Fisher Price Talking Zebra Reviews

Main advantage:

The ride-on has a very nice design, since its main figure is about a cute zebra. Likewise, it is endowed with cheerful colors and buttons, pages and switches that will emit special sounds for the baby’s learning.

Main disadvantage:

An improvement that can be applied to the model is to incorporate a braking system on the wheels. In this way, the sliding speed could be limited according to the child’s dexterity.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This ride-on is a product that stands out among many for being a toy capable of offering your little one moments of fun and learning.

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Main Features Explained


When choosing the ride-on that you think is suitable for the use of the smallest of the house, you should consider certain details that are special to deduce how practical and functional the model of your choice could be.

You can start by looking at the design that includes the product in its structure, since in the case of a toy for your baby, the most correct thing is that it be striking and fun in the eyes of any child.

As always, Fisher Price has been characterized by offering quality products that also complement properly with the rest of your little one’s toys and this is no exception. Well, it should be noted that the Talking Zebra model could be considered the best ride-on available on the market thanks to its design, being accompanied by different colors and having a cute zebra as the main figure.

According to the manufacturers, it is a toy recommended for children aged between 0 and 3 months at least and 3 years at most. In addition, it is available in Spanish.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the size of this ride-on is suitable for the use of your baby, since it has dimensions of 46 x 10 x 40 centimeters that make it accessible at all times, while its weight is only 2.18 kilograms, which is a light and easy to handle product. As for its manufacture, this toy is made of high-quality materials, among which the resistant and durable plastic stands out, which could provide you with a long useful life, so that you avoid expenses in the future.

Finally, it is important to mention that thanks to the emission of sounds and lights, this product requires the use of two AA batteries in order to enjoy proper operation.

security and stability

Some toys are able to offer you a variety of benefits that could significantly help your baby to have fun properly, which is why you should not forget to look at features such as the safety and stability of the product before purchasing a specific model.

In the market there are many types of ride-ons with different designs as well as a variety of options in terms of price, however some are always more beneficial than others, so they not only end up being a simple toy, but a product capable of helping your small during growth.

Thus, it is important to mention that the Fisher Price brand this time has a very practical ride-on for your little one, with which to play and have fun while developing the ability to understand the variety of ways in which it could be used as said product.

Likewise, it can also offer an ideal support so that your baby can walk if he wants, even the design of the wheels helps the ride-on to remain stable and does not turn over for greater safety. Another detail that is important is that with this toy your child will be able to develop an appropriate level of balance, since depending on its structure, it offers several attachment points, so that he can stand up whenever he wants, or even sit back down without falling.

On the other hand, the safety that a toy can provide you with for your little one is important and Fisher Price knows this, which is why the structure of this ride-on, in addition to being practical, does not have any kind of sharp edges that could cause any type of injury. nuisance or incident. Best of all, this model will help and positively reinforce your little one in terms of the efforts they make, giving them special encouragement phrases so that they continue trying to learn to walk or carry out any activity that this product allows.

Interactivity and learning

You cannot forget the fact of looking at the characteristics that a special toy could offer you to provide your little one with moments of maximum fun. Therefore, before making the purchase, look carefully at each of the functions that your child will be able to perform once they start using their new ride-on.

The Talking Zebra model sponsored by the Fisher Price brand in the first instance keeps your baby’s hands always entertained, this is due to the variety of activities that can be carried out using it. Therefore, your little one could be sitting while pressing the light-up buttons or decide to turn a page which in turn activates sounds that emit learning phrases as well as songs.

He could also enjoy the use of a switch that will emit sounds, a spinning disk ideal for his distraction as well as a ball that also spins and makes this toy a lot of fun.

Another benefit offered by this ride-on is that you can easily teach the smallest of the house the letters and numbers, it is for this reason that the presence of said toy is considered one of the best in the growth of your child, since it helps in its first steps.

We could not fail to mention this benefit, since for us it is one of the most important, since it gets your baby’s feet moving. In this way, when the child manages to get up and stand up, the ride-on will work as a zebra-shaped walker and help him take his first steps.

The best of all is that as the baby progresses, the ride-on will emit sounds referring to phrases of encouragement so that it continues and feels safe and happy.

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