Mavic XA Elite Reviews

Main advantage:

This pair of shoes is one of the standouts when it comes to ventilation. The distribution of the air inlets is quite effective in preventing the accumulation of sweat and allowing each of the feet to perspire correctly.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike sneakers that have several strategic fastening points, this shoe has only a Velcro adjustment strap, in addition to the braids. This does not affect its use, but could reduce ergonomics.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With a very good color scheme and optimal safety, this pair is suitable for use by any cyclist who wants to have better performance without compromising their style.

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Main Features Explained


There are many features to highlight and take into account when choosing the best MTB shoes, as they are a type of specialized footwear. Yet despite that, brands like Mavic still place importance on providing a unique, modern design that stands out anywhere. The opinions regarding this aspect are quite positive.

The colors chosen by the brand have been black and red, shades that together offer a very good contrast. Both the back and the toe of the shoe are black, but the central and front sections are completely red, and have small mesh spaces for better breathability. The sole also uses the combination of these colors to be stylish even when you step; most of it is black and has small bright red dots that serve as details. For its part, the fastening strip has the Mavic logo.

Its design, although it has been created especially for mountain biking, has a suitable weight for other activities, since the pair weighs approximately 415 grams. This lightness maximizes comfort when wearing the shoes, so you won’t feel tired or sore from wearing them on your feet for long periods of time.


Unlike casual shoes where price is usually one of the most important aspects before buying, when it comes to shoes for any type of cycling, nothing matters more than safety. Practicing MTB professionally or as a hobby is a risky activity, due to the obstacles and the high speed. For that reason, that the shoes provide you with a little more security is imperative.

Fortunately, in this case, the Mavic XA Elite model has been manufactured following certain safety parameters to give you a pair of shoes that protect you when you find yourself on your best friend on the mountain routes: the bike. Wearing this shoe will give your feet the support and cushioning necessary to reach your full potential and perform optimally.

The inner sole has the Ergo Fit OrthoLite system that supports the foot in all the pressure points necessary to pedal with comfort and protection. In addition to this, the sole also provides adequate cushioning to withstand bumps in the road or other obstacles without affecting your foot. The outsole is also quite safe, as its Energy Grip Trail technology has a good transmission of force and cushioning.


No pair of shoes made for mountain biking can be considered completely safe if they have poor support. If your foot isn’t able to hold onto the shoe properly or if the shoe isn’t able to stay in place on the pedal, then you could injure yourself or just not perform as well as it should.

If your foot moves on the inside and you’re going at high speeds, your ankle could easily fall victim to an injury that can range from a simple sprain to a sprain or fracture. These MTB shoes have certain features to prevent this: a double support system and a variety of sizes to choose the right one. Braids complement the upper closure strap with Grip Quicklace technology to adjust quickly and keep your foot in good position.

On the other hand, if the sole does not adhere correctly to the pedal, you could face other types of problems. The moment your foot leaves the pedal in full swing, you can lose control of the bike in seconds. In addition to injuring your foot from the pedal strike, you could also fall. The cleat slots on this pair are ideal for attaching to the pedal as a second sole.

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