Garmin Forerunner 735XT Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a multi-sport model, that is, it is specially designed for triathlons and other activities made up of several separate sports, being able to record advanced dynamics such as stride length, ground contact time balance and vertical ratio.

Main disadvantage:

As with other swimming watches, the wrist pulse sensor is less accurate than the chest strap heart rate monitor.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

This model allows you to choose between two swimming modes; open water and swimming pool. In addition, it is compatible with Garmin brand HRM heart rate monitors.

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Main Features Explained


The first thing we must mention is that this watch is indicated for athletes who practice various disciplines. In this sense, it offers the possibility of quickly changing the sports activity thanks to the different integrated profiles of cycling, sprints, running, triathlon, racket sports, hiking, strength training and swimming.

In the case of training that combines several activities, such as triathlon, it is possible to change disciplines at the touch of a button, thanks to the multisport function. In this way, it can be used by beginners but it is also useful in advanced training, since it allows you to create personalized sessions and download them through the Garmin Connect application.

As for the swimming mode, it has a resistance of 5 ATM and allows you to select between two options; pool and open water. To measure the distance, the device uses the internal accelerometer in the first case and the GPS in the second case. In this sense, it allows you to select the size of the pool to proceed to count the number of strokes and identify when you have completed a length and must turn to face another. In addition, it measures the accumulated distance and can calculate how many strokes you need to complete a section. It also incorporates other advanced options, such as the swimming efficiency (SWOLF), the average rhythm of each interval, among others.


In each sport profile, the watch allows you to create a configuration according to the athlete’s preferences, so if you make a change in strength training, this will not affect the other profiles. In addition, it allows you to configure 4 screens and 4 data on each screen, so that you only have the information that interests you.

Another benefit offered by this model is that it can measure the pulse from the wrist, thanks to Elevate technology, which includes an optical heart rate sensor, in this way, the watch displays information on the screen in real time and with colored indicators. This is a more convenient way to obtain vital signs data; But for added versatility and accuracy, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is compatible with the HRM-Run, HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri monitors, which come with chest straps.

You can use the sports watch as an activity monitor by accessing the data with a simple press of the scroll button. Here you can see the steps you have accumulated during the day and manually configure your goals, however, this model is configured by default to automatically create goals based on your own daily activity. In this way, it is able to increase the demand progressively.

Likewise, it can notify you when you have spent a long time without physical activity and allows you to access a very easy to understand graph where it shows you an analysis of the entire week. A red bar means that you have not walked far enough, so if you want to change this color you must walk at least 200 meters.

It is worth noting that this smartwatch offers Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so you can receive notifications on your mobile phone regardless of the brand. For these reasons, it could be the best swimming watch today according to the opinions of many users.


This device has a sober design with few buttons to simplify its use. It features a transflective color screen that allows you to see the data even when you are outdoors in direct sunlight. In addition, it measures 1.23 inches in diameter and offers a resolution of 215 x 180 pixels, for this reason, it displays a sharp and easy-to-read image.

It is made up of a high quality and highly resistant glass lens, as well as a silicone strap that adapts to the shape of the wrist for greater comfort. This watch has an elegant and attractive design, but without being too flashy. Also, it is good to know that it is available in the colors turquoise blue and black.

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