Kick boxing: what is it?

If you are wondering what kick boxing is, you should know that it is a sport where the punching techniques of English boxing are combined with various types of kicks from taekwondo, karate and other martial arts. Also, depending on different organizations, regulations and movements may vary.

Unlike most martial arts, in female or male kickboxing you have to use energy and agility to become stronger and dominate the opponent. For this reason, championship matches are naturally compelling spectacles to watch for audiences who enjoy great action scenes in the ring. However, it was not always considered a sport of great intensity, so it is important to know a little more about its history.

Birth and evolution of kick boxing

During the 13th and 14th centuries, soldiers in Thailand practiced a form of boxing known as Muay Boran. This martial art continued to develop as a form of combat until the 19th century, when it was popularized for recreation, self-defense, and physical conditioning. Later, it became a kind of sporting event with rules and the use of safety accessories, mainly boxing gloves for the hands, was implemented. In the 1920s, this style of fighting was known as Muay Thai.

Some years later, a Japanese boxing expert named Osamu Noguchi was particularly attracted to Muay Thai and, since he always wanted to develop a fighting technique that had a karate soul, he merged Muay Thai with some full contact moves. of karate and boxing. In this way, in the 1960s, what we know today as kick boxing originated.

development and adaptation

In 1974, the popularity of kick boxing increased in the United States with the first world championship organized by the Professional Karate Association. However, during training, the fighters faced difficulties in terms of physical performance. The main problem was the amount of energy required for kick boxing, so many professionals found that they were not as fit as they thought, due to their punches and kicks not being effective enough.

To get better at the sport, practitioners turned to a kick boxing gym, which provided them with professional conditioning, helping them strengthen both their body and mind to withstand virtually any blow in the ring. In this way, the modern version of kick boxing became an action-packed fight, reaching the international sports circuit and expanding throughout the world.

In the 1990s, kick boxing was incorporated into ground fighting techniques adapted from Brazilian jiu jitsu, contributing to the development of mixed martial arts. Today, kickboxing is practiced with a number of unique movements throughout the world.

kickboxing bans

Although it is a very aggressive fighting sport, there are some rules that help reduce inconvenience during kick boxing matches. Among the prohibitions are striking with both arms at the same time, running forward with the arm outstretched, pushing the opponent, turning his back on the opponent, running away, dropping, spitting out the mouthguard, bending below the belt, touching the ground with the hands, hold the opponent and perform techniques without eye contact.

It is also not allowed to throw wrestling or judo, bite, spit, scratch, attack the opponent if he is caught between the ring ropes, attack the opponent who falls to the ground, hold, kick or hit the ring ropes, fall into the ring ropes to gain momentum and leave the ring during competition.

On the other hand, it is not allowed to raise the hand to indicate a hit, perform actions after a stop is ordered, apply excessive grease or liquid to the body or protective equipment, insult the referee or have any unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after of the competition.

The advantages of kickboxing over other martial arts

Kick boxing and its benefits are mainly based on its techniques. In this sense, punching and kicking are generally movements that can be learned in less time compared to the levers and throws of other martial arts, such as jiu jitsu or karate. Also, kick boxing workouts can be done without a partner, substituting a punching bag.

Although kick boxing requires good physical condition, the disadvantages in terms of weight and strength can be compensated with speed and technique, making it a sport that can be practiced by anyone, as long as they meet the rules and use the proper safety gear. Similarly, many of the kick boxing moves are easy to perform, making it suitable for older people.

It is important to mention that kickboxing techniques can be transferred from training to a real self-defense situation, so it can also provide protection tools. In addition, to learn this sport, a comprehensive kickboxing training program for the whole body must be implemented, thus helping to improve physical fitness.

boxing vs kickboxing

Those who want to start in boxing or another type of sports fight, usually find themselves in the dilemma of boxing vs kick boxing, since they seem very similar sports at first glance. If you are wondering what boxing is, you should know that it is a contact sport in which the opponents use only their fists to hit, while this modality includes the famous kick boxing kicks. Also, these disciplines present some significant differences in terms of their historical development, the allowed impact areas, the techniques used and the way points are awarded.

Therefore, the benefits of boxing and kick boxing are completely different, since each of these styles is unique and allows the development of special skills independently.

Finally, it is important to know that martial arts and protection practices, such as self-defense boxing, are in a constant exchange of techniques and values. In this way, they strengthen each other to reach a greater number of people around the world.

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