Learn about the advantages and benefits of Vibram soles

Vibram is a firm of Italian origin, which gets its name directly from the founder Vítale Bramani, who entered the market as the first manufacturer of soles for shoes and hiking boots. These types of soles are made with a special rubber compound that guarantees grip on the ground.


Currently, trekking and hiking are one of the outdoor activities most practiced by more and more people, both young and old, so having the necessary equipment is of vital importance to be able to carry out the activity safely. and optimal. Among the most important accessories that every hiker should have are clothing and shoes.

As for mountaineering shoes, it is important that you take into account the need to acquire a quality model, which is why all hiking and trekking professionals recommend having as a priority the acquisition of the best trekking shoes of the moment. The first expense you have to make, before entering the mountains, is in the mountain boots, so you will need to take into account all the necessary aspects to choose the model that best suits your needs.

What should you take into account when choosing your new mountain shoes?

The first point we should look at when choosing our next mountain shoes is the level of protection that the shoe provides to your foot. Remember that many times when we are walking in the mountains or in nature, it is easy for us to slip and hit stones or roots, especially if the ground is loose and wet. It is for this reason that, normally, trekking shoes usually incorporate a rubber on the toe that is reinforced and is responsible for protecting the front part of the foot. As well as protection on the back and sides of the shoe.

On the other hand, professionals recommend that protection in trekking shoes should not only focus on the foot, but also protect the ankle. In this sense, many users prefer to choose models of medium or high mountain boots, since each type has its benefits of stability and support.

In addition, it is not the same to go hiking or trekking with or without weight, since when we go hiking for several days, it is very likely that we will need to carry a backpack. Therefore, having good footwear is essential to help stabilize and cushion the spine from the great pressure it is under due to the backpack.

Another of the most important aspects that you must take into account is the grip of the sole, since it is expected that any type of sports shoe has a sole that allows the user to carry out the practice or sport for which it was designed efficiently. Therefore, when we talk about an adventure or excursion in the mountains or in the countryside, when we think of the sole of our boots, we are referring to safety and grip.

To achieve this effect, sole designs often have lugs and grooves in all directions that make it easier to perform actions, such as climbing a hill without skidding, walking down slopes with confidence, or even braking downhill with all your might. assurance that we will stop correctly. In addition, normally, these important parts of the footwear have an extra function, acting as a protective barrier in many cases, preventing us from getting hurt. This is the case of athletic shoes, which, due to the softness of their sole, would cause us unbearable pain if we step on a small stone.

Get to know quality soles: the Vibram

Currently, the leading brands in the world of mountaineering and excursions are betting on Vibram brand soles to use in their models, although many others also use their own soles such as Five.Ten and Salomon or Stealth rubbers, the which have soles that also offer great results. However, professionals and brands such as Merrell use and recommend Vibram soles in approximately 50% of their models thanks to its yellow label Trek component with great stability and resistance to wear. 

In addition, it has a long list of benefits such as maximum traction, anti-slip possibility, resistance to wear, as well as optimal and problem-free adaptation to any type of climate or terrain, including icy, wet and snowy terrain. Vibram rubber soles are considered a model of superior quality guarantee, among all the products offered by the current market. Let us remember that Vibram SpA is an Italian company founded by Vitale Bramani, which has been manufacturing and distributing rubber soles for footwear since 1937. In addition, this product offers greater durability, since Trek and Super Trek rubber prolongs the useful life of the shoe. material. On the other hand, with these soles you can be sure of having an excellent resistance to wear.

Speaking about the Vibram soles, they stand out for their breathability and impermeability, an aspect of great importance if we are looking for a comfortable and quality trekking shoe. Therefore, when we think about mountain boots, we must take care that the material has a good level of breathability, so that we can walk comfortable and dry, in addition to avoiding overheating of the foot and excessive sweating. Remember that you will be crossing rivers and puddles, so the product must guarantee protection against such conditions. In conclusion, Vibram has developed approximately 20 different compounds, depending on the function that the sole is focused on, be it climbing, security work, snow travel, etc. It is a product that stands out for its great firmness and great durability.

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