Hi-Tec Storm Waterproof Reviews

Main advantage:

They are hiking boots for men that give your feet a comfortable and warm feeling whatever the terrain you choose to adventure. From your toes to the heel they will be on a structure that will protect you from slipping. 

Main disadvantage: 

Its anti-slip properties may not work in the city on wet asphalt in the same way as in the countryside. Its sole design guarantees a secure grip when hiking. 

Verdict: 9.4/10 

They are boots with all the features required to experience hiking to the fullest. For an excellent price, you can have comfort and safety guarantee on your feet. 

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Main Features Explained


One of the indisputable advances in the design of the equipment for the different sports activities is that the separation of models for men and women has been achieved both in some pieces of clothing and with shoes. These hiking boots, in particular, feature the design and support that Hi-Tec has outlined especially for the male foot. 

Among the most outstanding points of these boots is that they demonstrate robustness within a pleasant and very light sensation. Putting them on is being prepared to face a variety of scenarios on your walk without discomfort in your feet. The upper part of its mid-height design comes prepared with the comfort of padding both around the ankle and on its tongue. 

Smokey beige, chocolate brown and charcoal gray make up the color proposals to select according to each taste. Each color stands out in its suede parts and fabric lining. In addition, both materials make up the best blocking against humidity and water present in the external environment during the excursion. 

Thanks to the Dri-Tec coating throughout the exterior, your feet will stay dry seeing total resistance to water on any wet steps you encounter along the way. 


The opinions about their fit cover part of those fundamental things that good boots must have to be considered a good purchase option. Although this is a point that generally depends on the last design of each brand and the particular shape of each foot, the model of these boots offers the standard width designed for a man’s foot classified as width D. 

Therefore, if your foot fits properly in most shoes, this model will fit you very well. On the other hand, many users say that when choosing any of the European sizes offered from 41 to 46, it is good to consider selecting one size larger than usual. In this way, you will be able to feel a correct and not tight fit, which takes into account the use of the sock. 

The lasts of these boots allow your toes to feel the right space at the toe and the entire foot comfort both in the central part on the arch and in the end in the heel area. Its laces also play an important role allowing a lacing that allows enough support so that the upper part of the foot feels comfortable with the padding of the tongue.


Evaluating the price will always be important, but it cannot be divorced from the quality, comfort and safety that the shoes offer for walking and achieving excellent performance on any type of terrain. Along with the fit and design that’s ideal for all those nature-filled excursions into the great outdoors, these boots base their guarantee of comfortable, confident movement on the characteristics of their sole.

This aspect is precisely what comes to add to decide on having these hiking boots. Each of its features achieves a pleasant, safe ride with which you can enjoy every step. The robustness of its sole with a heel almost 4 centimeters thick will protect against any risk of getting hurt by objects that are stepped on. 

However, it does not mean that it is a rigid and uncomfortable sole. The entire front part of the sole is made of Flex technology, so the flexibility to bend the foot will not be a problem. Likewise, anti-slip safety is reinforced by its braking area in the heel area. 

Bottom line, whether you’re an occasional hiker or a hard-core activity goer, having the best hiking boots in your kit will get you on the right track on any trail.

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