Join the challenge and reduce measurements with 30 days on a stationary bike

There are those who enter the world of fitness because they know the benefits that regular sports practice brings to the body. This encourages them to execute varied exercise routines in different fields, whether it be cycling, swimming or running, among other disciplines and modalities.

However, there are many others who feel identified by the aesthetic issue, seeking to reduce measures and lead a healthier life. Both initiatives are valid and successful. With exercise you can achieve optimal health results, but you can also get a more athletic figure. Whether for health or fitness, the important thing is to train and lead a balanced lifestyle.

Currently, many routines and challenges have become popular that provide mechanisms to achieve results in a short time. The vast majority are geared towards weight loss and weight loss.

One of these trends was born as a result of the “galloping challenge to lose weight”. A challenge that consists of losing weight in 30 days with exercises at home and adjusted to each physical condition.

Now, the methodology changes in some details and represents a new challenge for those who want to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Through this method it will be possible to achieve optimized results and achieve objectives in an acceptable period of time.

Many people turn to bicycles as an effective mechanism to lose weight, because it is a discipline that involves intensity, power, resistance and cardiovascular training.

If you want to join the challenge, you need to own a stationary bike, as well as the discipline to follow the guidelines and stick to them. If you don’t own one of these devices, you can find some models in this list.

Take note before you start

Losing weight can be a complex task for some people. Each organism works in a different way, so it is normal for some people to achieve better results than others, even when carrying out the same sports routine.

While working out helps burn calories and improves fitness through intensity, exercise isn’t everything. If the goal is to lose weight and not gain it back, you should pay attention to eating excesses.

Food plays an important role in any routine that is followed and with which it is intended to reduce measures. It is useless to exercise and have a hamburger at night. This type of food may be appropriate on time, but it should not be abused. Therefore, you do not have to permanently eliminate them from the diet, but simply control their consumption.

Both when doing the challenge or as part of any other plan to reduce measures, the idea is to create healthy and balanced eating habits, as this will allow you to achieve better results when carrying out this challenge.

Pay attention to the method  

Execution of the 30-day challenge is simple. The idea is to meet the stipulated time on the exercise bike. The premise is basic and uncomplicated. Additionally, it is necessary to do speed and intensity intervals. The latter may be the most difficult, but you just need to pay attention and follow the instructions.

The training sessions are divided into several stages or times. For the first session or routine, only five minutes should be invested. In turn, each minute is divided into sections.

In the first 40 seconds, you should have a normal pedaling rhythm, while in the next 20 seconds, the intensity should increase and generate an accelerated speed, pedaling as fast as possible. After the sprint it is necessary to return to a moderate speed, to then increase speed for another 20 seconds. The entire process must be repeated over five minutes in the order explained.

You can see it more clearly in the following diagram. The five minutes are divided into ten differentiated sections, each one of 40 and 20 seconds interspersed.

five minute routine

  • 40 seconds of moderate pedaling
  • 20 seconds at double speed intensity
  • 40 seconds of moderate pedaling
  • 20 seconds at double speed intensity
  • 40 seconds of moderate pedaling
  • 20 seconds at double speed intensity
  • 40 seconds of moderate pedaling
  • 20 seconds at double speed intensity
  • 40 seconds of moderate pedaling
  • 20 seconds at double speed intensity.

30 days, one result

The process is simple and will only take five minutes on the first day. The idea is to increase the time as the days go by, combining days of rest and days of activity, to help the body recover.

In this way, the first day is only five minutes and the next is rest, and then the third day follows the same protocol, but with an additional minute. Then there is a break again. By the fifth day, it goes up a minute and you must pedal for seven minutes. The activity must be repeated on the sixth day of training and by the seventh, there is a break to finish the week.

At the beginning of the new challenge week, you start with eight minutes of activity, the next nine, and then ten. On day 11 there is rest and the activity resumes on day 12 with 12 minutes. You rest on the 13th and on the 14th and 15th you do 15 minutes of activity, with a break on the 16th to finish the second week.

The next phase starts with day 17, doing 17 minutes of pedaling, to increase to 20 on day 18, while on day 19 you can rest.

Then, on the 20th the session should be 22 minutes, the same as on the 21st. By the 22nd, you can rest and on the 23rd and 24th, you should increase the sessions to 24 minutes and then rest on the 25th. On the 26th and 27 you must do 25-minute sessions, to rest on the 28th. Finally, the last two days are 30 minutes each. With this you will be done.

DAY 1 5:00


DAY 3 6:00


DAY 5 7:00

DAY 6 7:00


DAY 8 8:00

DAY 9 9:00

DAY 10 10:00


DAY 12 12:00


DAY 14 15:00

DAY 15 15:00


DAY 17 17:00

DAY 18 20:00


DAY 20 22:00

DAY 21 22:00


DAY 23 24:00

DAY 24 24:00


DAY 26 25:00

DAY 27 25:00


DAY 29 30:00

DAY 30 30:00

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