Lake of Bañolas: what to know before going

The lake of Bañolas is one of those places where nature is present and which, moreover, is steeped in history, being a powerful archaeological reference from the Neolithic era. With so much to see, it is convenient to organize yourself properly, to better enjoy everything that it offers.

Banyoles Lake is an ideal place to enjoy a day surrounded by nature. A place where there are many activities to do, for all tastes. Therefore, before starting your trip, you should know what they are and how to organize yourself better. Something essential for you to get the most out of your day. So, before you start preparing your picnic basket, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful natural environment.

Banyoles lake, how to get there

The first thing you need to know to organize your trip is how to get to Lake Banyoles . This space is located 120 kilometers from Barcelona and 22 from Girona, with adequate communications in this regard. If you travel from Barcelona, ​​it will take around an hour and a half to cover the route, for which it is enough to follow the AP7 and then the C66, just after passing through Girona. This same route is the one you will have to follow if you leave from this city, taking around 30 minutes to arrive.

If you don’t want to drive, you can get to the lake by bus. The TEISA company operates different lines, which depart from Barcelona, ​​Girona, Olot and Figueres. Finally, you have the option of making the trip by train, through the Barcelona Girona route and then connecting with the bus line that reaches Lake Banyoles.

The route of the lake of Bañolas

Within the activities that there are to do in the Banyoles reservoir, the most outstanding is the linear route that runs through it. It has a total length of 6.8 kilometers and has no slope, making it suitable for both children and adults. The path takes approximately one and a half to two hours and is circular, so you will always arrive at the starting point.

The route starts from the swimming club, located next to the Parque de la Draga. We start the path through the path located between the lake and the park, always walking a few meters from the water and the lake. During the route, we will see a wide variety of vegetation, such as the riverside forest, the damp hurdle or the plane trees.

The route continues along the western part of the Banyoles pond, and extreme care must be taken when reaching the main road. Here we will find a wooden walkway, which serves as a viewpoint and where it is worth stopping to enjoy the landscape. Leaving the road, we will pass by the Coromina park and the Rector’s fountain, as well as the church of Santa Maria de Porqueres, which is on the right. Finally, we will follow the route to the Front l’Estany area, where the bars, restaurants and boat rentals are located, finally returning to the starting point and closing the route.

bathing areas

If you do your route in summer, you have several areas where you can take a bath legally. One of them is the wooden house, or caseta de la Fusta, where the waters are calm. Something similar to what happens in the swimming club, which has direct access to the waters of the lake. And the same happens with the Banys Vells, a restaurant where you will also have a space to be able to bathe in peace, in addition to enjoying its tasty cuisine. It should be remembered that these last two spaces are subject to payment, although in the Fusta booth you can bathe for free. In addition, this last area is duly delimited and has a lifeguard service.

Draga Park

We mention the Parque de la Draga again, since, in addition to being very beautiful, it is also the only place where you can have a picnic legally. Let’s think that we are in a sensitive environment and that this is the only way to preserve its natural beauty. In this area, we will find tables, benches and a beach bar, in a very pleasant environment.

The Draga de Bañolas Neolithic Park, Gerona, is also located here. In this area, all kinds of archaeological excavations have been carried out and remains of fauna, wooden and vegetable objects have been found, which have served to improve the historical knowledge of the first communities that inhabited the place. All these elements have been valued through a series of cabins, in which to learn what life was like during the Neolithic. If you travel on a Sunday, you will be able to access some of the guided tours and demonstrations of different uses and customs of the first settlers.

Fishing in the lake of Bañolas

Although the lake is not navigable, it is possible to fish in it. The place is considered a fishing preserve, so it is necessary to have both a fishing license and the corresponding ticket, which is issued by the administration and can be obtained through the internet.

It is important to know that the authorized modality is fishing without death , so you will not be able to keep the pieces you obtain. It is also important to know that it is not possible to use baits and other artificial elements, spinning fishing is prohibited. In any case, all this information is variable, since the situation of the lake is somewhat particular due to the presence of invasive species in its waters. Therefore, it is key to check it online and request the corresponding permits before going to the area.

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