Diadora Lux Reviews

Main advantage: 

You will be able to adjust the height and position of the saddle, handlebar and level the pair of lower bases, since the bicycle was equipped with some mechanisms that will allow you to adapt it to your anatomy. In addition, it incorporates a bearing system that favors mobilization.

Main disadvantage: 

The instruction manual was printed in Italian, being a limitation for those who do not speak the language. However, it incorporates a series of images that could guide you to carry out the assembly.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is an exercise bike with a modern design and intuitive functions that will allow you to enjoy an effective workout, varying the intensity of the pedaling according to your needs.

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Main Features Explained

Regulation and mobilization system

Diadora Lux has managed to position itself as one of the best exercise bikes, obtaining positive reviews on specialized purchase sites. And it is that apart from being a completely effective equipment in terms of improving muscle tone, losing weight or gaining resistance, it also offers a successful regulation system for some of its parts. In this way, each person will be able to adapt the size of both the saddle and the base of the bicycle or the handlebar, according to their own anatomy. 

The compact and light structure of the Diadora Lux bicycle does not have a folding system like other models, but instead the manufacturer incorporated several regulation mechanisms, as we have mentioned before. The first of them is the one applied to the saddle, which by simply turning the piece at its base will allow you to adjust it horizontally and vertically. Thus, you can easily vary the height and position of the saddle.

In the same way, the handlebar area offers the possibility of being adapted to a position that provides comfort and a correct posture to the user. Finally, you will have a third adjustment, which can be made on the base pair of the structure, which will allow you to level them and achieve the necessary stability to place the bicycle on any terrain, without fear of unexpected movements.

On the other hand, there is the issue of mobilization, which is very important because the weight of the structure is around 26 kilograms, so moving it from one room to another could be a complicated task. In this sense, you will have no problems, since thanks to the incorporation of a bearing system in the bases of the bicycle, you will be able to transport it by yourself. This measure makes the transfer a much simpler process.

Pedals and performance

When acquiring an exercise bike, there are many aspects to evaluate, in order to take home a team whose performance is the most convenient for our correct physical activity. Therefore, it is important that you avoid hasty purchases based solely on the price of the product. The topic of the pedaling system of the stationary bicycle is essential so that the person can improve their performance in each session. In this sense, the Diadora house is very consistent with regard to the manufacture of this area of ​​the structure, even incorporating a specific type of technology to obtain better results when pedaling.

An example of this is the Diadora Lux exercise bike, whose pedal has been made of rigid polymer and covered on the surface with non-slip material to provide a better grip when supporting the foot. It also incorporates an adjustable strap made of flexible type polymer and provided by a buckle adjustment method. For its part, the base of the pedal that connects to the central axis of the structure is made of chromed aluminum.

Regarding all these materials, you will need to know that they belong to a high range, their touch is soft, while the metal is resistant to corrosion. In addition, they are characterized by their durability and stability, giving way to a pedal with an ergonomic, comfortable and safe format.

On the other hand, the bicycle includes a magnetic resistance regulation system, which you can maneuver by means of a rotary button located under the handlebar. In this way, you can intuitively select between a maximum of eight intensity levels, controlling said tension when pedaling and adapting it according to your needs.

Console and features

Stationary bikes offer a series of intelligent functions that will allow you to know your performance in each of the exercise routines performed. Thanks to the built-in console, you won’t have problems viewing this information and even programming the desired work mode.

For example, Diadora Lux is an exercise bike that, according to the opinions of buyers, has nothing to envy to other models of the same or greater range. This is because the equipment has been provided with state-of-the-art technology, capable of providing us with an effective exercise session in terms of enhancing the improvement of our physical condition.

To do this, the structure incorporates a system of pulse sensors, right in the handlebar area, designed to measure the person’s heart rate. In this way, when you take the grips with your hands to start pedaling, the sensors will activate and start measuring your heart rate. In the same way, other functions of great importance stand out, such as the calculation of the distance traveled in kilometers and the time it takes to perform the exercise from the first pedaling until we come to a complete stop. In addition, you will be able to know the exact amount of calories consumed during each exercise period, being a feature of great importance for those who want to lose weight.

On the other hand, we have that the LCD type console is integrated in the front area of ​​the structure, precisely on the handlebar, for quick viewing. This screen has a soft-touch polymer casing, while in the upper area it incorporates three fully identified buttons for starting up and programming the functions. Likewise, its large-format black digits and backlighting stand out, designed in this way so that you can constantly monitor all the aforementioned values ​​with just a glance.

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