Columbia Peakfreak Nomad Reviews

Main advantage: 

For those who are looking for light shoes, but with all the properties of the best hiking shoes, this model is one of the best alternatives. Its low cut combines the sensation of comfort with the strength of the grip of its soles. 

Main disadvantage:

Despite an off-road sole design, its cushioning may not be the most optimal on rocky surfaces since it is only one centimeter thick at its heel. 

Verdict: 9.6/10 

These men’s hiking boots offer the elegance of a leather-crafted design and the desired sport performance for a great price.

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Main Features Explained


Whether it’s sneakers or hiking boots, Columbia is, without a doubt, a benchmark of great importance. With this model, this brand presents a fairly agile alternative for the movements required on the trail to be traveled regardless of the characteristics of the terrain.

Referring to its aesthetics, its design is very elegant and its brown or black leather exterior enhances it. In fact, this low-cut model turns this shoe into a double-duty sneaker. They can be rugged enough for hours of walking and subtle enough to accompany casual attire for an outing on the town. 

However, when athletes refer to the best hiking boots, they are never just about their style or appearance, but rather they give importance to the contribution in safety. These shoes offer reinforcement at the toe with a material that is strong enough to protect your toes from tripping or bumping.

One of the biggest advantages over other alternatives on the market is the possibility of selecting sizes. Men with small or large feet will find this same model in sizes from 40 to 50. As if this were not enough, another plus is that from size 40 to 45, the measurements are available with only 0.5 centimeters difference.. 


These shoes could be the dream of those hikers and backpackers who, despite the extra features that a boot can offer, feel discomfort with their ankles trapped. In addition to that feeling of freedom, this model brings together all the necessary aspects for the drive, comfort, speed and safety that you want to have at every moment of the journey. 

There is nothing more unpleasant and with the possibility of getting sick than doing or finishing a tour with wet socks and feet. With this model, Columbia does not let rain, intense dew, puddles or snow affect feet dry and fresh inside. The materials and outer construction of these shoes, in addition to looking great, create a waterproof coating that gives you peace of mind in this regard. 

In addition to this, the Omni-Tech technology also contributes to this purpose by ensuring that any accumulation of moisture is evacuated through a microporous membrane. So neither external water nor the possibility of sweat retention will spoil the dry and comfortable feeling of the feet.

In order to guarantee the greatest comfort for your feet throughout the day, Omni-Tech takes care of breathability with sealed seams with this technology.


If what you want is to enjoy nature on any type of terrain, the opinions of many hikers say that these shoes are one of the best options. Apart from the recognition of excellent features, its price is not only very competitive, but also reasonable considering all the technology that its soles have.

It is known that the appropriate footwear for hiking cannot put aside the element that will give the due guarantee of stability to its user. For this reason, their soles only add confidence for those who want to enter unknown terrain to explore natural beauties.

To begin by describing the traction power of the rubber, it shows a great gripping power on terrain that includes the ice of winter, the humidity of rain or the stones of the mountains. Studs placed in various directions along the soles provide Omni-Grip grip and stability on all these types of surfaces.

Two other standout features are Techlite technology and what seems like the magic of a non-marking footprint. Thanks to Techlite, its sole is capable of absorbing the impacts that occur during the journey. If you want others to know where you’ve been, you’ll have to find another way to leave footprints because these shoes don’t.

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