Fitfiu MC-200 Reviews

Main advantage: 

A particularity of this treadmill is its innovative heart rate detection system, since all you have to do is hold the handlebar for the built-in sensor to start recording your heart rate, projecting it on the screen.

Main disadvantage: 

The scrollband format might be a bit small to run. However, everything will depend on the physical complexion of each person.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This equipment has an ergonomic and resistant design due to its construction in stainless steel and rigid polymer, which is combined with an intuitive operation of predetermined programs or manual selection.

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Main Features Explained

display and sensor

Fitfiu is a number one manufacturer when it comes to exercise equipment to be used from the comfort of home, designed to meet the needs of all those people who want to practice without having to go to a gym every day. Thus, we will find among its line of fitness-type products the MC-200 treadmill, a piece of equipment with a competitive price that has great manufacturing attributes such as its functional and intuitive control screen. In the same way, there is its measurement system for pulsations through sensors. These are characteristics that have made the tape gain the acceptance of users, who day after day leave positive evaluations about their experiences using the device on specialized purchase portals.

Regarding the screen, it is necessary to mention that it is of the LCD type, its format is spacious, the projected digits are blue and have an adequate size to offer a quick and easy reading of the speed, travel time, distance and calories consumed. 

In addition, in the lower part it incorporates a small control console with some fully identified buttons, arranged for you to carry out the programming of each of the exercise cycles. In this sense, you can select from a total of 12 preset programs or, if desired, have the option of making a manual adjustment of the walk or jog, according to your needs.

For its part, the subject of heart rate measurement is in charge of a sensor strategically arranged in the handlebar area, so you will not have to put on any type of bracelet or belt as with other models. In this way, when holding these handles to start your training, the count of beats per minute will start to be displayed on the screen.

power and load

The work force of treadmills is a feature of great importance, which we could hardly let go unnoticed, since it determines the high, medium or low-end performance level of the product.

A piece of equipment belonging to a high-end range, capable of offering optimum performance after its start-up, is the Fitfiu MC-200, valued according to the opinions of users as one of the best treadmills, which will help you improve your physical condition from the first session.

With the Fitfiu MC-200, you can walk, march and run, depending on your immediate needs. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of an efficient motor with a maximum power of 1500 watts, which in turn works with a voltage of 220 to 240 volts and an electrical frequency of 50 to 60 Hz. In addition, it is important to mention that said power can regulated by means of an easy programming mechanism, thus selecting the speed level between 1 and 14 kilometers per hour. In this way, you will not have to demand too much of yourself when you start your practice, being able to increase the intensity progressively depending on your abilities.

Another issue of great importance that is closely related to the work force of the treadmill, would be the maximum load capacity stipulated by the manufacturer. In this sense, you should know that, if exceeded, it could reduce the efficiency of the speed of movement of the running surface. 

For this reason, it is important that you take this aspect into consideration when selecting the equipment, being necessary to contrast said specification with the weight of the people who are going to use the exercise equipment. In the case of this treadmill, we have that it has been manufactured to be used by people weighing no more than 90 kilograms.

manufacturing and design

Treadmills are equipment that must offer a spacious, ergonomic and resistant structure that allows us to feel comfortable and safe while the exercise cycle is carried out.

Fitfiu MC-200 meets all these characteristics. Its structure has been built with stainless steel, which is a material with great properties, frequently used for this type of product. In this way, you will be able to enjoy an adequate level of stability and resistance with respect to the load of the person without any type of deformation in the structure. It also allows you to move the device with complete peace of mind.

The design also incorporates robust black polymer with a pleasant soft touch, used in the upper area of ​​the structure, thus forming the console shell, the handlebar and a space for placing your Tablet or Smartphone. 

Likewise, you have a couple of compartments for water bottles, which will allow you to stay hydrated at all times. We cannot fail to mention the synthetic reinforcements in the bases, bearings and front area of ​​the moving belt, which are more robust.

Regarding the aesthetic part of the design, we must indicate that it is a team with a stylized body, detailed finishes, precise cuts and joints. The sum of these highlights creates an elegant and sporty concept, which easily adapts to different user anatomies.

On the other hand, we have the functionality of the equipment, which stands out for being quite intuitive both in terms of programming the working modes and for its practicality when folded, moved and stored. In addition, we cannot fail to mention the displacement band, which has been provided with VCV damping technology. This means that it adapts according to the impact produced when stepping for greater comfort and care for the knee joints.

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