Mavic Crossride Reviews

Main advantage:

This is a model that stands out for having a modern and sporty design, which serves to protect the areas most exposed to head injuries while pedaling on different routes.

Main disadvantage:

This helmet is performance optimized for skull protection. However, its size may be a bit tight, so it is necessary to check the sizes.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is an MTB helmet that is available in black and has been equipped with several ventilation channels, as well as a strong structure that makes it stand out from the rest of the models.

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Main Features Explained

Construction and resistance

This helmet has been built with a solid surface, made of strong and resistant materials, which have undergone a technological process and treatment to be more efficient in protecting the vulnerable areas of the skull and preventing the user from suffering serious injuries in the event of an accident. falls during pedaling time on mountain routes.

For this reason, although this French-made helmet has a price that could be high compared to models from other brands, it stands out for its high level of quality, with the incorporation of components that have been carefully selected to provide greater protection for those who feel passionate about by cycling, so that its cost is justified and evidenced in a comprehensive protection structure.

Unlike other models, the Mavic Crossride covers the entire back of the head, protecting the areas most exposed to injury in the event of a fall. It has a practical fit and molds to the shape of the skull, thanks to its aerodynamic design. However, it is necessary for the user to make a correct selection of the size, to avoid inconveniences. According to its manufacturer’s references, the helmet is available in size S for skulls with a circumference of 51 to 56 cm, in size M for heads of 54 to 59 cm and in size L suitable for sizes from 57 to 61 cm.

Aesthetics and portability

MTB helmet designs have been created to fit the needs of the cyclist on the road. For this reason, the vast majority of models have a high level of protection, but with properties that make them practical due to their low weight, portability and aesthetic appearance. In the case of this Mavic alternative, it is a helmet that has been designed for both experienced cyclists and amateur cyclists who enjoy riding in different environments. Hence, user opinions on the Mavic Crossride option agree that it has adequate performance, with a sporty mountain style.

The Crossride helmet has lightweight properties and this makes it a practical proposal to take anywhere, since its portability is assured. It can be hung in a travel bag, stored in a suitcase cover or simply worn, because its structure will not get in the way, but using it can prevent a bad time if an accidental fall occurs.

In addition, its design is available with a black structure, with details of the Mavic brand on a yellow tone stripe and other white details, as well as figures that are seen in the background and that complement the aesthetic of the design and style. of the helmet, so that it adjusts to the tastes of a greater number of people.

Ventilation and fit

Considered one of the best MTB helmets of 2022, the Mavic Crossride model is one of the favorites of the user community for allowing the cyclist optimized performance during pedaling time, with reduced fatigue. This is due to the fact that its developers have improved ventilation and, by adding holes on the entire surface of the helmet, the constant entry of air into the interior is allowed.

For this reason, the Mavic Crossride is a convenient option, as the user will not have to stop regularly to remove the helmet and allow fresh air to reach the scalp, because it will constantly enter while the rider is on the road..

In addition, it is a convenient alternative that includes an adjustment system through a buckle at the chin level, with straps that come out of each side of the helmet to form a Y, which guarantees support and stability in the event of a fall. On the other hand, it has adequate shock absorption, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with internal padding.

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