ELF, the new electric and solar bicycle that incorporates a roof

We have to face global warming and one of the ways is to put cars aside, to venture to more ecological options that are less polluting. All the environmental concern has led to the creation of different options. One of them is an original electric bicycle model that incorporates a roof with a solar panel, which can be recharged with energy supplied by the sun.

What does it offer?

This is Elf, an electric tricycle, which was created in 2014 as a way to counteract the negative impact of combustion cars, for which it was presented by the company Organic Transit as “the most efficient vehicle in the world”.

The operation of this innovative technological development is powered by pedaling and solar energy. Its creators assure that it is a viable and sustainable option to go short distances and leave the car parked, which would translate into less pollution and an additional respite for planet Earth.

The idea of ​​this project was to offer an alternative that could safely move around the city on roads, cycle paths and parks, with the additional advantage that the sun or rain will no longer exhaust the user, because it has a roof, which is also a panel that captures solar energy. Due to its specifications, this electric bicycle does not require a driving license, insurance or permit.

Elf works with you and the sun

The energy for the operation of the tricycle is ecological, only in this model the advantages of a car and a bicycle are combined. With this device, you can reach a speed of 32 kilometers per hour only based on solar energy. If you add pedaling, the bike can reach 30 miles per hour.

In addition, although the basic model is designed for a single seat, with the equipment you can carry up to 80 kilos of luggage with you, since it has a load capacity of 158 kilos.

An achievement supported by many

The merit of the project was recognized on Kickstarter, the financing platform for creative projects, obtaining about 225,000 dollars of the 100,000 required to start up.

Thanks to the support of Kickstarter, it was possible to manufacture and launch several models and different versions on the market. The most economical is equipped with three gears, disc brakes and a solar panel, among other specifications, such as front suspension, a battery with a range of 24 kilometers, more than 2,000 cycles and a two-hour fast charge. Also, a 600-watt electric motor, ergonomic seat, 40% recycled aluminum frame and Continental wheels. Its price is around 4,000 euros approximately.

Unlike other models of electric bicycles, this ambitious alternative incorporates a 100-watt solar panel, hence its value is more expensive. It is an environmentally friendly model, since it is not necessary to charge the battery with electricity, it only needs solar energy. For full charge, it requires seven hours of exposure to the sun. Then you can walk through the streets thanks to this energy and the force generated by the legs.

green manufacturing

With this model you will not only respect the environment by reducing energy consumption and reducing polluting gases, but also its entire construction is ecological, because its body has been made with recyclable plastic, while the chassis is made from also recycled aluminum.

There are different options and prices, and you can select from a range of four colors: red, green, orange or bicolor, for which you must pay an additional fee of around 100 euros. In addition, it is possible to request an extra battery or even another solar panel that increases autonomy.

Likewise, the higher cost versions offer larger tires, an eight-speed integrated gearbox and a more precise and powerful brake mechanism.

Although it is not a model that is popularized throughout the world, since its manufacture is not mass-produced, it can be seen regularly on the streets of some North American cities. The company builds about 360 units per month and they have enabled the option of shipments to countries such as Canada, Finland, Australia, Germany, Holland or the Fiji Islands.

Individual or double places

In the different markets, the company offers an individual model, another for two seats and one with more specific characteristics for professional use that can be used for surveillance, club maintenance or event management, among many other possibilities.

It is an initiative with which consumption and mobilization habits can be changed for short trips. With it you can perform physical activity, go to work and take care of the planet, because it consumes little fuel and is self-sustaining.

Part of its benefits is that when you ride this electric tricycle, you burn calories, not oil. Also, if you don’t have much time to charge your battery with solar energy, you only have to connect the charger to the power source and in about two hours it will be ready to be used.

Growing electric mobility

Electric vehicles are the new option that is gaining more and more ground in different countries, since using them means having a greener and more ecological awareness, appropriate and kind to the environment. The options are varied, so if an electric car is not your thing and a bicycle, whether electric or conventional, does not fit your needs either and you are not convinced, try looking for other options like this one.

As already explained, the Elf is an alternative that combines the benefits of a car and a bicycle, being a hybrid that works with solar energy and leg strength, as well as having a motor for assisted pedaling.

It is true that you will not be able to reach high speeds, nor travel such long distances, but you will be able to move around the city and exercise, strengthen your legs, your cardiovascular system and best of all, in the long run you will be able to save money and contribute to the planet.. If you venture out, Elf could be your option.

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