Intex Explorer K2 Reviews

Main advantage:

This kayak is suitable for two people, being manufactured with top quality plastic materials, which provide great resistance while you are in the water. In addition, it incorporates two air chambers that are completely independent and has a Boston valve for rapid inflation.

Main disadvantage:

It is important to be careful when moving this kayak, because being inflatable, it can be punctured by a sharp stone or some other sharp object and it will not work with the same efficiency.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is an inflatable kayak made with resistant and durable materials, which highlight its quality, so you can navigate in any weather condition.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing materials

The Intex Explorer K3 model is one of the best price-quality kayaks that you will find in the virtual store market, because in addition to its affordable cost for many budgets, it is made with materials that offer high resistance to wear, as is the case with the vinyl, a type of plastic that finds quite wide use in these water sports tools. For this reason, this kayak has outstanding opinions from satisfied users who recommend it as a good purchase. 

Additionally, it has a 0.75 mm gauge coating and an inflatable I-Beam floor, two comfortable seats with backrests, which are also inflatable and can be easily removed, offering the possibility of adjusting them to the user’s convenience.

The Intex Explorer K2 kayak has two air chambers that are totally independent of each other, with a Boston-type valve to facilitate the inflation and deflation of the product, in the shortest possible time, so that compared to other kayak models, the process is faster. 

A plus of this model is that it has a handle at the ends and a net to provide greater comfort during the transfer of the kayak, which together with the lightness of its weight, make the ride in this type of boat a fun experience..

kayak design

This model is designed with an aerodynamic shape that will allow you to get on it safely in different weather conditions, being appropriate for those who are learning to use the kayak, especially for children, as long as they are under the supervision of their parents or a responsible adult.

Its exterior design comes in a yellow color with a combination of a grayish tone, which makes it striking, making it highly visible when it is in the water, especially in the sea. In addition, we must mention that it is a low-profile kayak designed to navigate lakes and calm rivers, although it can also be used in the sea, if you pay attention to the wind and currents so that it does not lose stability. 

In addition to the above, it should be noted that this kayak has dimensions of 312 cm in length, a width of 91 cm and 51 cm in depth, so it offers the possibility of being used by one person or up to two, always that it does not exceed 180 kilograms of weight, which is the limit that this Intex model supports, so it is a fairly comfortable and stable boat.

Accessories and performance

The Intex Explorer K2 kayak stands out among other models because it includes two double oars made of aluminum, so they are quite light and have a dimension of 218 cm; It also includes an easily removable steering fin, manual pump and a handy repair kit with patches in case of accidental punctures.

On the other hand, it is good that you know, in the case of this brand of kayak, that it has been manufactured in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards, being certified with the Standard ISO 6185-1, as well as the German TUV GS certification., which provides a guarantee on the safe use of this product.

Regarding the performance offered by this boat, you should bear in mind that you cannot expect the same efficiency as that offered by a rigid kayak, but this one fully fulfills its function. It is suitable for making good turns in the water or for rowing straight, as it has good stability, thanks to the steering keel, but remember that it is mainly designed for calm waters, because if you are in the sea, you have to be careful if there are strong waves.

In addition to this, we must mention that this model is quite compact, easy to store and transport, so it does not take up much space, its weight is reasonable and it is easily assembled/disassembled.

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