 cm and a weight of around 7 kg.

It has good-sized PVC windows that are responsible for guaranteeing the passage of light. At the same time, they can be darkened if necessary so that rest is optimal. The floor of the structure does not go unnoticed, raised at the corners, so that water does not enter the tent in case of rain.


Resistance is one of the most outstanding features of this product, which is considered the best camping tent. In the opinions of the users, there is no lack of praise for details such as the 3,000 mm water column, a quality that makes it an absolutely waterproof product.

This is added to other details such as the integrated mosquito net, without a doubt, one of the elements that can not be missing in the tents. Not in vain, there is nothing more annoying than these insects hanging around you while you try to fall asleep.

Special mention deserves the robustness of the fiberglass poles of the store. These are flexible in nature, but also very resistant to conditions such as wind or rain. Despite having these features, they are very light, so their transport is not uncomfortable at all.

Manufacturing materials

It is clear that the price of a tent is a criterion to take into account, but you should not overlook other aspects such as manufacturing materials. This model is made of polyester with taped seams. In this way, stability and resistance are more than guaranteed.

We have already talked about its waterproof nature, but we cannot also forget to mention that it is a fireproof article, which means that it protects against fire.

For its part, the floor is made of polyethylene. This is a very convenient material for this area of ​​the tent as it is characterized by not allowing water to pass through. Its texture similar to plastic makes it possible for you to sleep in your bag and support your belongings without fear of being surprised by the water.


Finally, we must refer to the simple assembly proposed by this tent. It is due to the Coleman Easy Set Up system, which allows it to be ready to use in the blink of an eye.

To do this, this model is accompanied by all the necessary parts for its assembly and installation. If you look closely, each of the required sticks has a color code that indicates where it is located. In this way, the process becomes much more intuitive and you will not need to have experience in this type of article. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never pitched a tent before, you won’t encounter any difficulties. All you have to do is identify the colors to find out which sticks belong together.

Along the same lines, we cannot forget to mention that it is an article that allows an easy and comfortable transfer. It comes with a transport bag made of polyester to carry the folded tent from one place to another. You just have to choose the place to camp and get ready to enjoy a wonderful picnic with your friends.

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