Las 8 Mejores Cubiertas MTB de 2022

MTB Tire – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are several parts that make up a bicycle and that are necessary for its operation. Among them, the wheels are a priority, but these require suitable tires to be able to roll efficiently. If you are looking for a quality MTB tire, you might be interested in the Michelin Country Grip’R model, which is available in black and has been made of rubber, as a convenient element for mountain biking. The Fincci 53-559 model also stands out, designed for 26-inch wheels and which, in addition to the usual nylon and rubber, is reinforced with Kevlar wire, which adds extra durability to the piece.

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The 8 Best MTB Tires – 2022 Opinions

To travel the mountain routes efficiently on the bicycle it is necessary to have tires that optimize the route and improve pedaling performance, in order to have better times. With so many options and brands available, selecting a quality model may be complex, but it does need to be done. Therefore, below we will review the attributes that stand out in the eight best MTB tires on the market.

MTB 29 Tires

1. Michelin Country Grip’R Bicycle Cover

If you are looking for the best MTB tire on the market, you cannot miss a detail of this model from the renowned French manufacturer Michelin, which is available in black in a 29-inch size. Due to its physical properties, this tire, which is made of rubber, is multipurpose, suitable for occasional rides by men and women who are passionate about cycling.

Whether you are looking for 29 or 26 MTB tires, you should know that this model has been designed by its developers for mixed terrain with a high degree of performance, durability and grip to the ground, which allows the cyclist more dynamism while riding.

The weight of each of these tires is approximately 700 grams, so it does not reduce speed on the road, but rather offers the possibility of gaining dexterity and agility in the most complex sections. All these features make this cover a safe and efficient option for superior and environmentally friendly performance.

Considered the best MTB tire of the moment, this model has high-end attributes.


Versatility: The cover is suitable for different terrains, with greater dynamism in mountain terrain.

Weight: Its weight is only 700 grams, so it does not create an additional load for the rider.

Construction: It has been built using techniques that take care of the environment, without detracting from performance.


Consistency: Being a bit soft, it may not be suitable for dry grass terrain.

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MTB 26 Tires

2. Fincci Pair 26 x 1.95 Inch 53-559 MTB Tires

Considered by many users as the best current MTB tire brand, Fincci offers us options such as the 53-559 model. A proposal that is everything you need to ride in the mountains or on the road in comfort.

We are talking about 26-inch diameter MTB tires, built with a mixture of high quality nylon and rubber. A combination that is reinforced with Kevlar wire, which adds extra durability and better fights against the usual punctures in these areas. The result is a piece with a weight of about 700 grams and a stud design capable of pulling comfortably on all types of floors.

It also allows you to play with pressure, supporting a level of 40 to 65 PSI. Something that allows you to adjust the inflation to the conditions of the terrain and your own preferences when moving.

We know in depth this proposal, ranked among the best MTB tires of 2022.


Size : Its measurements are suitable to be mounted comfortably on any 26-inch rim.

Kevlar : This material reinforces the entire structure of the rim, making it more resistant to punctures.

Studs : The studs offer you good traction on all types of terrain, both on and off-road.

Fitting : The metal bar on which the heel is mounted guarantees the hermeticity of the cover, once assembled.


Texture : The rubber compound is somewhat soft, so the mileage can be reduced if you drive on very abrasive terrain.

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MTB Tires 27 5

3. Msc Bikes 27.5 x 2.30 Minion Rear II Exo K

Although it is far from being the best value for money MTB tire of our selection, it is true that the MSC Bikes Minion DHR II model is a very interesting solution for those who want differentiated wheels in each position. A detail that allows you to optimize the performance of your effort on all types of terrain.

This specific model is mounted on the rear wheel, with a high-quality stud system and oversized design. This approach is capable of offering improved traction, aided by a high-strength rubber construction.

The result is a tire that improves grip and performance, while reducing the risks of hard braking. An ideal solution if you are looking for specific 27.5-inch MTB tires for greater traction and that also have better performance than previous models of the brand.

Although it does not stand out among the cheaper options, this tire is a great option to improve your performance with comfort.


Studs: The stud system is larger than in previous models, improving grip and stability when braking.

Cornering: cornering is also improved thanks to the wheel design, which accelerates your movements.

Versatility: The tread pattern is suitable for all types of terrain, both on and off-road.


Use: Remember that this product is intended for mounting on the rear axle of your bicycle.

Pressure: If you like to circulate with the wheels at low pressure, you will notice some heaviness in your movements.

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MTB Maxxis Tires

4. Maxxis Cover MTB Ardent

If, after knowing a couple of alternatives, you still have not been able to answer the question about which is the best MTB tire on the market, it is prudent that you know in detail the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Maxxis.

In general, Maxxis MTB tires have a high degree of quality and this option is no exception to the rule, because it is made of black rubber, with a tread that contributes to better braking and performance during pedaling..

Además, han sido diseñadas para ser multidireccionales y aptas para MTB, por lo que su agarre es preciso en los descensos, al tiempo que permite circular por curvas con mayor seguridad. Las cubiertas están recomendadas para 29 pulgadas y su rendimiento mejora si se colocan en ambas ruedas para pedaleos más estables sobre el asfalto. Asimismo, cuentan con unos adecuados tacos laterales, sin generar fricción en las subidas, de modo que existe un equilibrio.

Si no sabes qué cubierta MTB comprar, es apropiado que conozcas más de este modelo.


Fabricación: El modelo está fabricado con caucho de color negro de alta densidad.

Adherencia: Tiene tacos que mejoran la adherencia a las distintas superficies del suelo.

Terrain: It is a tire suitable to be used on all terrains, making it a recommended option for MTB.

Performance: Its performance improves on descents and ascents when used on both wheels.


Inches: It is necessary that, before making the purchase, it is checked if the size is suitable for the inches of the bicycle.

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MTB 29 Maxxis Tires

5. Maxxis Ikon 29 x 2.20 Tubeless Ready Exo KV tire

The MTB 29 Maxxis tires have a high-end performance and a good operation for different terrains and surfaces. This model has cut and abrasion resistant sides, making it suitable for continuous use on mountain routes, be it on cold winter days or hot cycling days in the summer.

In addition, these are MTB 29 tubeless tires , so they do not have an air chamber, but instead have an advanced technology by means of a folding ring. On the other hand, its developers have intended to create a tire suitable for racing and for speed.

Therefore, its properties are lightweight and have a high volume of Exo protection. They are made of black rubber and it is appropriate to use a cover of the same type on each of the wheels for better grip.

Before making a purchase decision, you also need to know a little more about this model.


Studs: The tire has a profile of separate studs that are properly embedded in the terrain.

Design: It has a functional design that has been manufactured with lightweight properties for racing.

Grip: Being built with resistant materials, the model is apt to improve grip on all terrains.

Technology: It is equipped with an innovative tubeless technology.


Imbalance: It is necessary to correctly fit the wheel, since an imbalance can occur during pedaling.

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Vittoria MTB Tires

6. Vittoria Barzo G and Isotech Bicycle tire

If you want to buy Vittoria MTB tires, you might be interested in knowing this model that is usually classified as one of the best of this brand. It is suitable for those cyclists who enjoy pedaling on different terrains and conditions, because it is versatile.

In addition, it is equipped with Moto-Block technology, which provides stability and greater durability to extend the useful life and reduce the risks of unexpected punctures. On the other hand, its properties allow a fluid and progressive grip, thanks to a pattern that provides an improved grip.

This model is considered suitable for cycling competitions and for rolling on rocks, roots and other inhospitable terrain that requires traction on the mountain route, with an adequate level of speed. It also has a long tread and can be used without an inner tube. The cover is made with quality materials, which withstand pressure.

If you want a model suitable for various types of terrain, you can review the pros and cons of this option.


Design: It has an aggressive design that is created for competition on mountain terrain.

Traction: It has special traction that provides better pedaling on rocks and roots.

Technology: It has the latest technology that offers better stability.

Construction: It has a solid and robust construction made with materials that maximize its durability.


Thickness: According to tastes and needs, the thickness of this cover may not be adequate.

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MTB 26 tubeless tires

7. Panaracer Fire XC Pro Folding Tire

Considered by many users as the best MTB tires that can be obtained today, this Panaracer brand model has an adequate operation to enhance the performance during the cyclist’s pedaling on different terrains. In fact, these MTB 26 tubeless tires are recommended for being off-road and suitable for varied environments, which could be used with or without an inner tube.

This alternative is equipped with a series of innovation technologies with sipes that prevent the tire from wearing unevenly, with the decrease of block movements that do not allow the tread to come into contact with the road. In addition, it has reinforced areas for greater resistance to punctures.

Unlike other models, the FireXCPro has superior performance in the mountains and is made with different materials, including silica, to reduce rolling resistance and provide steering control.

FireXCPro is one of the most cutting edge and best performing models. Here you can know its pros and cons.


Technology: The tire has been equipped with technologies that take advantage of speed, without compromising stability.

Materials: It is made with strong materials and the incorporation of silica that adds control.

Off-road: It is suitable to be used on any terrain, with adequate performance.

Wear: It has a low level of wear during the tours, so its useful life is long.


Bicycles: It may not be suitable for all bicycles, as it is recommended as a special for MTB.

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Continental MTB tires

8. Continental Cycling Cover

Designed for professional cycling, these Continental MTB tires are among the best available on the market, as they have adequate performance and low wear.

This model is designed for 26-inch wheels. In addition, according to expert opinions, it provides better performance when used on the rear wheel. It is made of robust materials in black and has a pattern that provides traction, making it a versatile wheel that provides safety in different environments.

It also serves to gain speed, because it is light. On the other hand, its level of wear is low and it can be used to pass over gravel, sand, mud, roots and rocks. In each of these terrains it behaves efficiently, with braking effects in some, but without actually skidding, so you do not lose control or maneuverability.

This model is one of the most sought after for its price and versatility of use. Here are its pros and cons.


Speed: Being a tire with light properties, this is suitable to gain speed.

Wear: Because it is made of strong materials, its level of wear is low.

Traction: Gives the rider traction, which translates into greater control and maneuverability.

Terrains: It is a suitable cover for complex mountain terrain, mud, sand, gravel, roots and rocks.


Asphalt: Its use is not efficient on asphalt, as it produces an annoying noise.

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Shopping guide

Mountain bikers require special tires that allow them adequate control, with a low level of wear. For this reason, it is necessary that, when making a choice of tires, certain attributes such as technologies and materials that will give a better response and performance on the terrain are taken into account. In the following guide to buying the best MTB tire, we will explain the most relevant properties so that the choice is efficient.

Design and size

When looking at a MTB tire comparison, we find that design and size are properties that should be carefully selected and verified before making a purchase. These tires usually have similar designs. However, they may differ from each other on the basis of color and type.

Regarding the colors, they tend to be available in black, with some variations in this tonality, so they can look more or less visually aggressive. Also, before making the purchase, the relevant thing is that the inches of the wheels are known. Otherwise, a poor choice of tire size can make it impossible to use on the bike.


Before making a purchase of a good and inexpensive MTB tire, you should know that there are different types of these. For the modality of mountain biking, you can get tires that will go on flexible or rigid surfaces. They can be foldable and generally low in weight, making it easy to use. In this segment, there are also those with steel rings that are stiffer and heavier. On the other hand, there are the MTB tubeless tires. These models do not have an inner tube and are less prone to punctures, with an adequate grip system and good traction. However, its price is higher.


MTB tires, like all tires for any type of cycling, are made with a high-quality rubber or rubber base. However, different materials and properties converge in tires, so that they could be classified according to their TPI, which is the density of the tire.

The TPI is the number of threads per square inch of the tire. According to this TPI some advantages are presented. The higher TPI there is, the less rubber or rubber the tire will have, so it will be lighter and, at the same time, less resistant to punctures.

Similarly, if the tire has a low thread count, it may make more noise when pedaling. On the other hand, some options incorporate other materials that improve control and handling, such as silica, which is highly dispersed for better performance and steering control.


If you want to know how much an MTB tire costs, then you should know about the technologies that the manufacturer has included in its construction and that make it more or less suitable to improve a certain pedaling property. It should be remembered that the covers are the piece in direct contact with the surfaces.

Thus, there are some tires that are equipped with technologies that provide traction, others grip or speed, for adequate stability on the bike. There is no perfect tire, but there are many brands that offer comprehensive benefits that span multiple areas, which is why they are regarded as multi-purpose MTB tires.

Grounds, traction, weight and studs

Although it is a single discipline, which is MTB, there are different types of terrain and, therefore, a suitable cover for each of them. Generally, the generic and most popular models are called off-roaders because they work on dry or wet surfaces, without generating friction, so they are fast.

However, there are more than just these. For example, a muddy terrain needs a better grip on wet rocks and roots, which a tire designed for the dry road will not give. Therefore, the recommendation is to select models that fit the environment where they will be used regularly.

In the market, you can get wide or thin MTB tires with different types of studs that can make them lighter or heavier. There are tight, medium and small rain studs, as well as patterned combinations of the above that are known as semi-slicks. Each of these options is suitable for different types of surfaces and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to change MTB tires?

There is no exact time to change MTB tires. The change of this part will depend on the level of wear, the time of use, the general conditions of the tire and the feeling while driving, as it loses grip capacity. There can be holes in the tread, changes in shape and even cracks. These are all indicative that it is time to make a change and it is usually after hundreds of miles have been covered.

Q2: What tires do MTB professionals use?

The use of a certain brand of tires is a personal decision that is based on the performance and quality that these provide the cyclist, as well as the habit that has been created over time in the use of them. Some of the most renowned and experienced manufacturers in the market are the German Schwalbe and Continental, which together with Michelin and Maxxis bring models to the market that are frequently selected by MTB professionals as the best.

Q3: How to mount MTB tires?

To mount an MTB tire, it is first necessary to remove the old tire. To do this, you must have some tools such as a lever or removable, a camera, the new cover and an inflator. The first thing is to remove the wheel from the bicycle. Subsequently, the pressure is removed from the cover using the valve. The chamber will need to be removed and then the cover. Next, the new cover should be fitted, with the valve in place. The chamber is carved, to then inflate the wheel. Air pressure is usually marked on the side of the wheel. To conclude, you just have to ride the bike.

Q4: Which are better, tubeless or tubeless MTB tires?

Both options are valid. However, it will largely depend on how often you use the bike. Beginners usually start with conventional tube tires, because they are the ones that are included in the simplest bikes of the disciplines. As time and use progresses, the cyclist knows more alternatives, some of which are more expensive, such as tubeless, because they tend to include an anti-puncture system and require a low inflation pressure for a safer driving and with better grip on different terrains. So, if you are an advanced cyclist, tubeless tires are best.

Q5: How to repair MTB tires?

Repairing MTB tires will depend on the damage that has occurred to the part. In general, there are those who manage to solve the problem with the use of patches or black tape in the area of ​​damage. However, these solutions may only be temporary. Therefore, if the cover is worn out and has expired or the air exhaust hole is very large, it will be necessary to buy a new cover.

Q6: Why do my MTB tires wear unevenly?

There are several reasons that can lead to this situation. One of the most frequent is air pressure, since this can be insufficient. In addition, it can be due to a circulation with excessive filling loads. Similarly, uneven wear can be the result of constant braking and skidding, or poor shock absorbers. In many cases, this can also occur due to poor tire mounting or imbalance, so a check is necessary to prevent this from continuing.

Q7: Which MTB tires are better, Michelin or Continental?

Both are renowned brands in the world of MTB cycling, because they have years of experience accompanying the best cyclists in the world in each pedal stroke. So any of them will have an adequate performance on the road because they have a positive reputation from both buyers and expert connoisseurs, who affirm that both are high-end. Therefore, it will be the decision of each user to select one or another brand according to preferences and needs.

Q8: What is the lifespan of an MTB tire?

Covers do not have a specific lifespan. Their wear will depend on the use they are given and on some factors such as the type of terrain and air pressure. Generally, the life of a tire is measured by the mileage traveled and the type of terrain. Therefore, if the bicycle is used infrequently, the tires are not likely to wear out. On the other hand, if they are used frequently, the useful life of the element will soon end. The durability in many cases will depend on the brand, quality and resistance of the materials.

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