Giro Fixture Reviews

Main advantage:

It has an ergonomic and compact design that adjusts to the shape of the skull to protect the entire area efficiently, covering the areas of greatest risk of injury in the event of falls or accidents during the ride.

Main disadvantage:

Although its performance and protection system is high-end, the tone of this MTB helmet may be a little lighter than it appears.

Verdict: 9.5/10

This helmet has an aerodynamic design and modern sports style, which is suitable for both men and women, with adequate performance and protection, thanks to the incorporation of MIPS technology.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing and strength

The vast majority of cyclists look for a helmet that has ergonomic properties, robust construction, adequate ventilation and a correct fit. All these features are present in Giro’s Fixture model, which is why it is constantly recognized as the best MTB helmet on the market.

This helmet has been built by its manufacturer with a polycarbonate shell, one of the best materials used to make this kind of protection pieces. In addition, its structure has expanded polyethylene. The interior of the helmet is equipped with padding that molds to the head and protects it from impacts. This material has fast-drying properties, so it can be washed to avoid the concentration of bad odours.

Although its visor is not adjustable, it is removable, according to the needs or preferences of the user. In addition, for greater comfort and freshness during the route, the Giro helmet has been equipped with several ventilation channels that are found on the entire surface of the piece. These air intake holes prevent the wearer from having to stop to remove the helmet and ventilate the area.


Available in five colors, to select the one that best suits each style, between matte grey, matte red, matte lime, matte light blue and matte black, this MTB helmet from the manufacturer Giro is one of the most sought after on the market, since which, according to user opinions, has adequate protection performance, while its design is avant-garde, innovative, versatile and suitable for use by both men and women, because its cut is unisex.

In general, MTB helmets have a compact and lightweight design, which allows the cyclist to wear them comfortably, without causing discomfort during the route, or reducing speed or agility during pedaling.

In the case of the Giro Fixture model, it meets these standards, because it has been built to be lightweight and portable, without reducing the quality of its materials for the protection of the areas of greatest exposure and risk. In fact, it has a compact mold design that easily adjusts to the user’s head (it is necessary to select the appropriate size, according to the dimensions of the cranial area).

In addition, it has a practical adjustment system, through a closure mechanism known as “Roc Lock Sport”, which provides adequate adherence of the helmet to the head, even on complex mountain routes such as trails and slopes, without the team wobbles, or bother the face.

Technology and protection

The price of a helmet can vary due to different properties that improve its performance. In general, the models with the highest security systems tend to be the ones with the highest value. However, this Giro model is competitive in cost, considering its advantages in terms of protection and technology that provide better performance, durability and safety for the cyclist in the areas of greatest danger due to contusions or serious injuries, such as the skull..

According to the specifications of its manufacturer, the Fixture model is a helmet that has been conditioned for the MTB modality, since it is resistant and has padding that absorbs shocks in case of falls, to protect vulnerable areas. In fact, this helmet is shock resistant and equipped with MIPS technology. Thanks to this, the piece has a comprehensive multidirectional impact protection system. In other words, this helmet can capture the energy of the blow and redirect it to provide more protection in some impacts.

For this reason, the Giro Fixture model provides extra protection, not only because it covers the entire head, but also because it has greater resistance capacity in the rear area, covering the entire area.

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