Garmin Edge 820 Opinions

Main advantage:

This model has IPX7 protection, which allows you to enjoy high tolerance to water and humid climates. In addition, the autonomy time of the battery is from 15 to 24 hours so that you avoid getting lost during your activities.

Main disadvantage:

According to the opinion of one of the users, the frame is very wide, an aspect that subtracts dimensions from the screen for the visualization of maps, routes and waypoints in a wide way.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If among your plans you plan to acquire a GPS that has an affordable price and compatibility with various accessories, we recommend you take into account this model presented by Garmin.

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Main Features Explained

System, technology and functions

When users look for comparisons regarding the best GPS for bicycles, the main characteristics that they take into account before making any purchase is to verify the system and the technology that the equipment has. That is to say, that it has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, since the cyclists will be on the road and, manipulating the GPS functions, can endanger their physical integrity, so there is a high probability that they will have some accident Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the team’s system so that you avoid having a bad time.

The Garmin Edge 820 has a friendly, fluid and easy-to-use interface, which will allow you to use the device quickly and conveniently without having to press multiple buttons to access a specific function.

On the other hand, this GPS for bicycles has training, planning and analysis functions, live monitoring of the user’s activity and so that you can also enjoy other intelligent functions on a daily basis so that you measure the time, the routes, the kilometers and be aware of incidents on the roads and other very useful aspects for cyclists.

Another feature that the Edge 820 has is that it has 100% compatibility with Garmin Connect, so you can view, share and analyze the data and routes you take with the device, as well as automatically synchronize or transfer them to your devices. equipment so that you are aware of the calories and other functions that the GPS allows you according to the accessories that you implement. Similarly, you can access the Connect IQ store to download and customize the Garmin Edge 820 with various applications that will allow you to get the most out of GPS.


Before you evaluate the price, we invite you to consider the design; In this case, this GPS has a 2.3-inch high-resolution touch screen that will allow you to view the content in good quality. In addition, you will be able to manipulate the functions of the equipment even if you have gloves or there are humid climates, since it has IPX7 protection, which provides it with high resistance to water and humidity. Therefore, you will not have to worry if during your sunny route it suddenly pours with rain, since the liquids will not penetrate into the device. In other words, this aspect will allow the Garmin Edge 820 to enjoy a longer useful life.

Additionally, another aspect that stands out about this device is that it has compact dimensions and low weight, so with only 7.3 x 4.9 x 2.1 centimeters and 67.7 grams you can hold and manipulate it with a single hand, as well as store it in any pocket of your backpack without it becoming a burden.

On the other hand, it has a high resolution screen that has dimensions of 2.3 inches and works at a density of 200 x 265 pixels. In other words, it will allow you to view the maps, routes, notifications, messages and device settings in a correct, clear and precise way, even if you are under intense sunlight. In other words, you will have no problem seeing the signs or reading the texts and notifications that are displayed on the GPS screen, due to the density of the pixels and the good image quality that the device has.

In addition to this, the Edge 820 has only 3 buttons, to turn on / off, start and back and these are specified on the edges of the screen so you do not have to be distracted when you are pedaling. The rest you need to do with the device, you can do it by tapping on the touch screen.

Autonomy and accessories

When users are looking for opinions on what feature is important to consider in a GPS that they will use continuously, it is recommended to evaluate the battery capacity. In other words, a team that has enough autonomy to allow them to complete the route without having to worry about it being discharged halfway, since if this happens it could take longer to travel the routes and even get lost.

This option has a good capacity rechargeable lithium battery that is capable of supporting up to 15 hours of continuous use in GPS mode and up to 24 hours using the UltraTrac function, so you can have enough time to complete the course of existing routes or go on new ones without having to worry about running out of charge halfway.

On the other hand, among the accessories included in this model you will have: 1 elongated front support and standard size 1 so that you can place your GPS on the handlebar of your bicycle and view the route without distractions, 1 strap to secure the device and avoid that this one falls during your trips and 1 USB cable so that you provide charge to the battery or add the maps of the routes that you intend to travel.

In addition to this, it also has high compatibility with various accessories from other brands and those from the Varia range that will help you complement its use on the route, among some of the equipment that you can use with the Garmin Edge 820 are: mountain bikes and for bikes that have narrower handlebar tubes, smart lights, ANT+ sensors, cadence, speed and heart rate monitors, AC adapter cables, Garmin external batteries, tether straps, USB car chargers, high speed and micro USB cables, transport and silicone covers, rubber bands for supports, remote controls, among others.

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