Losing weight is possible with roller bike routines

Losing weight is one of the goals that many people consider when they decide to start exercising. Losing those extra kilos is not always an easy task and sometimes there are people who manage to obtain results in less time than others. This is influenced by aspects that range from genetics, metabolism, to the level of perseverance, type of routine and balanced diet.

The secret to losing weight is to learn to eat healthy and combine this with an exercise program or routine that involves high intensity and comprehensive work. For this, the exercise bike and the roller are elements that can be used to achieve your goals, with a fun routine and with which you will not have to leave the comfort of your home. Through these methods, the cold days of winter will not be a valid excuse to avoid doing sports.

It is well known that cycling is one of the most beneficial sports modalities when it comes to losing weight. The best thing is that the user can practice the route mode with a traditional bicycle or spinning and other variations with a stationary bicycle.  

According to the consideration of many sports trainers, if the goal is to lose weight, with the help of a bicycle and any of the indoor modalities, the extra kilos can be eliminated. Also, these don’t take much time. In most disciplines that can be practiced on bicycle rollers, about 45 minutes of training are required. With this daily time, the person will be able to start seeing results even from the first month.

30 minutes

To burn fat, the user must understand that 10 or 15 minutes on the bike will not be enough. It is necessary for the person to be aware that they must pedal for a minimum of 30 minutes, so that the metabolic process is activated and the fat is eliminated.

According to experts, in the first half hour of pedaling at an intensity between light and moderate, the body works using glucose as an energy source, so there is a good consumption of it. This training option is recommended for users who cannot or do not feel comfortable pedaling at speeds above the moderate level.

Less time, more intensity

On the other hand, if the activity is intense or there are changes in resistance and rhythm, there is a greater acceleration of the basal metabolism, not only during the time on the machine, but in the hours after physical activity. With this method, you can reduce the time of physical activity, since you can burn the same amount of fat compared to spending more time pedaling.

Therefore, according to the knowledge of experts and athletes, performing training routines on the bike at a higher intensity and with variations in rhythm is an effective way to increase fat consumption during and after the activity. On the contrary, light aerobic exercise, less than 30 minutes, has a low incidence on calorie consumption and fat burning.

The one hour challenge

For many people, being on a bike for an hour may be an unattractive feat. Exhaustion is intense, fatigue begins after the first 25 minutes and the body (for those who are not used to it) stops responding to the same level of pedalling. Faced with this situation, there are those who consider that dividing the training into two cycles of 30 minutes each is a way to reduce fatigue.

However, the time between the two intervals should not be very long and should not be sedentary. The recommended thing is that 15 minutes do not pass and in that period it is necessary to take advantage of it to execute series of exercises with weights that allow to increase the metabolic consumption.

variable factors

Although it is true that indoor cycling is an effective mechanism to lose weight and burn calories, there is no certified average of the amount of calories that are burned during the activity because it varies according to the person, their body and their metabolism.

As explained before, it’s not just about exercising; The key is to accompany a healthy life with a balanced diet that provides more energy and less fat. Each person is different and each case involves personalized training and nutrition plans. It is not the same for a person to want to lose 5 kilos as for someone to want to get rid of 20. For both objectives, time and perseverance are required. The first case may be a suitable goal for the short term (about three months), while the second is long term, but both can be achieved.

When it comes to living a healthy life, there are no magic bullets. Losing weight takes time and it takes dedication. It is true that there are “miraculous” diets, to lose a certain number of kilos in a few days, but these threaten health and the vast majority lead to the yoyo effect, since the kilos end up being obtained again.

In order not to put your health at risk, it is recommended to seek the advice of a certified nutritionist and follow a monitored dietary plan to reduce side effects in relation to energy level.

Average Calories and Training Alternatives

Calories burned in one hour on a stationary bike can range from 300 for an easy workout to 900 for higher intensity workouts with resistance intervals. The latter is the range that is usually burned on average during spinning classes.

Some weight loss formulas are geared toward low-intensity fasted training. This should be done first thing in the morning due to low levels of sugar and glycogen in the blood, so fat burning would be more effective. On the contrary, there are trainers and nutritionists who do not recommend this practice, so it is best to consult a professional before doing it.

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