Gollizno Route: one of the best in Granada

Among the different hiking routes in Granada, the Gollizno route is one of the most interesting to travel with the family, both for its accessibility and for how much fun it is.

The province of Granada, full of mountains and mountains, is an ideal area for lovers of hiking. However, sometimes the paths are complex and difficult to access, which delights those who love challenges, but not so much those who prefer to move through nature at a slower pace.

If you are one of those who prefer more accessible routes, although with a touch of emotion, then you are interested in knowing the Gollizno route. This road runs through the surroundings of the municipalities of Moclín and Olivares, to the west of the province. It moves through low to medium mountain terrain, it is very accessible at a technical level and not particularly demanding regarding the route. If you want to know more about this route, here we tell you everything.

Take a look

The first thing we need to know are the route parameters. We are talking about a path that runs through low and medium mountain areas, with a starting altitude of 1,000 meters, a maximum altitude of 1,040 meters and a cumulative difference in altitude of 621 meters , half uphill and half downhill. This Moclín route covers a total distance of 8 kilometers, which can be covered in about three and a half hours, taking it easy.

Regarding the season, it is a route that can be done throughout the year without problems. The only precaution is to adapt our clothing to the season, since the weather in the area is usually quite cold in winter and very hot in summer, especially in August. Therefore, it is convenient to check the weather in Olivares and Moclín, to see what we should take. 

What we should not miss is water, some snacks for the road and good hiking shoes, with which to travel the route comfortably. It is also a good idea to take your food with you, as there are not many restaurants in the area. However, if you move to Puerto Lope, you do have one more to choose from.

How to get to the area

Our departure point is located 32 kilometers from the capital. To get to Moclín from Granada capital, just take the N-432 road. Once on this road, you just have to follow it, crossing Pinos Puente and Ventas de Algarra, until you reach Puerto Lope. Here we will turn right towards the GR-3414, until we reach Moclín.

Given the fame of the route, it will not be difficult for you to find the signage that marks its beginning. In total, it will take approximately one hour to reach the start of the route, depending on the traffic in the area.

The tour in detail

After parking, all we have to do is go to Calle Real de Moclín, from where the route starts. This is divided into four different sections, each of them having a waypoint or waypoint.

The first section takes us through the streets of Moclín to a steep path that runs through the mountains between the pine forests. In total there are about three kilometers of section, with an average downward slope of around 10%. The good news is that you won’t have any problems with the paths, as they are easy to follow. In this section we will find the Olivares viewpoint, from which we can see the entire area, as well as the Hermitage of the Virgen de las Angustias, located in the middle of the field. The recreational area of ​​Olivares is also located in this section, equipped with benches and a rest area.

The second section begins in the municipality of Olivares, from where we will enter the Tajos de la Hoz. This natural structure has been created by the continuous passage of water and the passing of time, creating a unique environment. The area is crossed through a suspension bridge, which makes it easy to overcome the unevenness of it without problems, in a safe but very exciting experience. This section is around a kilometer long, it is flat and, except for crossing the bridge, it is not more difficult.

The third section will take us to the cave paintings of Corcuela , on a path that follows the path of the Frailes River and that begins to climb everything that we went down in the first stage. This specific sector has an extension of about two kilometers and an average slope of 7%. The good news is that while we rest we can enjoy the aforementioned cave paintings, which date back to the Neolithic era.

Finally, the fourth section takes us back to our starting point, the town of Moclín. We still have about 150 meters to climb, which we will recover in this section of about 2.5 kilometers. An environment that offers us different views of the riverbank landscape that we have been enjoying almost throughout the route and that ends almost where we began our path.

By the way, as we have been commenting, this route is circular. In this case, we have done it counterclockwise, but it is also possible to go through it in reverse. Something very interesting if you want to take advantage of the recreational area of ​​Olivares to eat and rest before returning to Moclín. It’s all a matter of adjusting the route to your preferences.

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