Columbia Silver Ridge II Reviews

Main advantage:

This garment has managed to stand out in the market due to its high level of quality, but above all due to the fact that it provides a sun protection factor of type 50 due to the fact that its fabrics have been equipped with Omni Shade technology.

Main disadvantage:

The textile used for the garment lacks flexibility, which is probably not a problem, since the cut of the pants is quite loose so as not to limit your movements.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With these shorts you can go to the mountains, for a walk, fishing or wear it daily, as it has a modern and sporty design suitable for hot summer days.

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Main Features Explained

Sun treated fabric

The fabrics used for the manufacture of mountain pants are usually quite varied, as well as the treatments given to said fibers. All this, with the purpose of offering the athlete a quality product, capable of satisfying the needs of outdoor use, depending on the season of the year.

In this way, we can find waterproof, breathable, abrasion resistant, anti-blizzard and sun protection designs. Of course, the benefits provided will depend exclusively on each of the manufacturers.

Columbia Silver Ridge II is a garment aimed at the summer season, since it has been made of Ripstop-type nylon threads. This is a light body material, but with a high level of tear resistance. In addition, it is characterized by being quite breathable and slightly repels moisture, product of spills or unexpected precipitation during the route, so you will be fresh and dry at all times.

On the other hand, we have the issue of protection against ultraviolet rays, which is so important for skin care when we are outdoors. In this sense, the manufacturer added Omni Shade technology to the fabric, which means that you will enjoy a sun protection factor of 50, while you have the garment on. 


The pockets in pants are of great importance, since thanks to them we can always have any type of small object at hand such as keys, wallet, documentation, money, among others.

This type of practicality in the garment is a very attractive feature and sought after by those who practice outdoor activities, since during the tour they will not have to stop to open the backpack to take out the compass, knife, sunscreen or any other element. that they require immediately.

In this sense, you will only have to direct your hand to the pocket, open the zipper, clasp or security velcro, depending on the model, and access the object quickly.

The garment, which meets the aforementioned requirements, has come to be considered, according to the opinions of a large number of buyers, as the best mountain pants.

It is a design that incorporates a total of six spacious pockets. Four of them are zippered cargo type and have their respective cover for greater security. Two pockets are distributed on the back and sides of the legs, while the remaining pair have a vertical cut that is quite discreet and easily accessible for the hands on each side of the hip.

Design and fit

The sportswear market has a wide catalog of brands and designs when it comes to mountain pants, which is quite convenient when making the selection. However, you will have to be quite careful and not guide your purchase solely based on the aesthetic appeal that the garment can project due to the color or pattern of the textile.

Remember that there are several quality identifiers to evaluate with respect to the design, such as the quality of the finishes, cuts and seams, as well as the type of fit, closure and even the length of the boots. The latter influences a lot with regard to the cold or hot season of the year in which you intend to use the pants.

Silver Ridge II is a short patented by the well-known Columbia brand, whose competitive price is quite attractive for lovers of outdoor activities. Its preparation involves a loose, modern and sporty cut line, seams and well-crafted finishes, which enhance the durability of the garment. The waist area has been provided with some loops for you to attach a buckled belt, which comes with purchase. Thus, you will get a better fit to always have the pants in place.

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