Everything you need to know about traveling by motorhome

We all feel the need to take advantage of the holiday seasons by relaxing and resting. For that, we move to interesting places, whether they are cities, small towns, beaches, mountains, etc. The important thing is that this transfer can be lived and enjoyed in a way where every kilometer counts as an adventure and what better than in a motorhome .

Traveling by motorhome is a modality that gains more followers every day, as it is a way of carrying everything you may need. Of feeling that the journey is not completed at the destination, but that, at the end of each day, you arrive at a new place, which perhaps you had not planned. Therefore, if you want to get started in this way of seeing the world, it is good that you take some advice to travel in a motorhome for the first time.

Documentation regarding the legislation that governs this modality

As it is a motor vehicle, specially conditioned to travel comfortably, you should know that it is governed by the land traffic legislation of each country. Therefore, the initial step before embarking on the trip is to familiarize yourself with the laws or regulations that govern this type of vehicle. Solved this, now if you are going to decide what type of motorhome you need, taking into account the destination, type of roads, number of travelers and, of course, the budget you have for it.

Evaluate which is the best option to travel

It is good to clarify that apart from the motorhome there is the caravan, which in essence is a trailer with some comforts for the traveler. In addition, there is also the camper, which is a normal vehicle conditioned for tourism, something like traveling in a van. Of course, its driving is easier and it is cheaper.

In short, there are countless options and motorhome models, all manufactured on a solid platform on the chassis where the bodywork is mounted. It is almost always fiberglass and wider than the original vehicle. If you plan to rent a motorhome, it is good that you look at the model and see the conditions of use, to avoid setbacks along the way.

On the contrary, if you plan to acquire one, you should see it as the investment of a second home that, in addition, allows you to travel anywhere. The advantage is that there are for different budgets. We mention some that are super luxury, such as the Laika Kreos 8012, the Rapido Distinction i1090, the Adria Sonic Supreme 810 SL and the Benimar Amphitryon 997, among others.

Motorhomes, depending on their configuration inside and outside, are classified as profiled, which are usually the most efficient and economical; the nasturtiums, who carry a bundle over the cabin where a second bed goes. Likewise, there are the integral ones, which take advantage of the space by having a continuous line. These are of greater surface, but also imply a greater consumption of fuel. Finally we have the extensible ones, equipped with elements that go out to add space, thus being more expensive.

Know the spaces allowed for parking

It is very important to know where to sleep in a motorhome. You cannot make the mistake of stopping or parking anywhere to spend the night. In this sense, there are sites created for this purpose, public or private, where you will get the necessary services. Also in the campsites there are areas for it and there are, in the same way, the car parks, which offer a limited number of services.

Be aware of the type and consumption of fuel

Another aspect to keep in mind in your travel budget is the consumption of the motorhome. These mostly use diesel-type fuel, therefore, their cost is lower than that of other gasoline vehicles. It is estimated that a motorhome consumes an average of 10 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

Define equipment and supplies

If you have children and must travel in a motorhome with children, this will help them get out of their routine in a way where freedom is greater. With a motorhome you will see that it is easier to travel with them, you will be able to stop more frequently and they will enjoy the trip. For them, each stop is a delight and lunchtime becomes a picnic. In this case, it is good that you have board games, his favorite toys and food and drinks for snacks on hand.

On the other hand, always remember to be prepared for changes in the weather. Do not forget a good jacket, hats, scarves, thermal shirts, because when driving for long days you will go through different climatic states. Similarly, before embarking on the trip, think carefully about what you may need. Include in your list food, clothing, kitchen implements, items for personal use, facial epilator, etc. Any holiday season or long weekend is good to travel in the company of children.

Establish the route to follow and the destinations to visit

There are many motorhome routes in Spain, however, it is not a requirement that you stick to a travel itinerary. You can simply organize yourself in the best way and start the adventure. If you like to cross thick forests with large trees, dense vegetation, you must do the route from Puerto de Galis to Ubrique within the Alcornocales Natural Park. 

Now, if your destination is the beach, the route from Rodalquilar to Los Escullos (Cabo de Gata, Almería) takes you through the Cabo de Gata maritime-terrestrial natural park. Here you will see beautiful beaches and fishing villages where you can taste delicious local dishes. 

Continuing along the coast of Cadaqués to the Cap de Creus lighthouse, along the Iberian Peninsula where the Pyrenees reach the Mediterranean Sea, you will travel a winding road surrounded by a wonderful coastal landscape.

Another very good option is to travel the Camino de Santiago in a motorhome, following the route that will take you along the Cantabrian coast. In this option you will see the sea in all its splendor and you will arrive at fishing villages with friendly and hospitable people. You can start in Irun, a modern city dotted with the past, which also offers various recreational activities for your enjoyment. Another destination city for motorhomes from the north is San Sebastián, with so many tourist and cultural attractions that make it one of the favorite cities on the Cantabrian coast. On the other hand, if you like surfing, Zarautz is the right destination.

The motorhome not only gives you the opportunity to get to know more places when traveling through Spain, but also adjust the schedule to your liking and change the route to follow on the fly.

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