HJC Rpha 10 Reviews

Main advantage:

The HJC brand offers you a helmet made of highly resistant materials such as carbon fiber, aramid and fiberglass, which in combination make up a high quality product. Likewise, the adjustment system available in its structure is appropriate for those motorcyclists who practice sports driving.

Main disadvantage:

As a main disadvantage we can mention the fact that this helmet does not include inflatable cheek pads, as some helmets of the same range have.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are a motorcyclist and you are passionate about running at considerable speeds, you must keep yourself properly protected in any situation, therefore, this helmet could be the right option for you.

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Main Features Explained

manufacturing and design

HJC is a brand that is characterized by manufacturing quality products, including the best full-face helmets, an accessory that offers safety and comfort with each use. In this way, the Rpha 10 model has to offer you a wide variety of characteristics that make it resistant and durable, among which the manufacturing materials included in its structure stand out.

To talk more about them, we will say that it has a combination of carbon fiber, aramid and fiberglass, which make up a product that could guarantee you a long useful life, taking into account that it could withstand strong impacts, as well as exposure to considerable temperatures, keeping you always protected in any situation. On the other hand, as for its interior, this model is made with silver cool plus material, which is a component that, in addition to being antibacterial, could help to easily drain sweat, thus avoiding the appearance of unpleasant odours.

Likewise, it is very important to mention that this helmet weighs only 1,250 grams, which is really comfortable to use according to the opinions of some users, who comment that it is very light and capable of avoiding different discomforts while you wear it. We cannot fail to mention that thanks to the materials present in the manufacture of this helmet, and the design of its clips, its padded interior can be disassembled and washed without any inconvenience.


Between one detail and another, you should not forget the adjustment that the model that you have valued as the best full-face helmet can offer you, since it will depend on this characteristic that it is always attached to your head without causing discomfort, as well as some type of of inconvenience. In this way, many users appreciate the closure and adjustment system available in this model, which is made up of a piece of thick rubber that is easy to identify, since it is red.

To talk in more detail, you should know that it is a closure called double D, which has been described as very effective for those motorcyclists who ride sports, since this type of adjustment is what is required to enter competitions. In addition, you can enjoy this advantage without paying too much, because this helmet, despite its technology, has an affordable price.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a helmet that isolates outside noise well. Best of all, perhaps, is that the straps that make up the closure system are made of synthetic material, which properly resists even when you move at a considerable speed, also does not cause damage to the skin, that is, any type of friction or friction. burn to come into contact with it.


Although many people do not pay attention to this detail, the level of ventilation is a characteristic that must be possessed by the model that is considered the best full-face helmet. Specifically, it should help reduce sweat production as well as the appearance of bad odours. It should be noted that the Rpha 10 model has openings that are located in the upper part of its structure, it also has extractors in the rear.

In this way, you can choose when you want more air intake and when it would be more convenient to restrict the passage of air to keep you cool. For more precise adjustment, it has a 6-position wheel to measure the degree of opening of the air inlet. This being the case, it is clear that the air intakes that a helmet may have not only provide an external decorative level to it, but are also as functional on the move, as the visor or the helmet’s closing system.

According to the comments of different users, it is advisable to always keep the different air intakes that the model has open, even in winter, to prevent the visor from becoming covered with steam inside, as they are conditions that make it impossible to clearly see the the road you are driving on. Although this problem could have a solution if the helmet has Pinlock, an anti-fog screen that some helmets have depending on their manufacturer.

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