Columbia and The North Face: The Best Fleece Brands

Adventure calls to men and women who enjoy the world of the outdoors, so it is always a good idea to be prepared with the best fleece jackets for the mountains. In the market there are many alternatives available in relation to design, color, size, features and even brands, the most recognized models being those of the manufacturers The North Face and Columbia. 

Outdoor walks, mountain sports disciplines such as hiking, camping and cycling, as well as winter activities, require that the person be equipped with adequate clothing that keeps the cold away from the body and is at a comfortable temperature, so as not to face the consequences of hypothermia. 

A garment for adventure

To deal with this, different garments can be obtained, with the fleece lining being one of the most recommended by climbers, athletes and experts, as it is a textile material that shelters and protects from low temperatures.

Currently, there is a wide variety of jackets made of fleece and with high-end features, which improves their use and benefits, so that the user can counteract the effects of inclement mountain weather.

Within the alternatives that can be obtained in the market, there are many brands that present an interesting catalog, with garment attributes that can be waterproof, with pockets, adjustable, zippered and in a wide color palette, distinguishing themselves models for both men and women and children. Each of the alternatives has a specific cost, which generally varies depending on the brand and quality.

What you should look for

There are many brands and in turn the models available. So if you know what you’re looking for in a fleece, the buying decision will be much easier. Otherwise, it may be an arduous task. These garments are necessary when going on an adventure in the mountains. Therefore, the main thing is that it is a comfortable, warm and functional alternative, which includes at least a couple of pockets, as well as a zipper closure system, which makes it easy to put on and take off.

Even a fleece jacket can be a useful garment to wear every day on cold winter and fall days. Although there are many manufacturers, there are two brands that tend to be among the best or at least among the most popular in the user community, which are Columbia and The North Face. 

According to the type of activity for which you are looking for a fleece, there is a model that will fit the requirements. Among the considerations that must be taken into account is the thickness of the garment, which is usually measured in grammage. In addition, the differences between all the models tend to be in the design and the zipper closure system, which can go from the chest to the neck or cover the entire front area, as well as in the technologies or treatments with which the manufacturer has equipped the fleece lining So, according to these factors, prices can be higher or lower. 

The North Face options

One of the important brands in the world of outdoor and mountain activities is The North Face, based in San Francisco, California, United States. It is a company with years of experience and that presents a catalog of articles for sports activities and in open spaces with wide options in relation to design, color, fabrics and more. 

Within its fleece linings, there are some alternatives that stand out and that can be obtained at competitive prices, being necessary to be attentive to the offers that appear on websites, either of the brand, authorized by it or on Amazon.

The price range of this brand’s fleeces is wide, so that you can get from alternatives at a price starting between 30 or 40 euros. This is the case of the Tekware TNF, a simple pullover for men, available in classic colours, with a high neck and with a zip. It is made with light fabrics that allow adequate mobility and reduce heat loss.

Another alternative from The North Face is the Jacket Quest, a waterproof jacket for men, with a fleece lining that provides an additional protection barrier against moisture. In addition, it includes pockets on the sides with zipper closure. It is available in various sizes and its price is about 70 euros. 

Now, if it is a higher range, the Californian company has a wide catalog, one of the most purchased being the Evolve II Triclimate model, a jacket for men, with a price of over 130 euros. Among its attributes we have that it is waterproof, has pockets for the hands, zipper closure and its style is high neck. 

If after knowing some alternatives for men you have still not been able to conclude which is the best fleece on the market, then you could take a look at this alternative for approximately 150 euros. This is the Winter Down Series 800, a jacket with a hood, goose down, fleece lining, zippered pockets, among other specifications. 

And for women?

The North Face lines are also available for women, so you can find a fleece suitable for women, with a wide variety of prices, designs and shades.

Among them, alternatives stand out such as the W Osito 1/4 Zip for almost 75 euros, the 100 Glacier 1/4 Zip, for 40 euros and the 100 Glacier Full Zip, a jacket with side pockets, available in various colors, with the Embroidered brand logo. 

Columbia Options

With an equally important presence in the market, the Columbia brand offers a wide variety of fleece models, which vary in design, price and performance. Some of the most popular alternatives from this brand are the competitively priced Fast Trek II Full Zip models. There’s also the Canyon Softshell Jacket, with a hood and two zips, as well as the Fire Side Sherpa Full Zip for women, whose price varies according to color.

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