Leatt DBX 3.0 Opinions

Main advantage:

This helmet has been enabled with 18 ventilation channels that allow regular airflow to keep your head cool while riding. Therefore, fatigue is reduced and these holes favor perspiration.

Main disadvantage:

The chin rest support can be a bit flimsy, so it is recommended to replace it with one of better material and greater durability.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This MTB helmet has been developed to provide a high degree of safety and protection to the sensitive parts of the face and skull, by incorporating a padded interior and resistant exterior, making it one of the most sought after in terms of modular models.

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Main Features Explained

Construction and ventilation

Considered one of the best MTB helmets of the moment, this Leatt model stands out for having a solid construction, which provides adequate protection to the user while staying on the road. Being made of high-end materials, this alternative is resistant and has a long useful life, especially if falls or incidents involving strong blows to the structure are avoided.

The model is made with a polycarbonate outer shell, making it a lightweight helmet. In addition, it has been provided by its manufacturer with a removable chin and adequate padding to prevent skin injuries.

On the other hand, the Leatt DBX 3.0 has several ventilation holes that allow the constant entry of air into the helmet, so that heat is reduced and perspiration is guaranteed, so that the head stays cool during driving time.. These ventilation channels have been strategically added in different areas of the structure, to enhance airflow, even when driving at low speed, reducing the action of the sun and heat. Through these 18 ventilation points, the user will be able to receive fresh air and perspire regularly, without bad odors accumulating inside the MTB helmet.

physical properties

MTB helmets have been designed to provide extra protection to the user in the event of a fall on the pavement, providing greater safety and protecting the skull and sensitive areas of the face such as the jaw and eyes from possible fractures.

However, in addition to their protective function, these pieces have a design that fits different styles. In this way, according to the opinions of the users, the Leatt DBX 3.0 model presents a modern and sporty design, with ergonomic properties that adjust to the shape of the head, to provide better performance while driving, without discomfort, or cause discomfort.

In addition, personal style can also be felt through this model, as it is available in three masculine colors. One of the most popular is black, with gray details. Another color is red with black details. On the other hand, those looking for classic options can opt for the white model, with black details.

Being a modular helmet, the Leatt DBX 3.0 features a flip-up visor so you can flip it up to talk, stay hydrated and allow direct airflow into the helmet.


The use of helmets while riding motorcycles is statutory and mandatory. Beyond complying with the norm, it is about safety, since, on motorcycles, both the driver and the passenger are more exposed to injuries, if falls or accidents involving other vehicles occur. In the case of bicycles, their use should not be underestimated, since, although the injuries may not be fatal, they could cause severe contusions.

In this sense, the Leatt DBX 3.0 is multifunctional, since it can be used in driving by both motorcyclists and MTB cyclists. The helmet has a high protection system with a magnetic buckle closure and a padded interior, which absorbs shock from falls, without exposing sensitive areas.

In addition, the visor has been developed with technological innovations such as the breakaway function, which reduces rotation in the event of an impact. Although it has an adequate safety system to protect the vulnerable areas of the skull and face, this helmet is small and comfortable. One of the best attractions of the Leatt DBX 3.0, apart from its price, is its light weight, since this does not detract from protection, but rather improves its portability.

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