Eastpak Padded Pak R Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a backpack for casual use, but with an ergonomic padded design so that you can carry it on your back without discomfort and easily carry your things wherever you need.

Main disadvantage:

The built-in padding on the shoulder straps and back panel is likely to increase the pack’s stiffness compared to other models available on the market.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Eastpak offers you a casual, simple and comfortable to use backpack so you can take it to school, university or even to work if you want to transport your belongings more easily.

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Main Features Explained


Product design

In order to invest in one of the best backpacks, you need to take into consideration the main aspects that will have an effect on your user experience and one of them is the design of the model of your interest, since it should be both attractive and practical for you. your comfort. And that you could enjoy if you consider the Eastpak brand model. 

The Padded Pak R backpack can be a very striking alternative for users looking for a simple, discreet and spacious model, to be able to carry everything they need on a day-to-day basis.

Its style is casual in black almost entirely except for the brand logo that is located on a rubber patch in the lower corner. However, depending on the manufacturer’s layout, this model would be available in various colors, such as blue, gray, purple, burgundy, green, multi-color, with geometric designs and more. Thus, you can choose the option that best suits your style and the use you are going to give the backpack, either to go to class or for casual use.

In addition to this, it stands out that the shoulder straps are padded to make it more comfortable for you to support the weight of the backpack and its contents, avoiding chafing that could cause injuries.

clothing materials

Backpacks are usually made of soft fabrics to be more comfortable for the wearer to use, but some opinions consider that these should be evaluated according to their level of resistance, in order to ensure that they acquire a durable and reliable model.

In the case of the Eastpak Padded Pak R casual use model, we are faced with a backpack made of nylon fabric that, compared to others, offers greater resistance to rips and tears, so it can carry, in theory,, more weight.

Being nylon, the Eastpak backpack is soft to the touch, but don’t let this fool you, as the model offers strong stitching to complement the robust finishes of the fabric lining. Likewise, like the straps, the back panel that will rest on your back also has padding to prevent the objects you are carrying from making you uncomfortable when carrying the backpack.

On the other hand, you should also consider that nylon can be easily machine washed, which will make the maintenance and care process of your backpack easier if you want to keep it always clean and free of stains or bad odors, aspects that can affect its integrity or your own comfort of use.

capacity and extras

The last, but not least, main feature that we recommend you analyze is the capacity of the backpack. Since this accessory is designed to help you carry your belongings comfortably, it is important that you make sure you purchase a model in which it is possible to fit everything you need.

In this sense, it is likely that this feature is one of the aspects that determine its sale price, but the Padded Pak R model has a good relationship in terms of quality and cost, since it offers a load capacity of 24 litres, more than enough for regular use and at a reasonable price.

For example, it could be a very useful backpack to carry your study supplies to university, buy it for your child for school or also to use it daily when carrying your documents, laptop, phone, tablet, clothes, tools or any other type of backpack. utility you need.

Regarding its distribution, the backpack offers a large compartment to carry most things and a smaller front compartment for important objects or that you need to have on hand, such as your cash, cards or personal identification, for mention a few.

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