Garmin Forerunner 235 Opinions

Main advantage : 

This watch was provided with a pulse detection sensor with fast and accurate real-time reading. It has been positively valued by buyers, who appreciate not having to use traditional chest measurement bands.

Main disadvantage: 

Although this sports watch has been provided with submersion protection, it is also true that the sensor will not record any type of measurement while it is exposed to water. 

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a sports watch with an attractive unisex design, made of flexible polymer and tempered glass on the screen, selected materials to offer a long useful life.

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Main Features Explained

Functions and measurement sensor

A sports watch fulfills a very important function for every athlete, since through it they can time their runs. But, if it has also been provided with cutting-edge technology, you will be able to keep a much more detailed record of its performance. This is convenient both for athletes and for those who simply go for a walk, jog or perform some type of physical activity, due to a medical recommendation. In this sense, it would be convenient if the watch could provide results of measurements of distance, time and even heart rate in real time. Thus, the person will not overexert himself in each physical activity carried out.

In this sense, the Garmin house, always in search of practical solutions that improve the quality of life of users, conceived, developed and brought to the market this Forerunner 235 model sports watch. It is a device that will help us to know not not only the start and end time of our exercise session, but also to be aware of the distance traveled in kilometers and the time of said journey. It also incorporates a step counter, calories and sleep monitoring mode when inactivity is detected.

Among other functions, it highlights the marking of the route through GPS and its subsequent storage, as well as the other readings on your Smartphone through Garmin Connect. Thus, you will have a history of activities that you can even share on your social networks. Likewise, the watch is made so that you receive the details of each of the sessions on your mobile by means of an audio message.

Finally, we have the pulse measurement sensor integrated into the watch and that is activated by contact with the wrist, which, according to the opinions of the buyers, is quite convenient, since they do not have to use the traditional chest straps. 

Screen and water resistance

For a product to be considered one of the best sports watches, it will have to meet several specifications regarding its manufacture. This is the specific case of the monitoring screen, which must offer a quick reading of the measured data. Similarly, there is the water protection system, which is favorable in this type of sports equipment. Let us remember that in most of the opportunities it will be exposed to the elements and to unexpected weather changes.

Garmin, aware of this situation, decides to provide its Forerunner 235 sports watch with a color screen and backlight system. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the different wallpapers provided by the “Garmin Face It” app to personalize the device directly from the photo gallery of your mobile. 

Likewise, it highlights on this background the measurements of the distance, the calories burned, the steps taken and the number of pulsations. All of them are projected in large format digits, so you won’t have to stop your route to monitor the information, because you will access it with just a glance while running or walking.

Regarding the issue of protection against water and external agents such as dust and dirt, the manufacturer also made some provisions. Among them, the incorporation of a 5 ATM treatment against splashes and submersion stands out. In this sense, you won’t have to worry about the rain and you can even use the device in your swimming practices without fear of any deterioration. Likewise, an anti-fingerprint treatment is added that will keep the screen clean for much longer. In this way, the brand continues to maintain the high quality standards that it usually offers in each of its products.

Design and manufacturing

Sports watches are part of the necessary equipment for monitoring our cardiovascular exercise cycles, so it is essential that their structure offers comfort, resistance, safety, lightness and ergonomics. In this way, we can run, jog, walk, jump and even swim, without the watch representing an extra load on our wrist.

Garmin Forerunner 235 is a competitively priced watch that has been provided with all these features and even more. Its body is made of robust polymer with a flexible body and soft touch, which gives the design an adequate level of adaptability to the natural shape of the wrist. In addition, the strap has a series of small perforations that, at first glance, can be perceived as a decorative detail. However, the real purpose is to improve the level of breathability. Likewise, it incorporates an adjustment system by means of a metal buckle with a chrome finish, adjustable according to your anatomy.

Regarding its appearance, this sports watch is black and has some details in gray, shades that, added to its stylized body, suggest an elegant appearance. In this way, the manufacturer sells it in the sporting goods market as a product aimed at both the male and female target.

To continue with the theme of its development, it is worth mentioning that the screen is made of medium-density tempered glass, while the ring that surrounds it and covers the side control buttons are made of black silicone. In fact, this material generates cushioning in case of impacts.

At the bottom of the screen you will find the compartment that houses the lithium-ion battery, whose purpose is to power the clock’s operation. There is also a small port for the connection of the charger and the contact detection sensor.

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