Main benefits in children of a balance bike

When we refer to a balance bike, we are talking about an ordinary bicycle with two wheels, but without pedals, being specially designed so that children can develop body balance in the early stages of childhood, but there are several benefits provided by this practical ride-on.

If you want to know more about the benefits that the use of a balance bike would bring to our children, we recommend continuing reading these lines, because we are talking about a vehicle that does not include pedals, which has a practical saddle on which you can adjust the height, its structure is totally ergonomic and it has been created so that the child can propel the device with his feet, which would allow him to reach a certain speed.

With the balance bike, the aim is for the child to learn to turn, to stop, to become familiar with it, but everything before the incorporation of the pedals, so it can well serve as a transition bike. Likewise, the child can reach the ground comfortably and does not need support wheels for handling, nor does it need to be pushed.

Main benefits of the balance bike

Probably, this type of ride-on without pedals has been replacing conventional tricycles or bicycles that incorporate training wheels and pedals in their structure, since a 3-year-old child has enough strength to propel his bike forward, he can get down and climb alone, gradually becoming independent.

According to specialists in this type of ride-on, the recommended age for a child to be able to use a bike that does not have pedals is from 24 months of age, although this factor will depend on the child’s development and ability, since some they could start using it as young as 18 months of age, but use can extend past the age of 5.

The child will understand that riding a bicycle is a fun game, which will allow him to travel very long distances without making much effort and will even be able to develop high speeds. This situation will reduce his state of frustration, when he feels that he could not keep up with other children, because he will realize that if it is possible to catch up with the older children, it will improve his self-confidence and he will rise. your self-esteem.

With the use of this bicycle, children will be able to maintain their body balance and this process will greatly facilitate the transit to use a conventional bicycle, without having to go through the use of tricycles or training wheels.

Top 5 of the best balance bikes

If you want to give a small child a nice gift, you could buy him a balance bike, a vehicle that he will use a lot and can then pass on to another child. In this sense, we gave ourselves the task of listing 5 models that we consider would be the best balance bikes that you can find in the virtual market, so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs and preferences of your child.

  1. FEBER My Bike Blue

With this resistant bicycle without pedals, the child will learn to maintain balance and coordination without much effort, in a fun way, which will favor their psychomotor development. He will also learn to coordinate his movements, to orient himself in space and will be visually stimulated. It has 12-inch diameter wheels, while its structure is light and compact, since it only weighs 3 kg and has dimensions of 59 cm high, 34 cm wide and 84 cm long. This model is recommended for children over 3 years of age.

  1. RISCKO Baby Star Bicycle White

If you want the little ones in the house to learn to ride a bicycle, while developing their qualities of stability, coordination and balance, you should take a look at the features of this model. The frame is made of stainless steel and the wheels are made of anti-puncture EVA rubber. It comes in different and striking colors, and can be used by children between 80 and 105 cm tall, because it supports up to 25 kilograms of weight, with 36 months being the minimum age of use recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Chicco First Bike

If you are looking for one of the best ride-on bikes of 2022 (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from), you have to review the features offered by the Chicco First Bike, a pedalless bike in metallic red, made of an ultra-light metallic material and of good quality, it has been designed so that the child is able to walk on two wheels while maintaining balance, which makes the transition to a bicycle with pedals considerably easier. Its use is specified for children between the ages of 2 and 5, because it has dimensions of 12 x 45 x 60 cm, offering a compact size.

  1. BIKESTAR Bicycle Blue

For children to begin to become familiar with the bicycle and its different parts, we recommend this model of the Bikestar brand, because it brings the smallest of the house closer to feeling the responsibility of their own mobility, as well as being able to enjoy their freedom, without carts or strollers, since the spark of discovery is awakened, all these elements being beneficial for the physical and mental development of children. This model grows with your child, as its handlebar and saddle are adjustable in inclination and height, so your child will be able to use this bike for a long time. Additionally, its ergonomic design allows children to have a correct body posture while riding a bicycle.

  1. FEBER Famous Pink Bicycle

With this strong and fast pink balance bike, your little girl will learn in a fun way and as if it were a game, to maintain balance and develop gross motor skills. This model is perfect to provide your little one with her first bicycle, because with it she will begin to explore the outside world with greater security, orienting herself in space and coordinating her movements. It is recommended that this vehicle be used on flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

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